Toji no Miko

Kaoru is fine too.

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Give me Hiyori or give me death.

be nice to birb. birb pretty.

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Even the tit-daemon is into scat. What a game.


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Please be nice.

Bird is dumb and smelly and should be put down.

She has a great body underneath that uniform. She also looks a lot better with more flattering hair as well.

It's a privilege to be bullied by Yukina-sama anyways.

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Being Kaoru is suffering

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I couldn't protect her smile

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Just two more days. I'm curious to see how the Yukina problem gets resolved. I'd prefer if she gets offed but you can't have everything.

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but you can!
You just have to pay up and roll her

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god i wish that were me

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holy shit

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Fat birb.

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Yukina gets penetrated. Burd saved and adopted. Best case scenario.

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I really hope Yume will be the only character to die throughout the length of the show, that would make this whole situation so much more hilarious.

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I'm sorry but your_favorite is already confirmed dead by the game.

At least Yume's body wasn't wasted.

I love Yume

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>your_favorite is already confirmed dead
>implying my favorite isn't alive and kicking

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Hopefully when this happens Hiyoyon won't take it too hard, she did the same to Mai after all.

She's always been my first choice.

Don't lie.

Even before she appeared?

I fucking hate aradama!

I love fucking aradama!

Kaoru is conflicted between diving into that cleavage right then and there or waiting until all witnesses are gone

They added them surprisingly fast

Is it an actual banner or just an event?

What an ugly thing.

What a rude post

E4 isn't available yet. Maybe by the end of the anime

Kanami is so lustful

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>holding their event/gacha for the next 3 months
Unlikely, it's probably before that.

Yume will be the strongest card!

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Kaoru and the cow were the only ones that didn't put me to sleep

>lose 10% hp each turn

Those hips are criminal.

Mihono's wife is pretty cute

She has the sexiest legs out of all the Toji

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>no hoodie
No cute

Barely related but has this become a more common element in anime character design? School uniforms with clothes that go over the blouse like vests or bustiers that don't really act as a jacket so much as something that just exists to accentuate and lift the breasts?

I feel like 20-30 years ago we were still basically going either classic sailor, more modern blazer/sweater, or the really long ass skirts if you were in a Marmite parody or a sukeban.

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it's more blatant here because all of osafune's girls minus kaoru are titty monsters

>pray to god to get a gf
>then this girl proceed to mug you


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Not just that. Kanami is even more perverted than Kaoru.

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her degeneracy caught me off guard

Can't blame her. Hiyori is hot.

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How perverted are we talking here?

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With that thing jiggling around her 24/7 can you really blame her?

>eating ice cream with Hiyoyon
>compliments Hiyori's charming smile
>already filmed Hiyori's smile while eating her toothpaste ice cream
>says she wants to upload it somewhere under the title "Black-haired beauty's smile eating ice cream filmed in secret"
>is only stopped by Hiyoyon stealing Kanami's own ice cream

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What went wrong?

Kanami's insatiable lust.

Couldn't satisfy her battoru lust

>Black-haired beauty
She got that right.

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Look on the bright side, both have moved onto more suitable partners. Although Hiyoyon is at risk of getting dumped.

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Mai didn't spike her cookies.

Sayaka is only suitable for fighting for Yukari-sama.

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Kanamin is coming for that ass.

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What happened to the other Heijou girl? Wasn't she Hiyori's friend? Why isn't she helping them? She should be the second strongest in the school.

>I can't do anything except eat cockies

How is Mai supposed to be 13

It's the Toji hormones they're putting in the food, man.

>Yume died
>Yomi died
>two less popular guards survived

I'm sure they were just acquaintances instead of friends. If she were more important then I'm sure she would have had a role in the game or something.

bio engineered cookies to increase her appeal to younger girls

All these cookies have to go somewhere.

I know where they went.

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all other toji are actually pretty normal.
Ellen and Mai are the only odd ones but Ellen is just muh gaijin genes

Suzuka is populat

Kanami's thigs are abnormal

This midget is not normal.

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do not bully womanlets

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All Yukari-sama's guards are underage girls. Why?

Yukari-sama has good taste.

Outside of Yukari-sama have you seen any adult toji?

more importantly, what's in her food that mindbreaks innocent tojis

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Mai's breastmilk...

Hiyori's hoodie...

Mai's Mais were nerfed in the mobage.

Nene nene...

The absolute state of this general.

I want to be Yomi's girlfriend and take her on a date and tell her everything's gonna be alright!

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I want to waterboard Yomi.

she doesn't want to be told everything is going to be alright, she wants to be stepped on and told she's useful.

I'm gonna be really disappointed if they just straight up go "Yukari and Origami co. were good guys all along! Please watch the second cour!"
I don't mind there being nuance or moral ambiguity. Lord knows in all my decades of anime watching I'd gone through enough "antagonists were just misunderstood" to the point I figured half of them were just writing it as a joke.
But given how savvy the writing has been up to that point, I want them to make the transition and development into a post-Yukari conflict with the dexterity the Tojis warrant.

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At least it won't come out of nowhere, since Yukari's behavior towards the main two girls basically had "I'm testing you" written all over it.

It fucking reads like one.