She is cute. CUTE

She is cute. CUTE.

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there is another hiatus after this one

What if she died in her dream, and the thorns around her heart were a heart attack and now she's a ghost?

>Looks boring andgeneric as fuck.

I haven't been reading since the start but god this hiatus shit kills me

Did Shierke do a binding thing on casca's titty mark of sacrifice?

Nah my dude but demons cant come to the elf land where they are

then how is casca and guts allowed there?

Check mate, Elfeists.

>tfw you hear the name of your loved one


Are you implying that they are demons or something?

Puck says it, not me.

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You get used to it.

I-i dont know what to say...

used goods

Not confirmed.

What do you call every 2 chapters hiatus?

A particularly productive Miura

duh i don't know you tell me

Miura is going to die before the story ends or he is going to rush out an ending

Finally found a translation and realized the panel in OP is what her face looks like the second after Farnesse asks her what she remembers about Guts.
I know the last couple panels are dark, but it's a good sign of a happy reconciliation between them if thinking of Guts brings on that sort of face.

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It feels weird to see Casca talking after 20 years...

Caska probably has some kind of undying love after seeing what he's been through without ever giving up on her, PTSD be damned.

Well she had that face and only THEN started remembering everything. I really hope Miura doesn't fuck us after all this time with some shit where she just gets mindbroke again or cant be around guts or she gets all PTSD or something

Griffithfags btfo. That's the smile of true love.

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Oh she did not remember everything at first

fair enough, the ending makes sense now

She's actually just realised she's still in the nightmare, but she's whole this time.

Now she and schierk and farnese have to defeat the monstrous guts that plagues her psyche to truly fix her.

OK the amount of ass-pain im experiencing reading the final two pages of this chapter only to start hearing shit about another hiatus is hotter than a thousand suns. WHY FUCKING GO ON HIATUS NOW YOU CHINK FUCK, When its the most important time in AGES. 20 fucking years reading your shit and you REFUSE TO JUST FINISH IT. FUCK.

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>I really hope Miura doesn't fuck us after all this time
Priorities have changed now. Until this point Casca was a burden, but now Guts can continue with his vengeance. Casca must make her own decisions, as well as Rickert already did. I don't know what is going to happen with the secondary characters.

how long has it been since Casca actually spoke?

no, she didnt remembered the eclipse and everything

all it was coming to her, it just turns out that the eclipse came out when she was about to meet guts

guts realy has natural fucking 1 when it comes to luck

That must be referencing that meme.

He has enough money to return into the the arms of his ashamed millionaire wife who watches him jack off to Love Live for hours on end.

>defeat the monstrous guts
No, she'll have to accept him, because accepting him means accepting what happened to her, which is a huge step in her recovery.

Is this the most rapeable face in anime?

I don't think people are that pissed, but honestly Miura could've given us at least a fucking hug before going into hiatus. Fucking asshole.

Chapter 87: Afterglow of the Right Eye (ending of the Golden Age arc).

t. Femto

>Guts can continue with vengeance
>vengeance boys still digging for this after 10 years of Guts learning to live for his woman and live without hate

Jesus christ, you guys are as delusional as the ones who want Jill back. Vengeance time is done and Miura will take an interesting fresh direction, not go back to shit like lost children.

Time will tell, my user.

She also talks in the DC game (which is canon)

I can only hope the hiatus includes Miura learning how to draw warrior princess Casca again.

I need my phoenix, I need her to be a strong, independent woman that needs no hawk

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Why is everyone talking like the hiatus is confirmed? He’s finished several chapters with that message without one.

because we already have 4 chapters in a row
that is his current limit

>Miura will push his limits

where will you when a miracle happens?

This is the first time in a decade something important happened, he can keep going

And this... is to go... even further!

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she's gonna turn that smile upside down by the next episode

>tfw you must protect this smile

Fucking Miura is the king of visual and storytelling callbacks. Love the bubble with Casca's perspective in the den of evil.

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Miura is a vampire, he can go up to 15 secon--- chapters.

This chapter really felt like it could be the ending if you cut the last pages

We Limit Breaker now.

>last hiatus was like 6-8 chapters
What the fuck are you smoking? The guy does whatever he pleases.

Is the new chapter out and translated, then? Someone post a link.

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literally just go to imgur or any manga sharing site nigga I aint doing a 12 second search for you

>doesn't know how to google
>turkish meme midget
Fuck off.

The page with casca in her dress and guts walking up to her would be a great final page.
Instead its more suffering and hiatus.

Where is this from? The Wylad arc?

Except going on a loner rampage right after eclipse.
Also, from her perspective she has every reason to be afraid around him, even if she knows he loves her - dude got serious anger management issues.

What fucking purpose is Magnifico going to serve? He sucks and he's unlikable as shit, if he only existed to introduce prince-boy to the squad, why is he still here?

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He's going to sacrifice Farnese with Puck's behelit

My biggest wish on Berserk right now is the death of this dude, the other one with black hair and Isidro.

Puck and Ivalera could disappear too.


This chapter was what I was hoping for combined with what I was afraid of. Quite impressive to be honest. At least from the face she made when asked about Guts I can be hopeful that she will remember Guts and not hate/fear him, so even if she gets trauma from the Eclipse that's one big worry averted.

>Puck could disappear too.

What the fuck am i reading? all he needs is some good panels like from the lost children arcs where he isnt a chibi comic relief.

It's going to be the game all over again.

>the other one with black hair
Best not be talking about our nigga the captain you faggot.

Be real shame if the behelit was to fall into the wrong hands.

Then Roderick is going to have to kill him

I'm just tired of his stupid panels with Isidro, almost dropped Berserk because of them.

Roderick can go to hell.

>remember Guts, just be a Nice Guy and the Casca will forget all about Chadriffith eventually!
Guts is so fucking pathetic

Sacrifice yourself.

I agree with everything said here EXCEPT what you said about my boy Roddy take that shit back

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Compare Magnifico's portrayal when he was first introduced to this shit
He deserves better

t. Magnifico.

Puck has been with us from the start. If you do not like Puck you do not like Berserk.

>Implying Casca won't seek out Griffith to feel the incredible pleasure he gave her

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Well to be fair Puck was way different when he wasn't in his chibi comic relief form 24/7.

You're absolutely right but I want to see her train first. She should've lost a lot of muscle tone over the years.

N-no. That does not mean I'm not right, though. Miura can only write cariactures at this point, not actual characters. See , for another example


>Guts see's that his presence hurts Casca
>he turns around and walks away
>we see him cry

Your reaction?

I think it's more that he makes some characters caricatures 100% of the time instead of only occasionally and not that he can only draw caricatures. He can draw serious characters too, hell, Guts hasn't been his goofy self in decades at this point. I think he's just trying to keep a certain amount of silliness in the manga but since the main cast is suffering so much he can only do it through the side characters which end up being overly comical.

>Vengeance time is done
You seriously think Guts is going to let everything Griffith did just slide? They obviously need a final confrontation, even if it isn't a duel. It's literally what we're all waiting for.

It's obvious they still need to deal with Griffith unless they want to just happily end up in hell, but it has definitely changed from the GRIFFIIIITHH blind rage Guts had earlier. I think he just wants to get rid of him and his influence altogether and live his life free at this point. He's moved from revenge being the sole reason for his existence to just something he needs to take care of so that they can focus on their future.

His comic relief shit got old user. I just don't care about him anymore, he's just a waste of panels, we don't need him for anything right now.

looks like a mix of an ayy lmao and a cat. i miss old berserk


Good points. I don't think cariacture is precisely the word I'm looking for either. Well, in Magnifico's case it's pretty fitting. Everything's just so flimsical at this point


If there are final confrontations, which i doubt, it's gonna be between SK and the Godhands, and between Guts and the Beast inside him. Guts is gonna have to confront his inner demon and either set aside his revenge and decide to stay human and enjoy the power of friendship or completely become a cursed being fighting for eternity like SkullKnight and Zodd


>Those back muscles

Goddamn how does Casca manage to develop those.

Puck was cool when he was the twink moral lighthouse of the story and not a "hilarious comment" onion