Why do you think Murata changed Gouketsu's design? Did he receive a bad feedback on it or found it annoying to draw?

Why do you think Murata changed Gouketsu's design? Did he receive a bad feedback on it or found it annoying to draw?

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He does that sometimes, but I usually prefer the original.

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He looks too goofy

dunno, I was caught by surprised when I saw it again, I forgot about it and it honestly looks creepy imo

Bitch to animate.

What killed the hype?
Did OPM peaked on the tournament arc?

sometimes it's his own decision, sometime's ONEs. It was never by fan demand.
For example Murata originally gave Stinger a Sash/shirt thing, but ONE said he was only suppose to wear those black bandages like clothes. Murata fixed it for the volume releases

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Probably ONE didn't like the design

that design is so fucking atrocious

It looks like shit.

this. easier to animate the black scars

Frankly, pointy teeth/nails and black shit on your face is sort of a weak monster design, especially considering how much people are shown to change after eating monster cells. As said, he does this from time to time anyways.

Either my perception of time is way off, but we haven't gotten a new chapter in a while right?

Isn't there a 100 page chapter on the horizon?

He's just a worthless filler character. No need to be consistent about him.

snake bitch use to have a snake bra

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>gotta start a separate folder just for his "fixes"

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I remember listening to a podcast once where a bunch of comic artists were talking about have to turn in pages they weren't happy with as a necessity of time, I'm sure Murata relishes in the ability to do fixes, especially because he can hammer out an actual design over time.

yeah, you dont exactly see him doing trial and error on the side when looking at the concept art. He erases here and there but Ive rarely seen him get halfway and then totally erase a drawing from his stream. majority of stuff ive seen gets released and then fixed later

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A lot of people would prefer that he just get the chapter out, and the fixed art is at least a partial incentive to buy the volume, so I think this works out best for everybody.

To be honest that looked really bad compared to the redesign. Looks way too fucking goofy for Goketsu's character.

Don't care.That way we have two designs to choose from.It's not like the old design is deleted from the internet.

Maybe Goketsu was given a more human looking design so he could be recognized as a former human. If he had his original design, it'd be a bit farfetched that anyone could recognize him, though its still only a minor issue either way.

But the contestants he gave the cells to soon after he appeared all changed a lot more than he had. My guess is that Murata spent some time designing the others after Gouketsu had already appeared and found the design lacking.

Kind of like that one FFV boss.

honestly the new design grew on me