Did he really needed to be crucified by the romans because he just told people to start being good and love one another...

Did he really needed to be crucified by the romans because he just told people to start being good and love one another? I find that illogical...

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You make Jesus sound like a hippie.

But he was crucified for being an Jew and something Herod was pissed about I think.

I know, right? Those damn Romans, what have they ever done for us anyway?

The series got axed and so the writers just decided to make the Romans particularly callous and kill him, but then they got a last-minute renewal and they asspulled an MC resurrection.

Forced drama.

It was because Jerusalem was occupied by the Romans and he was, to put it quite simply, a rabble rouser. What he was doing was basically the equivalent of being a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin in modern Russia, you're only going to get away with it for so long before you get hauled off to Room 101 for it.

Is this level of blasphemy even possible?

he got crucified because his influence was growing enough to become a threat to the establishment.

Jew here. Ask me anything.

You do realize he was going around saying there was only one true God and shit on everyone else's religious views. The Romans were merely being responsible, I love how Christians always portray them as big bad evils. Never again will humanity rise to their comparative level.

Fucking speedreader.
He was also accused of stuff he didn't do, even Pilate said himself he was innocent, but accepted crucifying him because the people of the temple was sick of him and he didn't want a rebellion.

Was the shoah really a hoax?

Oy vey of course he deserved it.

The irony is the rebellion happened anyway like 30 years later because they were trying to force armageddon.

>call jews out for doing jew shit
>get killed
nope this sounds about right.

Was adapting the same arc 4 different times really necessary? I get that there are slight differences in the gospels, but having an entire season of just rehashing seems extremely excesssive.

He was killed by the Jews.

based jesus

The jewish elite wanted to mantain good relations with the romans, since as long as they paid taxes no one gave a fuck who they whorsipped, making jesus a problematic individual in the eys of both the romans and the jews.

So it was a political agenda that got him killed?

Mary best girl, I will literally kill anyone that disagrees

Well three of them (the synoptic Gospels) are pretty much the same thing. John is the only OVA.

Of course not my grandfather, father and son are all survivors of that terrible concentration camps of roller coaster death machines

Of course. He fucked up the money lenders scheme and shit on the priests for being total hypocrites.

the new testament is fan-fiction of a jewish children's tale

He was crucified because he whipped the bankers.
He also gained too many followers for the taste of Caesar.

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The MC's life-after-death episode was pretty neat.

I fapped to her so much during the pregnancy episodes.

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>From Mark 11:12-20
>The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs. Then he said to the tree, "May no one ever eat fruit from you again". And his disciples heard him say it.
>In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. Peter remembered and said to Jesus, "Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!"
>From the Law of the Twelve Tables, Table VII,
>Anyone who, by means of incantations and magic arts, prevents grain or crops of any kind belonging to another from growing, shall be sacrificed to Ceres.

Jesus was put down like the fucking criminal scum he was.

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>burn down a mcdonalds because it is not the season for a mcrib

You missed the entire plot where the jews wanted him dead because he basically said they were wrong.

The jews believed they had a sole convenant with god and all non-jews couldn't be saved. Christ was all about extending the convenant to the rest of humanity, and obviously, the jewish elite didnt like that idea since it threatened their elite status.

(The fact that the convenant with the jews was basically null after Solomon pissed off God was conveniently ignored, as God has long since stopped helping the jews)

It didnt help that Christ claimed to be the son of god. Religions react very poorly when someone shows up claiming to be their god.

(In actuality, Jesus of Nazareth was a mage and his dissapearance from his tomb was a Malkavian prank)

He also claimed to be the messiah and that people should worship his idea of a god.

Jesus confirmed murican

Who here liked the sequel?

He gave his life to save the world, user. You should pay him back by going to church on Holy Thursday, Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday next week. Cool off from the anime for a few days and suffer for humanity and for him and god, like he did.

he started bitch slapping merchants in their temple. I magine if some fanatical dude went into a church and started beating the shit out every priest that started promoting their products in church. Jesus would be hated by americans he would be disgusted how capitalistic the church has become

Yeah, but if anything it just shows how Pilate had the correct hunch when fearing that a rebellion would ocurr.
Word, brother.

I preferred the first part. The protagonists are flawed and they switch a lot. The protag of the second arc is a complete gary stu.

Satan, Tiberius probably didn't even know he existed.