Mob Psycho S2 Announcement

If it actually manages to have 24 episodes it might reach the end of the manga.

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I wish I could watch this show without having an epileptic fit.

It's not going to have 24 episodes dude.

I'm glad, by why is it getting so much support? I thought it sold an average amount

BNHA had a 13 ep 1st season and a 24 ep 2nd season, who knows.

2 reasons: Based Bones and it's still a ONE adaptation.
And maybe because the manga is genuinly great and these people really want to do it.

I see what you mean about BNHA, but I always thought of MP100 as an even more visually demanding production just because of how dense with art style details it is, plus stuff like the oil paintings. I wonder if they could keep all that up for two cours.

don't be a weak ass bitch

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don't forget the live action.
ONE is probably treated as some kind of prodigy and everything he touches gets the full treatment.

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Holy shit, that dimple looks exactly as I imagined him IRL.
Yes I imagined him as a shitty CGI recreation, don't blame me, I'm a fan of super sentai.

>ONE is probably treated as some kind of prodigy

Great success

I don’t get it

Fuck, he just reminds me of this.

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ONE and Murata's rise to fame and life story is legitimately more interesting than fictional manga about being a manga artist / writer team.

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What's Murata's story?

mostly condensed from what I've read on the various interviews he's done:
>in a slump after finishing with Eyeshield 21
>not getting any significant work, felt like his manager had given up on him
>sick to the point he felt his life was in danger (some stomach problem I think)
>hears about ONE quitting, says fuck it, if I'm going to die, I'll die doing what I love
>calls ONE directly for a partnership (ONE thinks it's a joke)
>cuts his contract with shounen jump so he can work with him
>does a few one shots with ONE and eventually OPM
and judging by his ramblings on his stream he seems happier and more fulfilled with his work now than any other time in his career (he's a huge dragon ball fanboy having drawn a sports manga for 7 years)

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The entire ova was a recap episode, what the fuck is wrong with Japan.

Is some edgy faglord going to tell me ova's have a different audience than anime/movies too?

>Is some edgy faglord going to tell me ova's have a different audience than anime/movies too?
yeah, recap episodes are meant for new comers so they can jump in without having to go through the entire first season.

It's going to need more than 24 episodes

actually some kind of organ infection
>Murata: Around that time, I was actually really sick. I broke out in a hive, my inner organs were infected, and I couldn't breathe well with my windpipes swelling. I was in the hospital when I thought, "Ah, I guess people die just like that." If I'm going to die, I want to do something I really love to do. I want to draw manga with Mr. ONE. That's what I thought. If I was going to do it, I wanted to create a manga that didn't change Mr. ONE's original manga. I just tried to contact as many publishers that would fulfill my wish, regardless of my contract. It was thanks to my editor who contacted "Tonari no Youngjump" (the publisher that Murata writes Onepunch Man right now) that my dream came true. The deciding point was that I had already previously contacted Mr. ONE about working together, and that we were going to write with published books already in mind.

>if only you could watch shows when you wanted to watch them, instead of waiting for it to air once a week on tv

Why are japanese still so bad at CGI?

Damn I forgot Bakuman even existed.

japs are old fashioned, just like they refused to give up on flip phones

Recap episodes aren't an anime-only thing, Western TV have had them forever. And let's be honest, the average joe doesn't have as much time as the average user to remind themselves what the fuck happened in that show they watched two years ago.