Drawthread: Draw or request Sup Forumsrt and stuff.

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Requesting a barefoot maid Nakuru Akizuki on a tea break like on the right pic.

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Requesting anything lewd of Elsie

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Requesting Lucoa and Sariel symmetrical docking.

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Requesting Chiyo Sakura in the same pose as Peter Griffin when he hurts his knee after she tripped.

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Requesting Sena either
-Happily smiling and telling me to cheer up
-Or giving the most disgusted expression, filled with hatred and malice.

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I want a better version of my shitty drawing of Secret Society BLANKET (Antarctica Branch)

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Requesting Rei version of Gokipon

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Requesting Mexican Umaru.

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Requesting Hizamaru and Higekiri interlocking their fingers together and holding hands. Optionally being naked in bed together.

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Requesting a hairstyle chart of Methode from Beatless. Don't the smug.

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Requesting Belial reenacting the "my own clone" meme with Meiko and Sophia.

Refs for this dinosaur of a meme/joke: imgur.com/a/x2nkG

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Anchoring for the coloring of this Sakura.

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Requesting embarrassed Tenryuu lifting her skirt. Either cute or lewd panties, its your choice!

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Requesting the characters of Oshiete! Galko Chan posing like the Breakfast Club cast members with the anime's title on the wall

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Requesting Oz and Alice from Pandora Hearts switching outfits.

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Requesting Yomi from Toji no Miko wearing a hairband with her bangs slicked back.

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Requesting Ultra Instinct Akkun/Akkun Blanco smashing in the faces of thots/sexually decadent women.


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Requesting Franziska from Ace Attorney on the toilet but there's no toilet paper in her stall and she's running late for court.

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Very encouraging indeed.

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Requesting Prairie Dog kissing a girl of your choice.

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Requesting Ozen from Made in Abyss showing her black/white pubic hair, preferably to Riko.

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Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)

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Good work Linefag.

Requesting Yumeko and Mary playing strip poker with Ayame and Annie, all 4 in different states of undressing

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Requesting this with any cute boy/trap/otokonoko and two girls. Preferably still IM@S related but if you wanna choose other characters that's cool too.

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Requesting Meteora wearing camisole leaning on a table

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It's my first time here in Drawthread. It seems there are only bunch of request here expecting non-jap drawfag to deliver a good quality of work. Do they ever meet expectation or even draw something at all?

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go away crossboarding scum-san

when i get deliveries i'm usually satisfied.

Unless you're from a shithole like Sup Forums and /trash/, all drawfags are welcome. Although some requesters want expensive commission tier quality for free. Those are usually the gay as fuck requesters like "draw this sumo wearing is daiper" or the dragonball OC guy, etc.

You were just like me when I first started out. I always thought a drawthread would be dumb because they will never be on the same level as a Japanese artist or that no one would do anything for free. But every day I get surprised whenever a request of mine gets done. Sure, sometimes it's not amazing. Sometimes it's a bit crummy. But your ideas and imaginations get realized, and who knows, you might be surprised on what you get. And in the end, if your request helps an artist get closer to reaching ultimate high ranked pixiv status, then that makes two people happy. We should all work hard to try and get all of us happy.

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Requesting a two/three panel comic of Bert from SnK as a child being told he's going to inherit the Female Titan (much to his shock and embarrassment), then showing the FT with Bert's face and hair also looking mortified as he stares down at his breasts.

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Wasn't that delivered?

Requesting Najimi lifting up his/her skirt in front of a shocked Tadano.

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>Those are usually the gay as fuck requesters like "draw this sumo wearing is daiper" or the dragonball OC guy, etc.

fun fact: that's the same person.

I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt that there's multiple people with bad taste, rather one guy with massive bad taste.

Everyone's the same person

Requesting a pregnant Mai Natsume.

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Requesting Mimika (older girl) and Yuzumori (younger girl) doing yuri stuff together like kissing, cuddling, or rubbing their cheeks together.

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No diaperfag admitted he's the guy who wants the DBZ OC coloured in.

>The only way to drw well is to be jap
What the fuck is this meme anyway?

Rerequesting smug Kajou dressed as Junko raising a sign with the phrase "winner by default".

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Requesting Laila from Gatch Bell wearing a nightgown. Can be lewd or not.

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Yeah but the artist said to re-request it as he got lazy with it and wasn't happy with the result.

Requesting Nadeshiko Kagamihara tied up and gagged using her collection of big poofy and colorful scarves.

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Could I request a thicc Raphael from Nanatsu no Bitoku?

The series doesn't have enough lewds.

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Requesting Rin Tohsaka wearing her usual red jacket and black skirt but with the red toeless pantyhose seen on the right but posing her feet like in the middle.

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Tumblr. Also every infamously cancerous gaijin lewd artist like Shadman, Jlullaby, Legoman, etc

He may have sameface syndrome, but his drawings are godly boner fuel, those other two guys however...

Requesting a cute girl lifting up her skirt.

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Delivery of 1 (one) operator. Sorry I was late user.

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Too bad the bad artists are getting all the attention then, because there's plenty of western artists working in the anime industry and no one are suspecting they aren't nips at first.

people aren't willing to dig through the shit to find western artists who draw great, their loss and my gain since that fact makes their demand low and their prices low as well.

Requesting fusions of these feisty pinkettes.

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But some western artists get a ton of money because ,tasteful lineart aside, their rendering is sometimes far superior to the random nip pixiv artist..

yes i agree, and i prefer most western artists preference do draw more details instead of making a well rendered yet still generic-looking anime face.

Fucking noice m8

generic deviantart/tumblr/etc arts are way worse than generic twitter/pixiv jap arts

give girl

I really like your lines. Do you have a blog?

how about Sako, she wears a g-string in canon.

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Any lewd requests involving meme girls? (like Zero 2, Hestia, Hotaru, etc)

Pipimi and Popuko as prostitutes.

Didn't really have anyone in mind, but how about Yuzuko?

Speaking of her, what gun was she using again?

Sako rk95

Requesting the top image but with Renamon from Digimon.

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>Sako rk95
Thanks man
> Finnish rifle

She is Finnish so the pairing is on point.

Do half memes like Frolaytia. Stella, and Hitomi the Ratel count?

If not, just draw demon Nagatoro stepping on senpai's crotch/dick

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Why is she elf?

The author said the only thing he could think about nordic countries is that elves are from there so he made her an elf.

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Zero Two as a slutty spinosaurus monster girl with cowtits

>tfw that gyaru version of them will never be finished

I know beggars can't be choosers, etc; just rambling a bit

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Nozomi, and high enough to show her navel.

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>and this doujinshi too

Requesting these two passioanitaly embracing and kissing eachother under a waterfall in a moonlight night setting.
Thanks in advanced!

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Requesting Bulma wearing Lois lingerie in the pic.

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Either unaware of what she's doing, happy, or a bit shy.

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what the hell is that?

Requesting Grea drinking alcohol please
I'd love to see that with Grea.

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What anime is this literal semen demon from?

Requesting Net Navi Rachnera

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Requesting Miku Kohinata as a baby crazy dragon-girl passionately riding a futa Hibiki Tachibana.
Position ideas: imgur.com/a/O2Kf7

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Requesting Abe nana being hypnotized into either start or stop being forever 17

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Requesting a parody of Junji Ito's Enigma of Amigara Fault cover replacing the two characters with Kamille Bidan and Fa Yuiry.

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Fran and Goblin Slayer slaughtering goblins together. Or anything nice with the two of them, not necessarily with goblins.

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Rage of Bahamut. And technically Granblue Fantasy.

Requesting Symonne with big breasts

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Requesting Maron stuck in the sand like in the reference and Krillin watching her with a pleasant face. Bonus if you can add above Krilin's head that he's watching Maron's crotch.

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Requesting pregnant Chiho walking past a counter in a revealing fashion with a regretful expression.

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Why are Sup Forums's drawfag threads so much better than here? Do all the good drawfags post there instead or something?


Ill draw the first 3 requests I get without complain, no matter what they are.

Just keep in mind I suck at art.

No good drawfag watches anime.