International break

>international break

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Can we fix it?

/spa/ thread?

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>calling it /spa/
You know that /asp/ doesnt like that.

give me your anime girls in football kits

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Do you not remember the /spa/ board?

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I remember it but the entire board of /asp/ was triggered about the lettering.
They already dont get enough respect and I dont want to trigger them even more.

>remembering that /asp/ was created to contain all the macho man wrestling threads
why didn't they just create /wwe/

Who cares what /asp/ think? Pro wrestling died with the attitude era.

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>asp made to contain wrestling
Someone doesnt know Sup Forums history. Pathetic.

I am not taking a bullet there. A war between boards will divide Sup Forums even more.

>muh man drama

im@s chapter of Mai Ball! when?

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(This is now a Sora Inoue / Mai Ball! thread.)

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Mandrama fags were literally bullied off Sup Forums by force like 2 years ago. /asp/ was quite different back then.

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/asp/ is nothing but a load of snakes.

I wonder what will happen this year.

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More cute girls. MORE!

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Reminder to support /our team/ this season

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The only people mad about international breaks are those with shit national teams.

I'd think she'd support Exeter City or Plymouth Argyle. Anywhere close to Cornwall.

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maybe /pal/