"anime is for children"

>"anime is for children"
What is the best response for the uninformed and ignorant person?

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It's for manchildren too.

"Have you heard of hentai?"

>What is the best response for the uninformed and ignorant person?
You've already made up your mind so why even ask this? do you just wanted to shit up the board?


>What is the best response for the uninformed and ignorant person?

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>What is the best response
Killing yourself.

Just because kids like cartoons in the west doesn't mean all animation around the world is for children.

no u

turn 360° and walk away

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Only the majority of it. Or the vast majority, if you include teens as children.

>Reaveling your power level ever

This but unironically.

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it is tho
stop deluding yourself

show em legit good animu

Go back to

I this show for the art. It's supposed to be super serious but the art looks like a shitty shounen intended for 10 year olds.

A shrug.

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Probably Texhnolyze, it really isn't something for kids.

Admit that I’m a manchild

FMA is shonen. it might not be kodomo but tweens and teens read it.

Try Satoshi Kon works or something.

ITT: 15 year olds thinking they're mature
jesus christ

None. That person is right. You watch shitty children cartoon for the mentally impaired. Get over it.


Boku no Pico.

Smirk at the plebeians while sipping some green tea. They'll know you're a badass dude and won't fuck with you. They will never mention anime again after being so emasculated.

Closing the tab.

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You think that a person is uniformed and ignorant?
OK check this vid: Perro Caca | Mejores Cagadas | HD | #respect from Besiktas.

Every entertainment is for children, REAL adults only wörk.

Tell him his mum is for children

this, or study or exercise

He is right. Grow up kiddos.


But it literally is for children.

>but the cover of this La Blue Girl dvd says "WARNING: Absolutely not for children!"?

This is the only right response.

>being that uninformed and ignorant


I really like the irony here.
>OP claims to be against being ignorant and uninformed
>puts quotation marks around green text
What a literal fucking retard.

Say it is for sexy children.

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>it has blood and violence
A mindset of insecure manchildren, adults do not care what others think of their hobby and they don't really brag about it, because unlike teens they have no use for self-approval from others and escaping their insecurities.

"you're right"

>Grow up
>Hit the shower
>Gain height
>Clean your room.

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"Sup Forums is that way"

we're all children of God

yes and?

"Then it's perfect for you."

teenagers count as children to most 25+ adults, so yeah, as much as I enjoy anime it is mostly for children.

I'll just show them 1st episode of imosae anime

Anime is so mainstream right now that I doubt that scenario would ever happen. Maybe 10 years ago but then they would be right about a teen watching anime.

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Be Chad, people (especially women) will watch anime instantly.

Germanfag pls

>yeah I guess you're right

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attack the person viciously for his/her own hobbies. That person will realize that you should be respected and not messed around with.

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>You are right, but I'm a manchildren

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what do "adults" watch then? sports?
>people tossing balls around and touching each other
im good

Most of it is shit so I don't blame you for thinking that.

Nice mindset and joke but come back when you're 18.

See ya. I'll bring something nice for your 16th birthday that year, buddy.

Not him but what a shitty comeback

Fucking hell you're autistic.
>le sport is gay xD
>no u xD
Go back to where you belong.

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Didn't know it was even possible to project this hard

Seems like you're not aware of much anyway

Spoken like a true redditor, bravo

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That's literally what you said though.

why are they so sexy?

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It aired on Disney Channel Japan. Look it up.

>What is the best response for the uninformed and ignorant person?

If that person isn't worth the time coming up with an answer yourself, probably cutting all ties.

That isn't me dude. Though I must say, this much shitposting about my opinion on sports must mean I struck a nerf. kek.
go back to or someshit if you like that weird crap so much

Why do you care so much about what people think? Not everyone will like anime, not everyone will respect it the way we do.
Just accept it and move on.

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Nobody will ever convince me that FMA isn't the best anime/manga that ever existed

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer will never have an anime

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>Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
seems interesting, added to my backlog

>youll never be 15 again
>youll never experience old Sup Forums again
>youll never watch shit anime and enjoy it again

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How new?

Probably not old enough to remember Mx0 either

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"You're right"

on /a since 2010, but i don't read many many things

>Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer will never have an anime
Thank god

I thought memefrog and feel man were banned here

>Pepe and Wojack
>banned anywhere
but y?

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Why would I respond? Why would I reveal my powerlevel? I'd have nothing to win and everything to lose.

I draw my blade and cut them down

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Just let them watch the first few minutes of Elfen Lied.

Children are inherently sexy. It can't be helped.

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its the most mature anime ever made



FLCL gets a 2nd season but Darker than Black doesn't

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I don't like sports, but I'm not 13 anymore either.

>Darker than Black doesn't
I faintly remember there being one, but I guess I have forced myself to forget.

Anything but convincing that normalfag to watch anime, otherwise you're going to hear his opinions of entry-level shows for a long time.

Point out that there is manga for adults

OP is an underage faggot.

Some of it is, just like any medium.


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