Can Sup Forums come up with an anime that's even better than what's found in Japan?

Can Sup Forums come up with an anime that's even better than what's found in Japan?

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Kimi no na wa
Was made by Sup Forums meme magic

JS/JC swimclub anime


Well I guess we could adapt Katawa Shoujo to anime.

I doubt it but this could be a fun thing to do.
Sup Forums has a lot of ideas for anime. Just look in the ITT: write an anime plot threads.

An anime about hitler


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Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

Every character would be a shota

Cue anons having cute tea parties.


I'd actually really like this

Ken-sama falls in love with Japan.

Unable to relocate, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with a Katana. Never minding the superior weapon, he immediately trains with it, and is overjoyed to find out that it can cut clean through steel because it is folded over a thousand times.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s training with his Katana, he looks at the runes inscribed on it with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds he can read them. In fact, he can read Japanese fluently in both Kanji and Osaka dialect. He knows everything about Japanese history and their bushido code, which he follows 100%

Hijinks ensue as Ken-sama strikes up a deal where he can get a Japanese visa, move to Japan and attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificient culture. While he owns several kimonos, DRAMA ensues as he begins to wear them around town and bow to his ELDERS and SENIORS.

Wish him luck in Japan!

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how would you name a studio run by anons without breaking any copyright laws (so no "studio Sup Forums" or something) while still being obvious that it is run by anons

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Keit-Ai would probably be the safest bet, but it still would ruin anyone involved.

No you wouldn't
Nobody would ever be happy with whatever route they pick.

JK/JD and I agree.

But everyone would love an adaptation covering best boy's route.


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I hate this bot.

Cute little girls shitposting and flinging shit at each other in an anonymous Germany trading card game text board.


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Change HS setting to University and leave everything else as is.

Has it really been almost two years already?

He hates it

Based he hates it poster.

Why not just cover every route?

Class Rep >>>> AU Tomboy > Tomboy > Country Girl > Stuco Pres > Tsundere >>>>>>>>>> First Crush a Shit


Sure, the coming up with ideas is fun, that's why we have those threads. It's all the animating that is the problem. None of us can do that.

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4 Leaf Studios made Katawa Shoujo, right? Take a page out of their book and pick a name that evokes Sup Forums or its logo.

Just adapt Molester Man or make a hentai series about MC fucking every girl where each one is a caricature of every board on Sup Forums from Sup Forums to /z/ with /3/ being left out because she's 3DPD

There'd still be shitposting over the order things get adapted. Plus if they have a Seiren-tier fuck up, then half of the girls' routes won't be adapted.

Such as?

I would honestly watch a tcg anime where it's all virtual and the players never actually meet face to face. We just see them in their various homes in front of their computers as the scenes play out.

Have you seen this ?!!! That information had been accidentally leaked : an anime based on Game Of Thrones is coming !

Yeah, April 23rd
Wonder how many Anons will remember this year.

Two cours, 5 episodes a route, plus a few to set things up before the festival splits the timelines.

Ah but user, there are five routes, so there's no way half the routes won't get adapted.

>Clover Studios/Studio Clover
>Blue Board Studios
>Closed Pool Studios
>Studio Vanned

I propose we make the greatest anime season of all time.

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How do we stop Hanako's route from being subverted?

Well we could make a manga.
Sup Forums has a lot of drawfags.
It wouldnt be the first time something like that worked out.
Sup Forums has its winter ball and Sup Forums cup and kraut made two games.
A Sup Forums produced manga could work.

Off the top of my head, and without checking to see if these are already used for anything

>Studio Clover
>Studio Lucky
>Studio Alphabet Soup
>Studio Twister
>Studio Mask
>Studio OP

Yotsuba Studios

How do you mean?

Instead of making it vaguely rape, we double down and make it explicitly rape.

>Well we could make a manga.

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Yeah, but then we'd need Anons who can draw devoting their time on the project. And it's not like that there's a single concept that would unite all of Sup Forums into making it. Plus I'm pretty sure no manga made here could be anything other than a gag manga.

>Sup Forums has a lot of drawfags.

Well, deviantart also has a lot of drawfags, but I'd never read a "manga" made by anyone of them.


well not really, it should be /studio/, but that was almost perfect

>Sup Forums has a lot of drawfags.
Yeah, and that has worked out so well for Sup Forums.

Based Jesus Assassin.



>manga about Sup Forums greentexts
I would love it

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Tomboy > AU tomboy > first crush > class rep > country girl > tsundere > stuco pres


With the right leader and a serious plan its will work.
The determination makes the success.

>Studio 4Clover entertaiment
>Studio Sup Forumsnon
>Studio 4Kanal or 4Channel

>tfw no more new season of Full Metal Panic in these fake charts

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I'd be surprised, if no one had trademarked ">" in green yet.

Daily reminder that they tried to make Keit-ai real but failed, so stop trying.

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people do that type of stuff everywhere
it's called vandalism
someone stuck razorblades all over a jungle gym in my area

It won't work, you dumbass.


NO WE CAN DO IT!!!! I'm practising right now.

>each panel is drawn by a different guy in a different art style

I just picked a random greentext

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because DA is a weird fetish site

Sup Forums is a nearly dead board

Let's make a Wonderful Everyday anime adaptation.

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>but failed

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And Sup Forums isn't


co doesn't draw anime though they draw ugly western dogshit. we have draw threads here every other day.

>Haruhi S3 by Sup Forums

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How much fanservice would be in the Sup Forums anime?

pantyshots in every single shot

Anne Happy and Handa-kun actually happened.


#MAGA studio

Look at our drawthread then look at Sup Forumsmblr's drawthread and tell my with a straight face that there is not an ocean of difference between them.

>School shooters battle anime

Studio Robots.

We're going to make a hentai about roasties and the nice guys they NTR.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Honestly a prequel series with Kenji as the MC could work.

Augustus Rudolf Hilter's rise to divine power in the Kingdom of Germania and the start of the the Great Continental War of Yropa.
Someone get on this shit.

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