Cardcaptor Sakura Withdrawals

How do you guys handle being without a new episode of CCS for an entire week?

I put off reading a couple manga chapters, so I'll be binge reading those tomorrow. That should keep me fine until Saturday rolls around.

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By having a life

I'm waiting until it ends to marathon it. Get on my level nerds.


What is that?

What is life without CCS?

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By remembering that Sakura is a kaiju

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>able to rewrite time and space
>can create and destroy universes
>can go back in time
>can erase something as if it never existed in the first place

How anyone can think Madoka stands a chance is beyond me.

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Sakura is cute!

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I regularly wait a month between manga chapters, for CCS and others, so a week between episodes is quick in comparison. Next few episodes are filler too so that helps

Sakura porn

>monster of the week show
>except the main character is the monster

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sakura is evil

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Sakura is such a clumsy kaiju

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are they trying to mimic the sakura vs syaoran badminton match from the original manga?

Most definitely, since that match was never in the anime.

Muh perfect Akiho will win or they will get interrupted by a card before the match is over.

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In the manga, their match ended in a draw. I won't be surprised if this one ends up like that too.
It's not like that Eriol vs. Syaoran basketball scene, because back then, Syaoran was actually competing against Eriol. This time he doesn't has anything against Akiho, so maybe he will relax a little. Unless he is seeking to "awaken" her powers or something like that
I wonder if Syaoran can't feel any magic from Akiho for the same reason why he can't feel anything from the Clear cards.

Since Akiho can't do no wrong and Syaoran would look "bad" if he wipes the floor with her in front of Sakura, I don't think they'll show him winning. A draw or an interrupted match is quite possible.

>This time he doesn't has anything against Akiho
I wouldn't be so sure, it didn't look like that in the manga, but in the anime it seemed like Eriol was hinting that there might be more than meets the eye to Akiho so Syaoran might be suspicious of her now.

Now that you put it that way, Syaoran doesn't has any chance of winning this. He is indeed suspicious of her, but right now I think that Yuna is his main worry.
>tfw something like pic related will never be canon

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Yeah I saw that on twitter, I love that matching costume.
>He is indeed suspicious of her, but right now I think that Yuna is his main worry.
Because he can feel Yuna's powers, although the Eriol thing should've all taught them to not trust people regardless because they might be hiding their powers. As for why nobody can feel the clear cards other than Sakura, I've seen a few nips theories and a lot of them focus on the fact that Sakura is dreaming right now because of the "Ten nights of dreams" Natsume Soseki reference.

Sakura is flat and needs an upgrade.

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If everything is a dream, then I'm going to be so fucking mad

Even if it's a dream it's not a regular dream, but a dream that affects reality.

Mods are dead.

By posting smug Sakura.

Hoe? What's that?

Or no canon matching froggos.

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