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What do Philiafags think of her Spriggan design?

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It's her best design but ALO was still a mistake.

I liked her hair like that

>slight tan
My dick loves it

I personally do think non spriggan look was better since I like blondes but while I'm playing AWvsSAO this design does have a nice novelty to it.

If only Philia had good doujins, or any doujins for that matter.

But ALO gave us Leafa and Neko Sinon

If only the gameverse in general had doujins

Rooks rike an ESL mexican fag. Disgusted.

it's shit. philia is meant to be a ginger.

How do we get the gameverse noticed by the doujin artists? Wait for an anime adaptation?

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GGO Leafa is perfection

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Why does this Leafa bed CG make me harder than any other bed scene?

What is this from?

The phone game Memory Defrag

This thread is now about m--I mean Kureha.

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my wife Shino is so cute!

thoughts on upcoming titles?

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No it's not, that's from a TCG.

I love you Kureha!

I'm okay with that, Donut agrees too that's why Kureha gets special bed privileges

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I play Memory Defrag and that's wrong.

Who Premiere here?

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Best girls reminder.

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Praise the loli Goddess

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remove Asuna
this user understands

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It's not that I don't like Asuna though, but Yuuki is simply the bestest.

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I see fellow yuukibros have already arrived

reminder that pic related is undisputed best girl

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You're asking for a fight. Her chance in a fight against Yuuki aren't good if you know what I mean.

I like you Sinon bro but I thought it was determined that Sinon, Liz, and Yuuki are the best girl trinity. we would have to put it to a vote to add Kureha but she seems pretty popular

Why would fug a boy?


I'm going to attempt to create a sinon-powered tts engine.
I have no ideas apart from directly scrubbing voice from all of her VA's performances and doing something with it
Wish me luck!

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She wouldn't be in the top 5.

It's 2018, bro. Progressive covered most bases already in how Asuna should be with better writing when they were trapped in Aincrad. Rosario and beyond are on course so it's all fine there. Asuna from the game timeline is great, in any case.

Yuuki, Asuna, and Seven for best trinity.

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Lis if wife material
I'm curious who you think is in the top five

Mine is Sinon Yuuki Lisbeth, Asuna Sugu

Gameverse included would be Liz Sinon Yuuki Philia Premiere

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Sinon Yuuki Lisbeth Argo Philia desu

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Suguha is more of a waifu material type. Liz is closer to a fembro.

Yuuki, Sinon, Tia, Premiere, Nanairo is the top 5.

I like it but I perfer her original appearance.

>Lisbeth will never fit you for armor

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I want to commit a crime

The real question is who is a Streabro here?

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Mine: Yuuki, Asuna, Seven, Philia, Yuna

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The best A.I.

>Premiere getting into bed with anyone but Kirito

she's dead to me. fuck the gameverse. it ended at HR as far as i'm concerned.

It's okay, user. You are the protag.

Donut most likely won't be back for the next game. The Goddess will be back in character by then.

Haremfags continue being mad over jesus-kun having competition and losing a part of his harem because it ruins their perfect self insert illusion.

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>these side games aren't considered canon even in the frameworks of the gameverse


a slut is a slut

How about we don't take the conversation down that route? That will eventually lead to shitflinging between characterfags and self-insertfags.

AWvs and FB are shit and not worth playing so the point is moot.

That's Donut Steel user

Too fucking late my dude
>every game I dont like is shit and no one should be playing it
>people disliking fb over the single fact a donut steel exists
fucking hell

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>Kiritoniggers SEETHING over Donut

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except FB and AWvs are objectively shit and your time would have to be worthless to consider wasting any of it playing tripe like that

>top five
user DONT.
If we keep expanding past the trinity Asuna will get very lonely

>Muh haremfags
>Muh Selfinsertfags
That's this whole debate. Everyone has vilified the other side over a single issue. Some people like self inserting, some people don't. Can't we leave it at that?

Not until the Kiritocucks stop crying over Donut

>people disliking fb over the single fact a donut steel exists
Please don't strawman. I enjoy Fatal Bullet and Donut a lot but the whole heroine split left a sour taste and makes me worried about the future of the gameverse.

thing is both sides are self inserters

>crying over Donut
Only Streafags and Philiafags are though. And to be honest I agree.

Imagine Alice and Eugeo's interactions are locked to Donut in FB DLC. It wouldn't make sense for them and there wouldn't be anything that connects them to each other.

>heroine split
would've been better if they let everyone bed anyone they wanted desu senpai

Lolis are exempt from it. Their purity and innocence act as a natural shield.

Ive seen enough doujins in my time to know they are not exempt.

I hate this split because it is literally the only thing that ruins otherwise comfy SAO threads. Watching everyone fight over this is just sad.

Oh god not this again.

I like the girls because of their interactions with each other and Kirito, FB didn't have that which is why I focused on Kureha. It's too inconsequential and lacks the hijinks that made the gameverse fun.

Can we sue Bamco for mental and emotional damges due to the waifu split?

No but you can get help for your mental illness.

>interactions with kirito

>Alice and Eugeo's interactions are locked to Donut in FB DLC

Lets not start reeeeing over something that will never happen unless Dimps want an actual angry mob at their doorstep.

Japanese fujos can be a real force so yeah it's unlikely Dimps will do anything stupid.

>Alice and Eugeo's interactions are locked to Donut in FB DLC
I'm buying a ticket to Japan and setting their office on fire if they do this.


>I still can't bed Kirito

>No Kirito romance
That is the real crime and missed potential of Fatal Bullet

I'd hate this so much.


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I think I would prefer if we went back to bulling Kureha

Ahhh. So this is how they feel right now. It shames me that I argued with them about self insertfagging when the idea of this disgusts me.

Strea is innocent lewd


Anyone got those Sup Forums screenshots with Kurehaposting?

She sleeps around

>innocent lewd
Now that's a new term

>those Sup Forums screenshots
Youre not from around these parts are you?

Her pussy is only for her Daddy
her hugs are free though
if your talking about her and Donut she loves to tease but would rather ship you with Kureha

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>would rather ship you with Kureha
Strea has good taste

100% a newfag.

It's the human ears and hair down, I guess. Makes just enough difference from the elf version.

"Hey Kii-bou, wanna /ss/?"

I'm honestly very worried about the upcoming Alicization anime

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She's not Liz.

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What would be the consequences of Zeliska being Kureha's sister? What things would change in the story and how much bigger of a role would Zeliska play out in the main story?

I'm still hyped for the Alternative GGO anime. Watching sociopaths wreck some ass in a PUBG style would be great.

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I will remind them

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She would be more prominent that Kureha herself.

Zeliska would have a mental breakdown by the ending if Kureha died and FAR MORE so if Zeliska died instead of Kureha.

Is there a true ending in HR for maxing affinity with all of them like in FB?

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