What are tomboys for?

What are tomboys for?

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That reminds me, when is Oyakodon coming back?

Yuri with girly girls.

Tomboys are for rejecting and eternal irrelevance

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Brutal anal rape

Savage rectal violation

Having a partner for your daily workout/calorie burning session.

if you know what I mean.

Going on hiatus


reverse NTR maybe
While the wife is growing fat, the husband goes out to his old fit tomboy highschool friend for some action.

Smelling, and ab licking

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you mean sex with a mother and child that are both tomboys?

Being called to the coach's office and him fucking her senseless while calling it "training" while her childhood friend is looking for her and realizes that he might actually love her

tomboys are for
>Getting in fights with her
>Playing sports with her
>Watching kung-fu movies with her and trying to copy the moves
>Teasing her and laughing when she gets mad and pouts
>Letting her pin you so you can feel her body pressed against yours
>Flipping her back over so that you can stare into each other's eyes
>Protecting her from bullies even though you know she can handle herself
>Walking home with her at sunset after a long day of running around and getting into trouble
>Cheering her on and always supporting her, win or lose
>Throwing her a victory barbeque where you make all her favorite foods
>Massaging her legs, shoulders, and back
>Holding her close and telling her you love her
>Reassuring her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world when she gets jealous of the more feminine girls
>Accepting all of her girlish sensibilities, no matter how much she hates you finding out about them
>Patting her head
>Getting caught in the rain during a cross country run and having to huddle together with her under an abandoned bus stop waiting for it to pass
>Holding her hand in public
>Making her try on cute dresses when you're out on a date even though you know she'll never buy one
>Buying her sexy black lace lingerie, only for her to wear spats over them
>Tracing your finger over the tanlines she got during the summer and feeling how warm her skin is
>Having her jump into your arms and kiss you after spending time apart over vacation
>Introducing her to your parents
>Carrying her over the threshold of your new home to start a life together while she punches you in the shoulder and pouts that she can walk just fine herself
>Gently laying her down on the bed
>Whispering into her ear how much she means to you while caressing her toned body
>Spending an entire night making passionate love to each other
>Raising a new generation of tomboys with
>Loving unconditionally as you grow old together
These are the things that tomboys are for

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I think I fapped to this.

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Using then discarding once something better comes along

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Sauce for manga?

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I miss wanting to fuck Mizusu.

[Asuhiro] Itsu no Ma ni ka (COMIC HOTMILK 2016-08) [English] {NecroManCr}
[アスヒロ] いつのまにか (コミックホットミルク 2016年8月号)

Sauce for pic onegai

Hashire Onnanoko By Konchiki