If you found a Death Note, what would be the first name you'd write in it?

If you found a Death Note, what would be the first name you'd write in it?

What cause of death and other conditions, if any, would you give it?

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>overdose of black cocks
I want you to go, but at least you can die happily.

>after a long and fulfilled life

You do remember that 30 days rule?

>he can't live a long and fulfilled life in 30 days

What 30 days rule?
You can write "OP dies of aids in 2020" and it should work, shouldn't it?

you're right, 30 days of living is a long time to suffer

All the Jews.

Something gas or oven related.


Candlejack so I ca

I would not write anything because all those who do suffer later.

You fool you have forsaken us to the depths of h

my life is easily worth it to make this world better, no amount of suffering could offset the impact you could have

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You need to know my face for that to work.

donald trump and all wypipo i know

Vladimir Putin. Pancreatic cancer becomes terminal.
Has a change of heart, donates all money and personal assets to various charities, starts to lift up Russia from the gutter and pave the foundations for a genuine benevolent superpower.
Gets a bucket list, has fun, does a few personal projects, lives genuinely for the first time in his life.
Dies 30 days later peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by loved ones.
His final act is to launch every nuke at random targets.

> Justin Bieber, mistaken for a black person by white cops during an anti-happy-ending-massage raid because he was getting a mudpack facial at the time and peeked out to see what all the noise was.

I'd write my name on it so if I lost it people would be able to return it to me.

Myself. Death through having too much sex over the course of a month with every attractive woman of my preferences within a week's time of travel to my current location unless this stupid fucking book can make anime real and send a bunch of chinese cartoon girls over instead.

Kentaro Miura, Eiichiro Oda, Yasuhisa Hara, basically everyone who's been doing the same manga for ages because fuck them and their shit.

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Underrated post.

Nice thread.

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You can't set someone's death date for more than 30 days after writing their name in the notebook.

I'd write Hiroyuki's name and dox multiple Reddit mods from both 4 and Infinite.
I'd have the current owner of Wizchan crash every board except /elder/ and make /elder/ the frontpage board for 30 days before killing himself along with the site.
I'd then write down a few politicians, have some mudslimes bomb fast food resturants and destroy many skyscrapers. Once that is done, I will keep the note and influence more Elliot Rodger types to spree kill and have the fabled weekly suicide streams on /r9k/.

>becoming nothing
You can't suffer if you don't exist user

Soros because I'm tired of seeing that damn Emperor Palpatine looking face of his and any horseshit he's involved in.

I would write my name, and my cause of death would be sexual exhaustion at the moment of climax after impregnating several hundred beautiful women.

Ah, so you wanna die of a heart attack then.

Who was the author of death note again?

Ajit Pai. Diarrhea.

>Make it look like Russia killed him
For the lulz

wasnt it 40

White race, collectively


>implying i will out my plans here so if it starts happening they can link it to me
kek nice one

Donald Trump. Kills himself in his office. Leaves behind a note that says "The Jews are behind everything, save yourselves and save America, i couldnt"

McCain. Swallowed too much little boy semen and choked to death