This is a magical girl show aimed at children

>this is a magical girl show aimed at children

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This is a shit thread made by a newfriend

Whoa, you're quite the buttangry moron.

>chillun can't handle harmless nudity
Go outside faggot.

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Only the mentally ill make a big deal out of this.

>be american
>get upset over nudity in cartoons
>go outside
>get shot

>Chindren have never seen a boobie

That because people back then werent debilitating prudes. "Oh no, a breast, my child will forever be corrupted"

What, you think kids don't like titties? Everyone loves titties.

>children aren't allowed to see the human body in it's natural form
>even when they are physically incapable of having sexual feelings
burgers are beyond saving

>thinking leaving the filename in is spoonfeeding
>waiting for someone to ask for sauce

Tits are literally for children to use.

>they are physically incapable of having sexual feelings

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Those clearly aren't human bodies.

What's the problem. I don't get it.

So what show is this? Google says "Cartoon".

Try saucenao.


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A child literally can not look at a human body and feel arousal. Whether they can feel pleasure from touching their genitals, which can't be identified as sexual unless told by an adult, is a different matter.

Western influence made they start censoring casual nudity like that.

I guess just making a list of what happens in Hanada Shounen-shi can cause heart attacks of concerned parents

>pay for healthcare
>can't afford to live
>go outside forever
>get shot and die

>>even when they are physically incapable of having sexual feelings
No user you are the conservative

You are wrong. I vividly remember feeling aroused when I found my dad's playboy when I was 5 years old.

Maybe it's because my parents sent me to a prudish christian school but I don't remember having any sexual feelings until puberty. I seriously doubt I am an outlier.

Me neither, but this is Sup Forums where unlike on the rest of Sup Forums da j00s are against pedophilia instead of for it so you can't say that

You probably are.

I had a sexual interest in things as a kid, I just didn't realise that my fascination was of a sexual nature. Then again, I have weird fetishes, so I might be the outlier.

>aimed at children
Sexy childr

I wonder if experiencing arousal when you are young enough makes you a pedophile. It's like you realize you are attracted to girls at the same age and it stays like that when you get older.

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I am cum.

>magical girl show
>aimed at children
Let me guess, whatever the the source is, it's actually neither of these.

>tip 75% to shooter

I feel like we've actually gotten more prudish as a society since the 1970s. There are vast quantities of porn available, but it's all shoved under the rug and kept out of polite society. Compare to how back then, "Deep Throat" was a conversation topic practically nationwide.

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Tinker Bell had a pretty slutty outfit too

I remember getting boners at 5, 6 years old. But I also had the beginnings of a mustache at 9, so perhaps early puberty.

I got boners at that age too but didn grow a moustache until 17.

Which was this one anime where the father painted her underage daughter naked

Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel


He already got an answer, fuck off newfag.

this one?

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>Its a thinly veiled American hate thread.
Nah, there's enough of those on Sup Forums. I just wanna discuss anime

I don't understand. Why are Americans so touchy about nipples and nudity everywhere? People may be killing eachother onscreen with blood and guts flying everywhere, and nobody would bat an eye. But if there's even a single nipple onscreen they scream like a fucking banshee. It's not like they're having sex or anything.
This kind of overly prudent shit got you kicked off the the beautiful Irish and British countryside, you were creeping your neighbours out with your strange logic and were bullied for it.

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Yeah, that one

Cultural holdover from the puritans

That's Esper Mami


My respect to you, son, protecting the homeland even on the anime forum.

>Nipples make people's brains explode.

People like you are ruining anime.

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Nipples are evil and it would be better if they were erased form reality too

Nudity is a problem now

Yes, and?

Why is nudity a problem these days, but starving children and warfare aren't?

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I know it's a bit offtopic, but it's not entirely, since it's about American children.
Are "imaginary friends" an actual thing over there? I've seen quite some American movies decades ago and this always struck me as odd. Do American children develop tulpas as a passage of rite or something?

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How old are you?

Because of people like you they often are.

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>imaginary friends is an American thing now
I'm Scottish and I had an imaginary friend

I'm glad my crusade isn't useless

I'm sick of getting made fun of on here, I'm going for a walk.

If it's not an American thing, is it an anglosphere thing?
This concept is practically nonexistent here; you'd probably get sent to a doctor or a psychiatrist by your parents if you gave any indication you have an imaginary friend. I would understand if an abused kid with no friends decides to create his own and retreat into a fantasy world, but I can't for the life of me picture this being acceptable for a normal kid. If kids here caught wind of you having an imaginary friend, they'd exclude you from their group and bully you for being weird, which may or may not be justified.

Don't forget to update the firmware for your self-driving cart!

There isn't many bicycle riders inside Walmart, though…

It's comes from the human nature of actively seeking out social interaction. As you stated, in children with few friends, imaginary friends are more common

Know what scarred me for life? Seeing Terminator 2 as a 5 year old. Sarah Connor's nuclear explosion nightmare, to be exact. Everything in the movie left me unfazed, but Sarah Connor's body which was slowly disintegrating as it held on to the chain fence and eventually revealed a skeleton. AND THE SKELETON WAS STILL HANGING ON TO DEAR LIFE. There were disintegrating kids that were being vaporized, too!
Not only was I feeling incredibly odd while watching it ("scared" isn't enough to describe what I was feeling, it was a nuanced mixture of negative emotions) , but I was reminded about it for a solid month.
Nipples on the other hand? Kids don't give them much thought. For a kid, they're nothing erotic. Seeing a woman's nipple won't give them a boner, they'd just take it for granted. A kid's reaction to a nipple would be an innocent one - because it won't react to it at all. It's just another part of people's bodies as far as they're concerned. Why are some people so worried about kids seeing nipples and nudity? I would understand if there was some foreplay, sex and other things, but there are people who are going crazy over nipples, of all things.
I don't get it.

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Are you implying puberty normally happens after you're of legal age?

It's partially true when people say it's an American thing. People in the FCC are usually ultra conservative and religious. Not because that's the natural people to hire anything, they just work that much harder to get into positions that allow decision making. Normal Americans for the most part wouldn't care (I love baretits for example), but they're not the ones in charge.

It's the same phenomenon you're now seeing in western video game developers. Jaded individuals belonging to ultra liberal movements are getting into positions of power and removing sexual imaging from games. They carry the same sentiment as the first example, but for different reasons.

As a result, any Americans stuck in the middle get fucked


>tfw live in the US but never been to a walmart in my life since they are banned here.
Am I missing out?

Nah. Its basically just a bigger, more evil version of K-Mart

>A child literally can not look at a human body and feel arousal.
That's retarded, kids feel arousal from the human body all the fucking time. Why do you believe the "I'll show you mine and you show me yours" happens?

>Shooter uses tip to get triple-deluxe bacon burger with milkshake dip
>Dies from heart attack

Liking underage girls doesn't make you a pedophile. Pedophile is a person who likes prepubescent girls.

Dubs thread?

You're the kind of person to go to museums and put pants and shirts on nude sculptures. Fucking american.

fuck off fag

I remember having very painfully hard erections even as a 4 year old when Jasmine from Aladdin was in her red outfit and when minerva mink from animaniacs was on the screen. I honestly couldn't tell you what my reaction would have been to a nip that young, since I didn't see one on tv until I was 12 and i didn't see one "in the wild" until i was 17, but i knew i liked looking at girls very early on. If anything I'd say being restricted from anything sexual or even remotely implying sex is what's made me a perv, not having access to it


I remember when I was 4 or 5 sitting on a vent in the winter when the hot air would come out and holding in shit whilst having uncomfortably hard erections and watching may and occasionally gardevoire from pokemon on cartoon network, but then again I have been diagnosed so I may be an outlier

Curiosity? If it was sexual interest then every boy that see's his friend's benis is gay. As other anons in this thread pointed out, sexual arousal from seeing the opposite sex's body seems to be common.

I had erections, too, don't get me wrong. It weren't the nipples that made me hard, but rather, sexy outfits and the like. Bare midriffs have always been my weak spot.

>Bare midriffs have always been my weak spot.

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I'll have you know I had my first boner when I was 4 because I caught Striptease on the tv and it was the scene with the blonde and the snake.
He was young, he didn't know better.

>I'll show you mine and you show me yours
All it took for me is seeing two boys' dicks to turn me into a faggot.
There was a boy who loved showing his dick to people for some reason, but he liked showing it to me the most, because I said "sure, why not?" once. I was telling him to stop it a couple of times in, but he was probably enjoying rubbing it in my face - not his dick that is - but the fact that he doesn't give a fuck about what I think.
The other one was started by the other guy and we just stood completely naked and watched eachother's dicks (quickly!) get erect. We did that multiple times, and we didn't even attemp stroking. We just stood naked next to eachother and stared at our dicks.
In hindsight, none of it made any sense. Are these normal experiences for 7 year old boys?

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This is why everybody should have a female cousin of similar age.

He's not wrong.

Curiosity is a euphemism for horny children

Yeah when I was 7 I was touching tips with a boy my age.
Babysitter walked in on us, the other kid pulled up his pants quick enough to not be noticed and I still had my cock out, stunned. He told her I was forcing myself on him.

Ever since that day, I've hated faggots.

A pure, wholesome kids show can be a very nice thing to watch no matter how old you get, don't you agree?

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Oh the irony