Is it safe to like Koito yet?

Is it safe to like Koito yet?

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Why wouldn't it be?

I'm Koito

Everybody was shitting on her when the anime was airing but out of nowhere it's cool to like her now what the hell.

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I raped Mai and broke her limbs

I've always liked Koitus. Shame she was stuck in KyoAni's worst adaptation, and that the source LN also gets pretty weird

Coitus with Koito

I remember that in like the first month but after a while everyone seemed either onboard or ambivalent to her.

She's still a shit character in a shit show created to be liked by edgy teenagers. You are free to like her but be prepared to receive a lot of shit on here.

Her design got wasted on such a boring shit character.

What a shame.

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Y-you like me, user?

I wish I got far enough into the show to see this semen demon in action, but the show was way too shit. Couldn't help but to drop it.

Shes a cool character but her episodes are fucking terrible.

People spend more time shitting on the show than her in particular these days.

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She's literally me so of course it is.

So no

No bully.


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>kyoani show with good looking girls
>starts off strong with bouncing tiddies
>personally enjoy the show despite it not being amazing
>minigirls are my fetish
>look forward to doujins spilling in for a short while
>show bombs
>nobody cares
>practically fucking nothing gets made
>what little is made is all maishit

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No, but the teacher was a-okay from the start.

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We like her since the very beginning.
Regards, Sup Forums.

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Best girl

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Why didn't they try to fuck all the boys?

They're mature, responsible adults.

It's not hentai

Then what's with those swimsuits?

What about it?

They're old ladies user, boys don't look at that

Do you think Koitus shaves down there?

Probably not.

Boys usually don't shave down there.

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Her hair is short.

Most women don't shave unless they have a boyfriend, so no.

Phantom world was shit but watching it with Sup Forums was fun

Your face is shit.

evil boobs are the best kind of boobs

I still hate her. Her design in the ugliest, her power is the lamest (AAAAAAAAAA), her personality is boring and sometimes annoying, her episodes are the worst part of the show (ep 5 was only rescued by Kurumi's introduction), she has like 5 lines in the whole show and overall she's just boring.

But I like it.

>>minigirls are my fetish
There should be more in anime desu

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I remember the girls being pretty cute, but honestly the whole thing was so forgettable, that I wouldn't be able to recall what they looked like if not for this pic

Why does she hug her boobs like that?

Are you telling me you wouldn't hug your boobs if you had any?

She was abused as a child.

by me

To make teens hormonal