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I'll cling to her of course.


Kamen Rider Build

Thanks user

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[x] Put it in.

S2 never. Who was best girl and why was it Furano?

>pig lover
>best girl

Sensei was so sexy (no pedo).

Also, I choose 2.

I miss her

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One of few comedy anime that's actually really funny. SYD and Mitsuboshi Colors are also pretty fun.

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stop reminding me just like S3 of horizon will never happen

I should rewatch this sometime.

She's the only 2D girl I can think of with canon implants.

>You will never get beaten by Furano so hard that you lose memory of hers
Why even live?

>teacher is a loli
I mean this show had it all

>Loli who was formerly a man

>wanting to see chocolat win

Love how the narrator was laughing his ass off while reading the options.

Wew, I fapped to that picking up scene.


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I choose to remain a girl, and find happiness.

Worked out:

>This video contains content from KADOKAWA CORPORATION, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

Season 2 never.

>Mondaiji S2 never
>Kancolle s2 and movie lit
wtf I like Diomedea now

>s2 never
noucometards btfo

I fapped to that scene

OP Posted best girl

That's not true.

1 is my fetish

The voice changing to be higher is the best part

I'd fap to that scene too if I remembered it from Erabe but I don't.

so did I

Time to pick it up.
I smirked like an idiot.

so who won in the end?

>based Nakata Jouji cracking up for this choice
Gets me every time

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It's in one of the latest episodes
You have a great taste user


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Stop hurting me, you fuckers.

>Mondaiji S2 never
You too faggot


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Strange Existence.


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Why the fuck did I look at the comments. Utage-sensei is so fucking cute though.

>last update January 2016
There's gotta be a more up to date one than this.

I have been unable to locate. I use this image as the benchmark for when 4ch truly died.

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I managed to dig this one out.

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don't know about the accuracy of the rest but a handful of the vampires are just normal kids that age.