Violet Evergarden

2hrs & 17mins until AOTY airs.

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Domo arigato, Violetto Roboto
Mata au hi made
Domo arigato, Vioretto Roboto
Himitsu wo shiri tai

You're wondering who I am (secret secret I've got a secret)
Machine or mannequin (secret secret I've got a secret)
With parts made in Japan (secret secret I've got a secret)
I am the modren woman

I raped Violet and corroded her metal hand with sulfuric acid

Faggot mods stop bullying VEG threads just because Franxx is flopping.

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Boring shit


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dem meanie haterz
That's you underage autist kun. Also if your feelings are hurt so easily then you shouldn't be on Sup Forums.
>Maybe, just maybe, Sup Forums wouldn't hate vile ephebogarbage
But the vast majority of Sup Forums don't its just you, faggot.

>she doesn't know

i like this show but i have to wait for decent subs

netflix 1080 with Asenshi subs is the best.

i like to watch raw because of the animation

Are you some kind of EOP faggot? How do you not know japanese in 2018?

Give me one good reason why I should pick up this show.


Saber clone

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isn't Asenshi dead?
wageslave and fucking kys
it's not shounenshit

1)It has one of the best ost's this season & very good sound effects.
2)It looks better than most movies & while there are many other great things about this show it's worth watching for the eye candy alone.
3)Very emotional bittersweet story, you will probably cry watching this.
4)KyoAni don't treat their viewer like an idiot, they expect you to have common sense. Read between the lines & observe the symbolism used in the show.
5)Hand drawn mechanical animation.
6)It's an all round high quality production and is being work on by some of the best animators in the world.
7)Kyoto Animation works are presented in a way unlike other anime.
Pacing is a little slow at the start but the show is very good in the long run ep10 is by far the best yet.

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>isn't Asenshi dead?
The have been subbing violet and yuru this season. They're in japan right now, not dead, wait for their release it will be the best.

it's over

not over

It seems like appeal for this show on Sup Forums is quite a bit lower than on, say, Animesuki. And you sound pretty buttblasted if your jimmies get rustled by normal Sup Forums bantz like "what is love" or "choccy milk".

The mod is a YoriMoi faggot, weren't you here yesterday? He cleans their threads but never ours.

I think it's more to do with YoriMoi faggots being insecure and thin-skinned and less to do with mods being fanboys. Try criticising a series in one of these reddit-like circlejerk generals like YoriMoi or Franxx and see what happens. All the insecure babies will mass report you into oblivion.

It's not normal when its posed EVRY FUCKING THREAD. It's not funny when its reposted every time the mods delete it.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Also subs are delayed so see you later friendos

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Gilberto-sama, wheres my mayonnaise?

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Webm for some of the important scenes, taken from the other thread and arranged in chronological order.

>hoping the sniper would let them live

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The difference in picture quality as you watch the show really makes difference. Watched livestream and merely though scenes are good. Watching same in raws, and they are simply superb and am thinking how could i be blind not to be in ave with them when first watching. Can't wait for 1080.

BDs for this shows will be worth every cent

>tfw crying down there as well

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>BDs for this shows will be worth every cent
Apparently they'll also have differences in editting from the TV broadcast - wonder what though.

So was it Winter War, Russians vs Finland?

Reminder to tell your mom that you love her

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I was hoping too - but I'd be pissed off if they actually did.

Aiden just wanted to be a baseball player and taste the meatballs of his childhood friend! Why did he had to die?!!

because Childhood friend never wins

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>showing mercy to a character

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Mind you, Aiden's side are aggressors. The sniper and co are the ones with moral high ground (as much it is relevant in political squables between the countries).

Is it true that subs won't be out until tomorrow?


Kawai should've been the one getting shot.

why the hell didn't Violet ask for their weapons?
Totally blew my suspension of disbelief

She doesn't need to. She can dodge and kill them easily, and the guy who recognizes her knows it. It is still more realistic than parrying all bullets with her axe and making enemies ran away from her screaming "MONSTER!".

Nothing personel kid the episode

Thank based Datty that he removed the shitty witchcraft and battleaxe

It was pretty personal in novel: they used Aiden for target practice, shooting a bullet in each of his limb as he was slowly crawling away bleeding out.

I hope they at least have some explanation for her inhuman strength and speed in the anime.

Watching the forehead kiss scene and the close ups of their lips tell me that she now knows what love is.
Poor lass is going to have a hard time next week.

Without axe she does not appear that intiminating. Until she personally kills half enemies, the rest probably would not belive she poses a real threat. With the axe, it becomes evident pretty quickly that she is a "monster" and only correct reaction facing her is to drop the weapon and run for your life.

>forehead kiss
It should be on the lips.

he needed chapstick first

going to binge this now that nobody even bothers to shitpost anymore

>violet quickly rubs some chapstick on his lips before kissing

Wait two weeks. Only 2 episodes remaining.

The brief flashback that establishes her as a notorious killing machine among her enemies does the same thing.
You can see that the moment the guy saw her eye as she fell from the sky he knew he was FUBAR.

Why is Ann so cute?

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If you got out of your evergarbage bubble, you'd know every show gets memes like that on Sup Forums. Especially the popular ones. Grow a thicker skin.

No show has been as shitposted as VEG this season. That's a fact.

Will Amazon steal next season of VEG from Netflix like Netflix stole it from CR?

Amazon seems to go all out throwing insane money on both tv series productions and anime.

Yes, thanks to Kyoani for that. That manure was just embarrassing.

Spam and memes are quite different. The fucker is doing what the cuntfag was doing on oregairu threads.

Because she was not yet tainted by the grayness of life and still retains youthful energy, curiosity and activity.

Consider it payback for Gorespammer in the original Bake threads.

i love VEG and honestly i don't mind "what is love", "FMA did it better", saber comparisons at all.

I only dislikes the "toiretto",autism hats, "kyoani" etc as it is litteral shitposting and report every fag that does. Making fun of the show an memes is not offensive, even if it is indeed posted in every thread. The issue is some of the haters seems to have personal issue with Kyoani/VEG for whatever reason not restraining themselves even if the post obviously would lead to ban.

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>Start it because i heard it was a little sad
>Hooked from episode one and bawling my eyes out
God damn this is AOTS if not AOTY

If KyoAni did not fall out with merchandise producers, there could have been Violet Aviator figurine.

But now there wont be.

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I really like how the camera movements compliment the motions of the characters. It's not just a random handheld camera effect. Also the character animation is very subdued but detailed, I love that slight raise of her shoulders, the facial expression alone is enough to let us know that she's shocked but that extra motion makes everything more realistic.

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Some of you are now aware that the anime you've waited over a year for is going to end in 2 weeks.


they gave us a Nibutani figure
Considering they're doing most of their merchandising themselves, I feel it won't be long before they open the plastic flood gates

It is KyoAni own LN. It will get recap movie and 2 sequel movies and /or possible S2.

forgot my pic, although it doesn't really matter

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I should listen to that song while watching this Trainwreck.

>best ost
Stopped reading there.

That'll depend on sales.

>Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

The merch they sell on their own is mostly artbooks/posters/pins/stickers etc. printed media. They don't produce figurines. Also for most part majority of studios don't get profits from figurine sales as well, unless the producers are in production committee - the figurine producers just buy rights to make specific figure, like the Beech Queen series that has Chu2/KnK characters.

So it is hard for KyoAi to release figurines, even the cheap nendroids - as only option they have if they want to is inviting some company during production or paying out of their pocket with no guarantee of profit. And it seems their relationship with few companies that make merch are strained to a point of KyoAni being boykottet as they sell own merch.

At least KyoAni relationship with retailers like Animate/Lawson/Gamers is pretty good.

seems as though as long as it gets 8K in sales it will get all that
Going off of Hibike, with a first season with those sales getting another season, two recap movies, a spinoff movie, and a sequel movie.

Nothing this season comes close to the orchestra OST in VEG, period.
Don't be a shit eater.

Tamako market got movie.
KnK got 2 movies
Hibike got what now.. 4 movies?
Chu2 got 2 movies.

VEG is already success at this point and the only question about movies/sequel is not finances, but how they handle the material: because there is not sufficient novel material for that. It would have to be mostly original stuff , though they at least have two decent plot premises from novels for movies and can animate Vol 3 sidestories for new season, complimenting by original content.

If this show was as good as Made in Abyss then people wouldn't shit in it that much.

But I think the reason why people shit on it is because kyoani fans overreact too much about it.

Their own figurines were very bad quality trash, the only kyoani owned show that has gotten good quality figurines by a decent maker is Free

Due to staff unavailability, episode 11 of Violet Evergarden will be delayed by 18-24 hours.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

No fanbase shitposts as much as Kyoanus fanboys, you are the black sheep of the board for a reason.

But is not good though.

KyoAni has plenty of great ost's. Not counting spectacular Haruhi. Hyouka and Hibike soundtracks are both great. Maid Dragon, KnK and PW are merely decent/good. Silent Voice on other hand is superb - but probably not best for sales.

But compared to Hyouka/Hibike, VEG ost is much more engaging. As expected from fantasy drama with adventure elements. Every single VEG threads is identified with specific scenes/emotions and thus pretty much every track feels great. Hibike has tracks that are easily on par or better than VEG, but overall VEG ost has more chances to remain in memory.

Another important factor how OST is used. Evan Call makes Hakumei no Mikocho ost this season too (with Reiko Yoshida who works as writer on VEG as well btw), but it is not nearly as memorable as VEG because it lacks the scenes with VEG impact.

Haha, no worries famalams, it's ok.

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It is ok. One has to wait for 1080 rips anyway. Speedsubs are not urgent (unless you are Davinci, get to fucking saiki already. )

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Almost there. Did not expect it to happen today.

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>No fanbase shitposts as much as Kyoanus fanboys,
KyoAni fans only post in their own threads and stalker threads. There are much, much more invasive fanbases, like the SoL flavor of the season fanbases like Umaru, GabDrop, YuruCamp, etc. that are always shitting up other shows' threads saying their show is better. NNBfags for example would show up on every SoL shows' threads for like a year after the show ended just to shit them up. KyoAnifags may be delusional at times and overly defensive but it's always in their own threads, and mostly because of all the shitposts those threads get.

It will surpass Yuru Camp in the last two episodes probably