Where were you when gyaru rocketed to the top of the best girl list?

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Guess I'll start dumping.

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I was reading the newest chapter as soon as I saw the upload like a sensible person.

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>here were you when gyaru rocketed to the top of the best girl list?
you people are so easily please is pathetic

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fite me

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Cheering for her

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and compared to assholes thatre never pleased?

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always wondered what happened in the girls bathroom

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What's the gyaru's name pun?

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Manba is the exotic style of makeup

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>third panel
Truly, this is existential terror.

I bet if she offered up her virginity than she wouldnt be so lonely

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>Basement dweller tryong to feel superior at an annonymous anime/manga board.

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my heart

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Oh no, she's cute.

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Brazilians love japan

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was hoping she would ask if Manbagi wanted to lez out while the nurse was away.

it's about time for some chocolate diabetes

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Reminds me of Kanako from Nyan Koi.
Both best girls.

God, I want to protect her.
I want to protect Komi too but sadly she's more athletic than me.

Jesus she's a qt pie without the makeup.

And boom goes the dynamite.

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muh heart

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April showers came early Sup Forums

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I've just read that chapter. I'd like to thanks Jesus that her crappy make up won't be a permanent thing.

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Thanks for the dump user

i do it for u user

aah fuck need me some chocolate now

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You don't need all dem choco and shiznitz at all you need iz dem gyaru pulling your heart strings you know mah man??

artstyle is ugly

Don't be dissin on dat artstyle man it's dope
hilarious too

>tfw you had a flashback to your childhood
begone vile memories
i never want to see you again

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remember kids if you are beautiful everything is gonna be alright

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What did she do to the unicorn?

that's pretty much how meatspace works, so at least it's not lying to readers

I want to see Komi with thick whore makeup


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hol' up, that's totes disgusting. Don't mention dat, like, ever again

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She’d still be lonely
Being wanted is different from being unlonely
And what happens when the sex is over? Will someone who is only interested in sex with you really be the type of person who will hang out with you?

Komi and Kaguya 2020 lads, screencap this.

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Since this series is about exaggerated social quirks, what does this symbol?
It would be in character that she would continue using make up even after this event

>Tadano still missing his face

Come on guys.

Some said her name is a pun on "Hidden Beauty" or something, hinting at this chapter. But basically she'll probably keep up a gyaru persona when surrounded by others besides Komi and the gang, and will only shift into Top-Girl tier when alone.

Never knew gyarus had this much hidden power level.
Beware Komi, maybe now you have a rival.

How long before she starts gunning for Tadano's dick?

Her name is a double pun, with Manbagi using "Manba" from the gyaru subculture she represents and her full name meaning "hidden beauty".

Masquerading beautiful girl.

Yeah, Manbagi is totes cute in dis hizzle. But Komi will always be da bomb.

Why are girls with hidden powerlevel even cuter than ones that were cute from the start?

holy shit stop fucking posting

give it a rest already

>Will someone who is only interested in sex with you really be the type of person who will hang out with you?
what is the entire male population for 300$

Why you discluding me on this thread? I'm just communicatin' Manbagi-speak. Why you hatin?

>gyaru rocketed to the top of the best girl list
She doesn't even place top 3 so far.

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This is really autistic. Imagine if a guy did this, no one would be blinded by their dick. It's been like a day and she's literally crying like a baby

I dont think so, this is far from a harem, at least if you focused on Tadano, at any rate, she has the potential to be a true friend to komi instead of a fangirl

She is a girl so she is allowed to do that

>Imagine if a guy did this
Welcome to gender differences, enjoy your stay.

Well user if Manbagi keeps talking like that to me I might just slap her

Masturbate a few times and read it again, you'll probably see it differently too

The thots are gone and it’s best boy’s time to shine

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Okay, I'll stop talking like that, don't slap her please.

>It's been like a day

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Still, a girl is allowed to complaing and cry about thw tiniest stress factor. A man is only allowed when reaching breaking point

She's cute regardless. And you might lack empathy.

When will Yamai pay for her crimes against humanity? Soon, I hope.


Komi fucking didnt care a made her a friend, she will never truly suffer

She would have been pegged cute by readers even without the shitty makeup.

Yet I don't understand gap moe.

I'd say Rachnee is more gap moe than this contrast? Why? The previous getup might not register as "human", perhaps?

Ganguro is a subset of Gyaru
Gyaru are typically not using that much makeup, it's more like western fashion and sensibilities (e.g. skirt length, how much cleavage is shown, ...).

wrong i feel empathy for anyone

Too bad she's manba, not ganguro.

How does this term relate to the terms ganguro and gyaru?

(he called her a gyaru)

Nice panneling, makes me feel sad.

Fuck off.

Very classy:

>Manba: A branch of the alternative fashion trend Ganguro

Manba is a subset of Ganguro
Ganguro is a subset of Gyaru
Gyaru ist western-ish Fashion (and probably not as prude as typical average Japanese Fashion?)

> Gonzalez
> Brazilian

Damn murricans.

Did the rapist rape her into Stockholm Syndrome?

>reverse panda hag

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So Komi is for Tadano
Katai is for Shogi
Who else should get paired? I'd like for some of the ensemble dudes to get a little more focus, I don't even think we know their full names.
>Implying Chuuni isn't for This guy

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Out of every south american country, you chose the only wrong one, user.

thanks i worked hard on it

You seem to be confusing all the clingy autistic neckbeard virgins with the rest of the male population

>next chapter is komi-bro and tadano-sis


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We need new delusions with the other girls. Dating Oni, Yoyo, Shogi, etc.