A small glimmer of hope for Despera

A small glimmer of hope for Despera.

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Keep praying folks. We're getting closer.

Isn't ABe currently making some other anime?

Yes, RErideD.

Keep on dreaming.



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Please, please, please.
I've been waiting all my life for this.

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I can barely believe it
I'm so happy

the dude on the right looks retarded

>there is no good sign
What did he mean by this?

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>plot twist

RerideD is Desperia

There no is it

I've no clue whether it'll be good or shit, but the title sure pisses me off.

They begged studio execs for an anime but they said no

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If they don't give up, I hope it does well

I reckon it means that Despera is defaco cancelled but that ABe and Chiaki will continue to appeal for it on a personal basis.

I'm just glad that we've finally got some new information.

did they fug?

I really should update this garbagefest

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There is no way this will be as good as people are imagining.

Is Despera the Half Life 3 of anime?

Why is this picture so sad?

Two old men talking about their futile efforts to create something to respect their friend that passed away is a pretty sad thing. We might be upset that we'll never see a cool anime series, but they lost more than that.

I wonder if Netflix would fund it?

/mbg/ here, add us with Mountain Blade: Neverlord.

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At this point, I just want closure.

If it's even half as good as Texh/Lain/HR then it'll be worth a watch.

how many years have you been waiting fren

Add Girls Work and Mirai Arise

under what? /h/?

Well shit.

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that's a pretty bad news

Reminder to keep your hopes really low.
Nakamura is no more.
We all know what happened to Kino no Tabi without him.

seriously? Go update that now

Why would it be /h/?

how long in years have you been waiting?

wasn't that /h/ liru game released? I saw rips of the scenes for sure

>june 9 2016

Someone ask him if BD/DVD sales are still important.

Is that the same as "Project D" thing from the last year?

10 at least

wouldn't KH3 be even more?

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Please God, make it happen

About 7 years, game was supossed to go early access 3 years ago. Not sure if it's good or bad that it's been delayed. Sad part is the game already looks old.

Why Girl's Work?

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Could he get it produced by Netflix, perhaps ?

Netflix doesn't do shit.

Or this.

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Netflix coop with Production Committees. Maybe they can.

creators say yes every time you ask this. why do you think it would change? what are you searching for?

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Someone tell him on twitter to try to reach out to Netflix.

He's barely involved, another character designer reinterpreted the designs and they look like shit

Even the faintest hope makes me very happy.

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They're adult people. They know about business shit.

good joke, if that were the case the anime industry wouldn't be this shit

Just checked the site. The character designs are really so far from his style he might as well just have drawn the poster for them.

Oh crumbs you're right. What a shame.

The anime industry isn't run by adults.

Wait who died?

Gotta reply to the bait or else thread will die.

Is there an internet version of the Scenario of Serial Expereiments Lain?

Despera probably isn't going to be any good, even if Ryūtarō Nakamura hadn't of died, it would probably still be bad. Ryūtarō Nakamura hadn't made anything good in years.Ghost Hound was awful

He was a director for Ghost Hound and the direction and atmosphere was the best thing about that show.

this song was his inspo