ITT: Scenes that could not be made today

>hard mode: children's shows only

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Do the west know about Doraemon?

All the little girl nipples in Gundam.

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If you're into anime, you almost assuredly have some surface knowledge of it. A better question is how many Westerners know what Sazae-san is, since that one is far less common to show up in popular culture.

Why this shit give me boners?

I'd like to see a 4kids edit of this.

I used to watch when I was in Mexico.

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>scenes that could not air on murrifat television today
now fuck off

>implying Japan doesn't have TV restrictions

I think it used to air on French TV.
I remember watching it when coming home from school during the early 2000

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It's pretty common in spicland

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but kids love persona

Japan still doesn't shy on hitting women, do you believe Toonami mean CN is making the shows?

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Was better in the manga

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even as a kid watching that saga I remember being more than a little shocked they showed the Videl fight

wasn't that episode banned anyway?

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Only white-knights got butthurt over videl/popovich fight, the zfighters have had it worse many times.

Cell's saga was more brutal, like when Cell absorbed that rich guy or when Cell crushed 16's head. I think the main reason Cell isn't in Super is not that he was difficult to draw which sounds like a meme excuse easy to evade, but that he was too edgy for what Toei wanted.

Remember when was ok to show (uncensored) loli nipples on DVD?

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Gif is too big to post proper. Mecha is weird.

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It's not about liking anime, doraemon was a thing in all mediterranean countries and spic countries, the reason is that there's so many episodes and getting the rights is cheap as fuck, that means you can fill "kids" hours with cheap crap instead of produce or buy more expensive shows.

Remember kids, Boobs are BAD for you!

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It has been airing daily in Italy since 1982. About 1000 episodes (out of almost 1800) of the '79 series, plus 260 and counting of the 2005 remake.

It's fine, at least it's not a dog.

>wasn't that episode banned anyway?
No they just took out that brief scene with James, they left in most of the other fanservice surprisingly. and the Porygon episode are the only two Kanto episodes that never got an English release.

source? :3

>but it's okay to show beefed up meatheads!

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I don't think that was in the manga

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It aired for a minute on Disney xd. Don't know if it was censored like they did shippuden


fuck off

I wonder if anyone on Sup Forums has endured through all (available) episodes of Sazae-chan. There are people who've watched all of Detective Conan and probably Doraemon, after all.

You asked so I told you. Don't be mad at me because a shitty network picked it up

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>Don't know if it was censored
They change a skirt lift to a burp.

That wasn't me, just some newfag trying to fit in.

There was many lolicon animes and manga in 80s and 90s.

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even those two are more likely than this

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im italy all the doraemon films were in the cinemas

B-but you promised, Spopovich-sama, that I'll go first!!

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The newer anime changed this scene to Suneo leaving the door open when taking a shit. Honestly a change for the better, since the original version was basically teaching children that being cruel to people with bedwetting issues is okay and well-deserved.

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Because you have the best fetish: ryona

I would say that watching all of Sazae-san is impossible, not just for sheer amount of episodes, but because they have a deal where they can air episodes outside of tv. I doubt the 7500+ episodes will ever be completly uploaded on the internet.

Americans enjoy violence still. This wouldn't cut it on European tv though. Especially Germany

Ranma with uncensored tits

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Oh, t-thanks...

Be proud user. Eventually you'll broke me an only able to get off on watching women being strangled

YYH the hermaphrodite short fight scene

Also the Ryuunosuke/Her father parts from UY

The entirety of Ren & Stimpy
>Oooooooooooooooohhhh what I'm gonna doooooooo to yooooooooooouuuuuuu...
>I'm so ANGRY!

All this can still be made in japan.

It cannot be made in the west and it never could have been made.

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>I know exactly what this is from

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>tfw I discovered my ryona fetish thanks to fighting games
King of Fighters shouldn't have such erotic moans for when girls are defeated

The manga, yes.

We had it in Jewlandia years ago along with other dubbed children's anime.

sauce? google image search shows nothing.

>watch old anime
>its full of naked underage girls

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pls user

user please, seek help.
Or at least promise me you'll never do anything to harm anyone IRL.

true tho

can see the edge of her nipple. reported.

>not posting the full thing

you retard

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You aren't searching hard enough, user.

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>Mami will never teleport her pee inside you
Why live?

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>She will never insist you to see her naked body.

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I want to teleport my semen inside her womb.
literally the top result when i searched dbz hentai, look harder next time

god I wish that were me


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I want to fuck Luna's pussy up.

It is, though?

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How did they censored Shippuden? I'm curious about that

Weird, I thought I responded to OP.
Oh well

What's wrong with liking cute girls being beaten up or killed? It's natural.

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Doraemon was trash and here's why
Nobita was unlikable as hell
Gian was an asshole and also unlikable
Suneo was an unlikable slimy yes man
Suzuka was boring
No matter how many times Gian and Suneo bullied or beaten up Nobita he always acts like their his best friends
Suzuka is creepily sexualized

Stop, I said i wouldnt fap today!

>a mainstream shounen magazine ran a manga by Uchiyama Aki about a loli getting harassed into diapers and increasingly bizarre /d/ situations by a creepy middle-aged guy and his shota sidekicks every chapter

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Suneo kind of deserved this for always bullying Nobita with Gian.

>Little rough don't you think?

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Dude was a shitlord and what he did was cringe worthy, but going to jail because of that is bullshit.

nice boat.

>No matter how many times Gian and Suneo bullied or beaten up Nobita he always acts like their his best friends
>Suzuka is creepily sexualized
Pretty realistic if you ask me.

Literally gohan still has remained the same literal cuck to this day. Forever a jobber and forever cucked

Nope, and America realized Doraemon was complete and utter trash early on.

>all the sound effects from his motions and the shit he said he'd do to them
Those sound effects really sold me on how fucking furious Ren was at them.

Mi pene.

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Post more cute girls beating up cute girls.

I mean I like a little choking and spanking but when it comes to inflicting heavy pain and death you've got to be pretty messed up to get off on that.