Schierke wanting to bang Guts is one of the worst things I've ever seen...

Schierke wanting to bang Guts is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Anyone who thinks Berserk is as good as it's always been is delusional.

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...cant wake up

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Berserk has always had more shit than good. Black Swordsman, Wyald, the fucking huge clusterfuck of shit after Golden Age.

Wyald was one part of the Golden Age, and despite being edgy as fuck he definitely served his role as being a horrific demon.
What was wrong with Black Swordsman?

>the fucking huge clusterfuck of shit after Golden Age.

You just named two of the best parts of berserk

No. Isidro was the beginning of the end and Conviction ended with a literal shounen fight. And Wyald was probably the only part of Golden Age that felt kind of unnecessary (still enjoyed it though).

Normalfags finding out that Japan doesn't care about their stupid prude shit never stops being amusing. Thank you.

I figured that out from other manga and anime, I just held Berserk to a higher standard than that initially.

Why, exactly? What's wrong with wanting to bang Guts?

>Schierke wanting to bang Guts is one of the worst things I've ever seen.
You must be new here

>higher standard
It makes absolute sense that Schierke would develop a crush on Guts
How is it a 'higher standard' to make characters less realistic so idiots don't feel uncomfortable?

Why would you think that when the author constantly takes time off to play lolimaster.

a preteen girl falling for the first true masculine figure she meet and saved her countless amought of times WOW so disgusting


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Couple of months. Usually browse other boards and I've only read a few manga/watched a few anime.
He physically deformed with sociopathic tendencies, which is what initially made him interesting.

Everything you are saying is wrong. Please go away and never return.

Yeah, it makes sense that a young girl would want to bang a man who constantly indulges in violence and has been mutilated. Guts isn't meant to be some hunk that women lust over.
That standard started slipping after the start of Conviction.

It's played of as a joke you autists. Berserk had always had its little jokes.

Which part was wrong? The physical deformation (the missing eye, the missing arm and the constantly increasing amount of blisters and scars) or him constantly fighting his own sanity and bloodlust?

Is this the absolute state of self inserters?

It was all worth it to see Casca smile again.

A bad joke is a bad joke. I agree that every series needs its moments of levity, but a young girl having a crush on this man feels forced, out of place and contradictory to the way he's been depicted throughout the series.
But what I'm saying is based off the information of the series and how Guts has been depicted in the series.

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And? Every kid who reads Berserk loves Guts. He's one of the most universally loved character. Now, instead of just the viewers, a character also loves him. I'd hardly say that's weird.

Yes, she hasn't seen his full backstory, but she has seen him. And he is an interesting, at times frightening, but also a lovable guy you can't leave alone, can't help but root for. Honestly, I'd find wrong if she DIDN'T want to bang him.

Yes user that girl in pic also wanted to fug guts, heck, all the little girls want to fug guts, why? Because this manga is made by the lolimaster himself.

Yeah just look at this monster.

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>Magic-User x Fighting-Man
No Saddler, you're small time

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I hope Guts and Casca come back and adopt Jill.

Schierke doesn't want to bang Guts - she wants Guts to bang her.
It's impossible to bang Guts unless you she had a dick on her own.
And Schierke doesn't have a dick, or does she?

We love Guts because we've seen his hardships and we know that beyond the front he puts up that he's just a lonely and scared guy. Other characters have loved him before (The Band Of The Hawk) but they didn't all want to fuck him.
I'm not saying Guts is a monster, I'm saying he's depicted as being like one throughout different moments in the series.

It actually does though, Guts doesn't always act like a monster and when he does he (almost) always has a good reason, and the mutilated parts make him look cool.

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Magic init.
I'll gladly let this thread I made be derailed for more RE4 quotes.

Congrats, you've just described something that makes a lot of girls wet

Based capsposting bringing the heat (and truth)

With Schierke it isn't really about how he is a hunk or anything like that. If that were the case her crush would be instantly after seeing him and many other characters.
What made her crush on Guts was how he stood above magic and struggled against stuff Schierke thought was completely above even contesting.
I mean the manga spells this out very fucking clearly. Its why Flora sent her with Guts. She knew she would learn that witches like her and Flora don't know everything. Maybe Flora had a similar revelation with Skull Knight.

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It's a harmless crush you autistic dipshit. Schierke has no father figure until Guts and is obviously confused with her affection and not just because fairy girl over there keeps egging her on.

The Edge Lordsman arc shouldn't even be considered a part of Berserk. All of the characters are so different to what they actually are and nothing that happened in that arc influences the story in any way

When did Guts get the Behelit? Wasn't that during Black Swordsman or am I misremembering stuff?

I would start shipping wars but Berserk is a little too long term for me to get satisfaction from.

retconned into Rosine's behelit.

>What the fuck are childhood crushes
Have you ever been next to a fucking preteen girl then get wet over anything that's good looking and up to their standards

An Casca's face is weird now. It's like looking at birdguy from Rick and morty

You take that back

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She looks really cute here

>All of the characters are so different to what they actually are
What, all two of them?

>nothing that happened in that arc influences the story in any way
It established the main character and setting. What kind of fucking idiot gets this upset that a series didn't spring from its creator's mind fully formed?

it's a bittersweet feeling

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That's an orgasm. She's having a phantom orgasm.

How can you in the same post say that Edge Lordsman Guts is a completely different character but then also say that it established the main character?

Where is that panel from?

Jesus this doesn't even remotely look like Casca.


How old is Guts? He is definitely younger than manga

I meant the volume, Captain.

If all Guts did was slay demons and cover himself in blood, you would be right. But on more than several occasions, Guts has shown himself to be quite caring and defensive of his mates. Her admiration of Guts is a bit childrish and expected of a girl her age. It's not an "GOD, I WANT GUTS TO TEAR ME UP WITH HIS WOMBSLAYER!" kind of crush. It's respect. She was keeping her distance away until she got to know him, too.
And like said (or meant to say) Schierke began respecting him because of his attitude. Sure, strength matters, but if he was indeed a brute who could just wave a sword around she would've never respected him. It was when, and because she saw his compassion that she began to change. She also experienced what Guts experienced during the Eclipse when she lulled him away and stopped his berserk™ rampage when they were at sea, so she began feeling a deeper connection with him.
Hell, Guts even said "leave my girl alone" or something like that when the pirates at the port were bothering her (before they set sail for Elfheim), even if you ignore the things I said above, this kind of stuff would likely set off fireworks inside a teenage girl's mind.

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>Guts avenges Corkus
>Finds the behelit
>Meets Puck
>Establishes God Hand, Griffith and how poweful Femto is compared to Guts
>Pic related being the best case of establishing character moment in the whole story
I bet you thought Guts was gonna live happily ever after in Elfhelm after Casca got healed

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Volume 24 Chapter 200

Oh fuck she's gonna blame him for everything again

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>angry strong guy
>fights demons
>has a brand that attracts them
>has a big sword
>and a manbag
>is the main character
This is establishing a character, actual backstory and characterization are different and to be done over the course of a series. What you seem to have expected is the character that was developed and fleshed out over a decade and more right there at the beginning, because you're a fucking idiot. I'll ask again, what kind of moron do you have to be to expect the earliest chapters of a series to be as well done as parts from years down the line?

>teenage girl has a crush on 6'7 fit Chad who acts as an elderly figure towards her

can you believe it? Miura has truly lost it

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So who was this boy? After seeing Hanafubuku, I don't think that is supposed to be him.

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iirc it was just her appreciating his strength and tenacity at that point and the dumb jokes came later, but I could be remembering wrong.
>all of the characters are so different to what they actually are
The depictions of Guts and Puck line up pretty well with Lost Children and beyond (until Puck became a gag character).
Yes. I didn't get boners over disfigured girls who enjoyed killing things though.
I think 24 is the age I've heard thrown around? Early-mid 20's anyway.
I think it's more the way its handled that irks me and the general shift in the tone of Berserk. Dumb gags and jokes directly conflict with the tone of the first few arcs in the manga and the general content of the story and its themes.
>pic related being the best case of establishing character
Fucking this.

>edge lordsman arc
Wow, you're just baiting for (you) arent you? The Slug count fight and Guts reaction after the counts daughter stated that she will avenge her father is a very iconic scene since it shows that Guts is not a soul-less monster of a man.

I think Guts not being so edgy is a good thing now that he has comrades. The artstyle has definitely changed but i'm not surprised, and it's infatuation Schierke has, it's cute.
oh god no

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>iirc it was just her appreciating his strength and tenacity at that point and the dumb jokes came later, but I could be remembering wrong.
Yeah that was early and she was more confused.
And it still was gradual. She was mostly frustrated having to go with Guts before her crush.


Or did Hanafubuku herself say that she followed them when they arrived at her palace? I've forgotten everything.

Taken on its own, this is the best panel in Berserk. Doesn't really land as hard after the big dumb fight though.

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Then get fuck again

>we've seen his hardships and we know that beyond the front he puts up that he's just a lonely and scared guy
And she's been through some hardships with him. It's a fact that getting through a dangerous and frightening experience together can make people trust and like each other more. And she has seen him more than us. She practically lives with him. She might not know every single detail of his life, but she doesn't need to in order to know how he's a good guy.

And you're overselling his niceness. He's still pretty monstrous. He is out on a quest to kill someone, on that quest he has killed many, and he continues to fight off and kill things daily. He's not all carebear. And women love that. They like men who are dangerous, strong, but not insane. The only problem any girl would have for Guts is how he doesn't joke around a lot. That is it. If what you're looking for is a laughter, Guts won't provide that. But he's maximum kakkoii, and wetting yourself over that is pretty natural. Even for someone like Schierke.

Little girl at the end of the blackswordsman arc is gonna stab guts just as he's about to be happy.

next chapter.

I want to bully Schierke.

Guts relationships with young girls:

GIrls one through a door during the golden age arc
murders the entire family of another during blackswordsman's arc
kills hundreds of them during the mothpussy arc

Schirker gonna get killed by guts soon.

>Schierke is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

>GIrls one through a door during the golden age arc
That was a boy though

Can someone post the parody of Miura's recent big lip art style?

Good luck with that

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Why wouldn´t she want to bang him?
He´s a genetic miracle of a man who´d also be really good at taking care of her and their children.

honestly if someone could draw just as good as Miura did then and he just finished writing it instead, it'd be amazing.
Or is that not good for the industry?
I mean would it be something looked down upon in nipland?

This one?

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Yes, thank you

>So who was this boy?

it's Guts and Casca's kid. Where have you been?

I just want to see more monster rape.

It's why we even read this manga to begin with

black swordsman was good, fuck you

Are you referring to the parts in which Guts did nothing but was slaying dick monsters on right and left and all that gory edgy stuff?
Honestly if you like it it, it's fine, but it is sure sickening me when they think this shit equals "good mature writting".
Andt Miura always has a thing for a loli characters, hell his proto berserk has Guts with loli, do I even need to mention that Guts went to help loli after golden age arc?

Far away for a couple of years.
I guess it makes sense, though. In the world of Fantasia, mythological creatures and the stuff of dreams does comes into the world, doesn't it?

>This thread

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Yes, virgin, girls like older, violent men. Weren't there any girls in your highschool who were fucking drug dealers, townie bikers, and athletes?

You don't understand. When a woman sees a man beat the shit out of another man, she gets turned on. If you've ever been in a street fight, you'd know that if there were girls watching it you'd get laid that night.

>Guts isn't meant to be some hunk that women lust over.
there have been numerous times where women sploosh at the sight of Guts, in a time before exercise for it's own sake was a thing, most tough men were shaped like barrels from their training, and it shows in Berserk (lots of the toughest fighters are meat houses, like IRL strongest man contenders), but Guts is in PEAK physical condition whilst remaining toned

on top of that he doesn't act like a drunken lout, like most warriors
also chicks dig scars, and Guts has them for days

>also chicks dig scars
Scars are a manly thing, even men can appreciate good scars.

Hey, remember the second chapter of Berserk? When Guts hitches a ride on a wagon and they're attacked by evil spirits? Remember how when he sees the young girl has been possessed he's hesitant to attack her, drops his guard and gets stabbed? Remember how that showed he's a human being with actual emotions rather than just a violent murder machine?
That's from the Black Swordsman arc now isn't it? Guts was only a flat edge lord in the first chapter because we didn't know him yet.

This is true, scars do look pretty good whether you're a man or a woman. I wonder why.

>Tfw lived long enough to see Berserk accidentally become a harem manga
How many chicks are we up to now that wanna bang Guts?

We've got Casca, Schierke, Farlese and Slan I know of

God I hope so. Actually, get rid of all the new party bar Serpico because he's alright.
Yeah, but the ones fucking the drug dealers were usually skanks. And none of these drug dealers got a rage boner from killing demons and they weren't mutilated.

That new witch with the huge breasts is next.

Do you actually believe that chicks don't dig scars or bad boys user? These are literally two of the most typical normalfag fetishes, right alongside tits, ass, men with goals, men who show compassion, and handholding while watching a movie late into the evening.

These user get it.

95% of it is proof of survival. This gets babymaking instincts going, because survivors clearly have good genes.

>proto Griffith was a loli

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Which is great if you're the type to have good dreams.

If you constantly have nightmares, however...

Don't worry, things have been going gut's way for a while and caska just woke up, be prepared for the slaughter/rape of magical elf-land.
Suffering is at hand once more.

Again, I get girls like a tough guy but Guts isn't just a tough guy with battle scars. He's a sadist with a missing eye and arm who looks aged way beyond his years.