Romance ending in anime (Koi Ame)

Why do so many people think that if two characters didn't end up together, well the story isn't good?
I found Koi Ame ending really good
Honestly, I think the Americans are also worse. They are devided in two factions:
- muh creepy, no matter what
- muh, no romance ending? Who cares about healing, it's garbage
In both the cases they don't care about the execution at all.

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>make OTP throughout the show
>lol jk they're actually not getting together
it's shit

Usagi Drop had a better ending

>Usagi Drop had a better ending
Usagi Drop was actually creepy, Koi Ame case was different. I think Kondo and Akira were adorable together, but the realistic approach to the topic of the artist has been amazing.

>Why do so many people think that if two characters didn't end up together, well the story isn't good?
Because they had expectations how a story like this is supposed to end but that didn't happen so the next conclusion is that the ending was bad.

But that is their fault. Also the anime is making obvious the focus is more on Tachibana and Kondo struggle with their dreams, than on their love. And the last 5 volumes of the manga were bringing absolutely in this direction.
I guess in the first 5 volumes, you can have some actual hopes, because I admit the mangaka made more times look like this love story could work,

>romance manga
>literally "love" in the title
>no romance ending

ah yes bait and switch. fool the readers once shame on you. fool em twice its a new anime season.

When i pick up a manga/anime presented as romance,i'm not looking to get baited and shat on with some "life sucks,fuck you" ending. That's why i did not pick this up until i could get confirmation of a decent ending. I'm not saying it's badly written,mind you.

There's plenty of romance that don't get happy ending. But they satisfied other forms of love in their life.
Anyway I just found out this.
This girl is a huge KondoxTachibana shipper, and I am sorry for her, because I understand she is suffering really very much for this ending. At the end, Kondo hadn't the courage to open the letter that Tachibana had wrote for him. Such a pity. This girl imagined the content of the letter. I think it's possible was something like this

doujin artists will fix this abortion of an ending.

But it's not an abortion of an ending, come on.
What that fangirl wrote in Akira letter in her fanart, it's absolutely possible being very close to what Tachibana actually wrote. In pic related, Akira asked to Kondo if he wanted to read now the letter, and he said he would have read it later, because he saw like Tachibana was deeply embarrassed about it. So, it's damn obvious it was a love letter. I believe we can easily imagine what she had written, and it's also more poignant that Kondo has not able to read it even after 8 months from their separation, because probably he would suffer too much reading that kind of words.

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its like the redditfags that say the ending was horrible because there was no kiss or implied sex

Don't lump in people who don't like being mislead into reading suffering porn with le redditors.

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pissing off the goodwill of readers isnt smart.

>muh brave author

okay sure it was a waste of time for many and to do this before the anime is over is stupid as well.

Don't write a romance manga if you're not going to commit to it.
Man, this genre is a minefield. Readers are stuck with haremshit, copout endings, and NTR dramatrash.

Look, I LOVE this couple probably more than many disappointed shippers, but I am satisfied by this ending. Why? Because the building up in this direction was all there, especially in the last 5 volumes of the manga. People can't say this wasn't predictable. It's sad? Yeah. It's ugly? No.

indeed the worst thing is the big waste of time for everyone.

>woman uses up an old man until she feels better
>old man goes back to his lonely apartment cant write for shit

sure is predictable and no one is happy.

Defend it all you want it was a bad idea. No one will want to read more of this authors work.

>people reading manga for free complaining about plot

Do you know what happened in the last volumes of the manga? i guess NO.

>Akira is happy and pursuing her passion
>Kondo is content with his life
Sure, how terrible.


holy shit user thats a shitty defense.

>Did you voted in the last elecctions?
Then you cant complain.


Kondo was tempted by that kind of happiness (accepting Akira feelings). For example, look at pic related, how he is observing their coats, after he hung up her coat close to his.
It scene is similar to the scene in the first episodes, where Akira goes to his house, and she puts her shoes close to his.
But he didn't let that tempation could win in his heart, because he knew this wasn't the best for Akira. not only because he thinks for her running was the most important thing, and until she was replacing running with him, she wouldn't have come back to run, but also because, despite his love for her, his love for writing it's probably stronger. So his choice was suffered, but the best one for both of them. If this isn't good writing, and way better than any stereotypical scenario, I don't know it.

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>It scene
This scene*

esl kun

spanish or itali?


Back to Sup Forums with you.

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>Akira was just using kondou
what kind of warped person holds this view. her feelings weren't fake, the crush was real and she was able to mature from it. if kondou had said yes, she would've abandoned it all, but he was able to connect with reality to see akira was still a child, it wouldn't work, and it would risk her loathing him just like midori did. akira is pure, but naive

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yea no she used him and the author doesnt see nothing wrong with it because she does the same like all of you.

>Usagi Drop had a better ending
t. belongs on a cross

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>aww look how cute and fluffy their romance Is throughout the manga!

We wanted to see Kondou fucked Akira. Fucking pathetic author. I guess we have to wait for another based author like Usagi Drop.

t. didnt read the manga and sees NTR in everything
kondou was the one who shoved her away despite recognizing the fact that he had fallen for her.

Fuck off tumblr. Decent old men deserve young pussy too.

Do they at least stay close friends? They helped each other realize what they really want and to pick up their dream again. Would be stupid as shit if she's just losing interest completely. OP's pic with the shadows look like drama.

And Kondou is written by a 3DPD hypocrite. A real man would fuck and marry her.

a real man would also have a proper job at 45 instead of wageslaving at minimum wage

Chapter 81:
"Tachibana-san, I'll never forget this day."
"Me too"
"Nah, you'll forget it"
"I won't!"
"You will forget it, you will forget it"
"Yeah, but it's okay if you forget it"
"Boss, you are weird today".
In front of her house, he gave her the umbrella as a gift, and even though we don't hear his words, he basically told her she can't come back to the Garden anymore, because rain stopped, or something like that.
Chapter 82:
He never had the courage to read her letter, and he wonders if Tachibana hates him. But he thinks, it's okay if she hates him.

Don't you think Kondo's love is the beautiful form of love? He learned to love properly a woman, in the best way he is able to do. Letting her go, without being selfish. Unlike what he had done with Midori, that he had married, despite the fact he wasn't able to be a proper partner because of his obsession for literature.
This time he made the best choice for the one who he loved. He learned from his mistakes, isn't this beautiful? He is the best character in this manga.
He accepted his own limites BOTH as a writer (probably he will never be succesful like Chihiro, but at least he is writing again) and as a possible romantic partner (he believes he will never be able to make a woman happy, so he prefers to be alone).

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women are fickle creatures user. why do you think she gave up her friendship with her other friend and had to be reached instead of coming to her own conclusion? shes selfish as fuck like the author.

the worst kind of teacher sprouting out nonsense.

I hope youre not an english teacher or lit teacher.

It's not nonsense if you read the manga, baka.

I can't believe we didn't even get just a light peck on the cheek...

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>Don't you think Kondo's love is the beautiful form of love?*
the MOST beautiful form of love, I meant.


author deserves all the backlash and loss of faith from readers.

>she's going to chase her dream and find herself a REAL Chad and not minimum wage slave loser
>not NTR
Fuck off 3DPD whore.

>she's going to marry a literal worthless divorced wageslave and then get divorced eventually after actually NTRing kondou
fuck off shit mobileposters

>TFW she gets a stronk fat ceo with impeccable breeding skills and gets her womb kissed every night.

Great story.

you retards really do see ntr in everything.
nice reddit spacing to you worthless mobileposters

fuck you, asshole. spoil that fucking shit

I think a big issue is how "fleeting" the manga now seems.
The author literally states that she'll move and and none of this will have mattered and will just be another forgettable phase in life.

If that's how you treat your own manga then of course people are gonna be upset.

It's from chapter 56. It's so old, go to read it.
Last chapter is 82.

>wops and spics not worse.

I'm posting from PC you dumb slut.

2ch seems super angry with the ending. They are saying not to trust romance manga written by women.

>He learned to love properly a woman, in the best way he is able to do. Letting her go, without being selfish.
Intellectual man's fetish.

retards like you who think old wagecucks make a decent husband couldnt possibly own a PC you worthless nigger

This story was literally about a 10 ft tall teen twiglet lusting after used old man cock, why are people shocked it didn't get a nice ending?


She should have told him to pull over in some parking lot or alleyway after this page.
They should have kissed in his car or made love in the backseat.

I am fucking PISSED that we didn't get anything! This is supposed to be realistic, right? A man and a woman (Yes, Akira is a full grown woman) wouldn't go this long beating around the bush without at least ONE NIGHT of letting their primal instincts take hold of them, allowing them to indulge in their carnal desires!
To be frank, they should have tore each others clothes off, sucked & fucked until they were both covered in sweat, car rocking violently, Akira's back arching and toes curling from her orgasms, and Masami pushing it until he's shooting nothing but blanks.
I would have been just fine with that even though I've been AGAINST their relationship from the start.

This ending has literally blue balled me.
I love the author, I love the story, but goddamn this ending...

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>3DPD sperging

nice retort, all that spanish education showing their worth huh? go ahead and read your old man doujin if that's what you self insert as

A man can never be used

user, Kondo said to Akira that she will forget.
In the last chapter, we see she is using her umbrella during a sunny day, so it's not like she forgot him, even after 8 months from their separation. The last words tho, are "She was in love. With the after the rain summer blue sky"
I am not sure, but I think they are the last words that Kondo wrote in a short poem. So this could be only what he thinks.
But yeah, in her vlog the author said she wrote a happy ending for both of them. The "koi" was satisfied for both of them (running and writing). Then she linked the review of someone, and she said "He got exactly what i wanted to say with this story", and that review looks about relatioships that could be important in a certain period of your life, but that you are supposed to forget. Anyway, you could suddenly forget about that after 10 years, or something like that. everything it's about how ephimeral and weird can be existance or whatever. i used Google Translator, so please consider i couold have misunderstood something.

Link something. I don't trust you. anyway I don't think 2ch is her target.

I'm starting to get the feeling that the author sort of left it up to the reader to decide whether or not they're still going to see each other.
They are still friends after all.

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this so much.
no wonder the Romance genre has such a bad rep.

>Do they at least stay close friends?
It is implied that she completely forgets him.

>we see she is using her umbrella during a sunny day

The umbrella he gave to her as a gift, I mean.

It is implied she is carpet munching her brown track friend

Sorry, here
>that review looks about relatioships that could be important in a certain period of your life, but that you are supposed to forget. Anyway, you could suddenly forget about that after 10 years, or something like that. everything it's about how ephimeral and weird can be existance or whatever

I wanted to write

Anyway, you could suddenly REMEMBER about that after 10 years, or something like that.

The ending is shit. Been following the manga since it started. As soon as the spoilers for the last chapters came out, dropped the manga and the anime. Fuck you

Pls gib some translations.

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>Been following the manga since it started.
No you haven't.

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Will we get pictures of mad fans tearing up all their manga volumes?


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>It was just a phase!
typical 3DPD whore

She isn't pure anymore. Don't post her.

I don't like it since a big part of the appeal and enjoyment to be gotten from this work of art and fiction comes from their interactions as they meet and advance together into a successful love relationship; and since there is no reason they cannot be both healed, fulfilled and happy together, either explicitly or implied, besides "muh creepy" and the author deciding to ditch.

Say what you will, I'll still believe it could have been done without having to sacrifice any positive messages to be conveyed, that the people in charge are at fault for denying the fans a such a resolution, and that them being together as a couple would be all fine and good despite the age gap.

Have a good one.

people want wholesome endings, not a bait and switch, espcially in the romance genre. I mean, it's so very easy to turn a romance into an edgy mess, and at the end just stand there and proclaim 'well, dear readers, romance isn't so easy, haha!' but that's not what you read fiction for. imagine your classical hero tales where the hero just gives up along the way.

use chrome

Man, it'd be nice if this kind of ending happens in a harem series with insufferable MC, but this is a romance work with the main pair shipped pretty hard.

agreed its a bait and switch and the fans dont like it rightfully so.

Post romance manga that delivered.

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Just curious, how many here are satisfied with the ending? Is it just a loud minority saying it was terrible or is that how people in general feel about it?

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It's the shipper mindset. Ignore them, they're retards.

Wait THAT was the ending?

inb4 a million false-flaggers praising the "realistic" ending.

>Woman author doesn't understand romance

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The only fault those guys have is ignoring the primary appeal at the early part of the story.
Wait isn't that similar to Usagi Drop?

Just ignore all the negativity against the ending in these threads.
It's literally the same 10 guys just rehashing their posts for cheap (You)'s.

the real bait and switch would be to lead the manga readers to believe that Akira doing running again meant that she was moving on from Kondo whom she only developed a crush on in order to shelter from the rain, BUT INSTEAD have Akira start running again and still want to be with Kondo anyway.

Having Kondo and Akira move on with their interest would be basic bitch shit at this point.

editor-sans shouldnt let trash authors blog or make statements while projects are still live. thats how you lose money.

same for all the fujoshits praising such a bait and switch.

>just ignore negativity
Wow its like I'm really on tumblr

It's realistic writing but realism isn't the only criteria for a narrative being good. a Good story should be interesting and inspiring.

All that a Koi Ame restrained moving on ending offers is an account of a man being inauthentic to his heart's desires which is cheap and lacking in worth compared to an account of a man living authentically.

>But yeah, in her vlog the author said
Wait where can I watch this? I've never seen a picture of the author, just some caricature she drew of herself