>Viz Media

Not even once.

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What publisher should I use instead?

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They have good quality book bindings for the most part and they actually go through the hurdle of remaking the sound effect letters in english on the panels. In the "good ol' days" of Tokyopop you could have your manga rip off from the covers by simply turning pages, because the bookbinding was so shit.

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>they actually go through the hurdle of remaking the sound effect letters
Translation: They get paid per edit and so they fuck up the original art with pointless English onomatopoeia.

>pointless English
It's a translation. English is the point.

But, they get monies per each?

in the original japanese it says they were gonna revive him for 244 hours.

So it's an understandable error.

>translators can't count above 99
Stay in school kids.

>Hexadecimal intensifies.

Duh. That means 96 hours!

Oh u.

That's accurate though, Gokek is really that stupid

>They get paid per edit
This isn't Treehouse.

Or 4kids, for an actual Sup Forums example.

I distinctly remember one book I had from Tokyopop their Blu division anyway having such oddly manufactured paper that the first time I read it, it made my fingers feel all tingly. Not quite itchy, but definitely tingly. I got used to it, but that first time was definitely something.
Oh, and they didn't translate any SFX either. TFW will likely never complete the series since no one picked it up after they went under.

Also, reminder that English publications make Mr. Popo's lips smaller.

What will they do with the 24 (Four) hours?

>Defiling my mango pages with edgy comic book garbage like "SPAK" "WHAK" "VMP VMP VMP".
So glad I picked up nip.

You do know that the same shit is in the nip version, just that you don't understand it, right?

>so glad I learned Japanese
>you don’t understand it
Picture of a guy scratching his head

Speaking of Viz, checked out Kamui Gaiden to see what the ancient fans read

Sucks that the bulk of it isn't translated


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It really does amaze me how shit Viz's DB releases are. Fucking "Vegerot"?

That's what you get from asian products. Low quality poison.

>Translator's Note: Uranai means Fortunetelling

>The green saibamen Nappa and Vegeta used to fight against the Z-Warriors were changed to Cultivars.
>Every other piece of Dragon Ball media referred to energy attacks and ki attacks and yet Viz went with the Chinese translation of chi.
>Viz changed the established Majin Buu to Djinn Buu, mystifying fans with their choices.
There is literally nothing wrong with any of these, the first one even fixes one of Funimations mistranslations.

>translating sound-effects is a bad thing
non-buzzword weebs identified

>Baba Uranai
What the fuck? It's a title, not a name. Do they write Sennin Kame too?

It's okay when muh shitty dub I grew up on does it.

Fuck off, niggerstream.

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What about the censorship? You still can't purchase uncut English versions of the manga.

>But it's only mild and-

Doesn't matter.

They left in the Japanese names Kururin, Genki Dama, Tienshinhan and Gyariku Gun.