B-but he wouldn't like me since men don't like strong women

>b-but he wouldn't like me since men don't like strong women.

Do Japanese really believe this?Why?I can't think of any downsides.

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Are you mentally retarded or just underage? That's a fucking book, a work of fiction. Not reality.

real men dont like muscular girls


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I love strong capable warrior women as long as they still act girly and feminine but I absolutely abhor western feminists and people who want women to have equal rights.

Men in general don't like women who are stronger or tougher than them, because these are masculine qualities. It's as simple as that.

I don't mind. I'm short and weak, which is part of the reason I imagine most women wouldn't like me. I'm quite tiny.

Rape when?

Otaku don't like strong women because to them it reminds how hopeless and weak they are and they don't want that in their fantasy realm

Men can like anything

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Fantasy warrior women do not exist in real life so the equivalent would be successful career women in a field usually dominated by men exclusively.

Muscle mass and feminine qualities are not in play since fantasy combatant women usually have the figure of curvy models with soft skin and perfect female beauty, like in your picture.

So yes, men, and japanese men in particular because of their culture, can feel insecure towards such women that need not to be provided for or protected, and are usually older too. Some men can feel as such only if those qualities they have to offer form an essential part of the relationship, because otherwise they can see it as them not being really needed, or worse, being not even equal but inferior to their partner.

This "trope" sucks when done wrong since I love beautiful dignified knight women that also want to be cute for their men when in private so fucking much.

Men don't like women.

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Soon. The story mostly progress when rape happens

Does it matter, they got together afterwards anyway. It's just a line to get this cute moment out of here.

>real men dont like muscular girls

Real men aren't intimidated by muscular girls

>Fantasy warrior women do not exist in real life
Stop reading right there.

All or most of those examples in your pic have:
- Big breasts and wide hips
- Biceps not too big, shoulders not too wide, and narrow rib cage
- No gross skin tone or excessive indentation
And therefore the ideal muscular female figure and perfectly attractive to straight men.

So that disapproves his point because...?

Did I state I was refuting something?

Men like cute, soft, dainty, little women.
For a board that's always going on about lolis and how everyone loves youthful features and that's why you like anime instead of 3DPD, you guys sure can be fucking clueless.

Strange isn't it, it's almost like there are more than three people on Sup Forums.

Men don't like strong women is just a shitty excuse terrible women give so they can cope with getting rejected instead of improving themselves.

Because 3D muscular women do not look like that.

You do know that manga authors have barely any romantic contact with women and have no clue what women like, including female mangaka, right?

Real men don't like girls(female).

>3D doesn't look like 2D

Real men aren't little bitches like you

>here's why
You're a special kind of retard, aren't you?

MC never ends up with the strong girl

>2D girl topic
>user talks 3D
One user in here is retarded, but it's not me.

>how everyone loves youthful features and that's why you like anime instead of 3DPD
The most PD part of 3DPD is not physical, but the rotten ghost in their shells.
Most users are not lolifags and plenty prefer physically developed girls.

>gob slayer
>paladin girl
Eh? Are you talking about the ln? Does she becomes relevant later on, or does she just have a crush on Guts

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I think OP is to blame. He never made the differentiation.

Only the latter. She's just one of those adventurer characters that appear every once in a while.

Just because you retarded lolifags are so loud and have to insert your lolifagging into everything doesn't mean you're the majority.
The thread is on Sup Forums. I think it's safe to assume it's 2D and not 3D. Though I have been away for about two months which is enough for a board to go to shit completely.

>The thread is on Sup Forums. I think it's safe to assume it's 2D and not 3D.
It is vague and if you stop to think about for a second, here is the topic if applied to 2D only, lets ignore that OP asks if (real) japanese men think like this and that he himself cannot grasp the idea as valid:
>why would men in 2D fantasy fiction find a woman unattractive just because she's strong
Now you tell me how can I come to know the thought process of a drawing.
That said, I can ascertain that the discussion can be steered towards being about our opinion on 2D women exclusively and without comparing them to any perceived real life counterparts, but a person's opinion on a seemingly simple concepts like "strong" and "muscular" usually cannot be separated from real life experiences, and hence might surface the mention "I like muscle girls but of a specific subset of 2D since they remain attractive unlike 3D" for example.

Their culture and "ideal type of woman" tend to agree

Japan and shit taste always go hand in hand together.