Kengan Ashura PV

>it's CG

Director: Seiji Kishi
Series Composition: Makoto Uezu
Character Designer: Kazuaki Morita
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
Studio: Larx Entertainment

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Shit anime for a shit manga.

How is this allowed
This has to be a joke
They can't do this

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I didnt see a single cute grill in that PV

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Wasn't the anime teased quite long ago? Why's it suddenly CGI?


Rest in peace.

Too late bitch, this is what they give to the fans that voted for the series to get animated. Meanwhile Mob does not win the competition and it got a masterpiece anime instead, from Bones.

>CG is bad meme
When will this stop?

Kengan got like what 2 million votes in that poll the magazine did in 2015 and this is what they give for the fans? What're they thinking

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Shogakukan are hacks.

>directed by Seiji Kishi
>completely CG by a shitty no-name studio
>the manga fans has to wait over two years for this information
Holy shit I feel so bad for you all

>tfw optimistically thinking this could explode the popularity enough for an official translation

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nigga not even Mob got licensed by the retarded companies from fatland

I was going to say it could still be good even if it's CG, but that PV isn't exactly getting my hopes up.

>Seiji Kishi
How the fuck does this guy keep getting work? He's directing Asobi Asobase as well and he's going to ruin that too. I hate him so much.

It was sacrificed for Mob, I'm sorry
This I still don't understand

Holy fuck it's Berserk all over again
Don't fucking do this to me

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Man I knew the anime would never be able to do justice to the manga's fluid fight art.

God dammit we won't ever get this series officially released state-side will we

How did this end up happening

The raws for chapter 222 were just released :

So did Kuroki decide to fucking murder Agito with his fingers?


I was actually hoping for that too, but after watching it my hopes died.

This looks like shit, but I'm surprised they managed to find music even worst than the visuals.

>Takanashi Yasuharu
At least the music will be godlike.

No one gives a shit about the manga so nothing surprising really

>Those raws
Jesus that's gonna make it hard for him to put any force behind that arm.

Why does it have to be fucking CG?

>a manga with a distinct, striking art style
>about martial arts, which requires lots of movement in nearly every episode

Why do you think?

Televised CG animation needs to be outlawed worldwide until they can come up with the technology to make it look good. In a series like Kengan where the emotional reactions are cranked up to 11 it's even more of a detriment. This sucks.

Enjoy your CGI shit.
Shit adaptation for a shit manga indeed

BASED Gensai better take this

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Literally berserk (2016) 2.0.
At least you'll probably have a second season

Here's your (You)

I still believe, maybe it will be good CGI but why CGI, this manga was meant for a proper top tier animation like madhouse or something. Maybe CGI will be only during the fights but there should be no CGI at all

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another series ruined by ugly animation.

WMMA anime when dammit?

That left arm is pretty much useless now for the rest of the fight, isn't it?

>Ever watching anime when there is a manga as source material

It's like you people never learn.
You only get shit adaptions.

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>Director: Seiji Kishi
Don't even need to watch the preview to see how shit it will be.

>Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
The ost might be good though.

>No female tournament arc

Sad, very fucking sad.

Well, that's disappointing.
The CG also looks like trash.

Hopefully, I remember in Muteba vs Wakatsuki when giganigga did that to Tiger's neck but he was pretty fine afterwards, but this is Kuroki we're talking about and he trained his whole life to do that, also, Fang doesn't have super muscles to protect him like Wakatsuki.

What do you expect from animefags?

Damn. We all know Gensai won't win, but this will be a fight to remember.

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Isn't this just shittier Baki?

them's fightin words

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Nowadays this is the actually good Baki.

Should've spoilered that pic, bruv


>We all know Gensai won't win
>He still doubts /ourguy/ after all this time

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Nothing spoilery there. It's just two dudes going to the beach. One of them is wearing his surfing gear already. They are going to have a damn good time together.

Baki's like 100 and something volumes long, of course it's shitty at times. The fights are still amazing though.

I fully trust Gensai. It's Sandrovich Yabako who I have no faith in. He did every thing he could do get Ohma to the finals through the toughest opponents he could find, and Fang is the number one of the assosciation.

>Director: Seiji Kishi

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>CGI means that we won't see bodies flex, contort, or otherwise warp as they constantly do in the manga
This is possibly a worse choice than making Sidonia CGI, since that at least had mecha, despite butchering gauna.

>They are going to fuck this up
Just end it

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It's dumb that Giganigga didn't beat Wakatsuki to be Ohma's semifinals opponent. Would have been cool to see another upset victory that didn't involve the MC, and I think Ohma vs Muteba would have been a way cooler fight than "time to get the shit beaten out of me for like 20 minutes straight until use my plot kata to oneshot him". Just stinks of wanting Ohma to get the prestige of beating the nearly undefeated dude.[/spoiler'

What if the PV is only 3D but the anime itself is actually 2D?

Exactly this. Oh well. At least most of the fighters got a good showing either way.

That's impossible. My understanding of CG stuff is that all the cost is upfront; the build of the money spent/effort is on the actual creation of models. Animating them after the fact is comparatively easy. If they've built 3D models already, not using them further would be stupidly uneconomical.

It's why you see so little variety of character models in general in CGI. Every fight is against the same two mook enemy types.

a man can dream

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Mob got licensed in my country

Doesn't count if your country is France or China.

It's Spain actually

Do you guys have any oil reserves?

Larx is a 3D company.
The last anime they did (according to anidb) was Soulworker, which was full 3D.
Also is pretty much correct, a significant ammount of the budget would be used to created the models, they wouldn't just use them for a preview.

Welp I guess Mob Psycho was superior series.

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The fuck is that frame rate? It looks slow as hell. And the cg looks way off-putting. Dammit, I want our man to get real justice animation.

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welcome to modern cgi in japanese anime, where the frame rate has been artificially lowered to match that of traditional animation, and it looks like a big fat steaming pile of shit as a result

Actually it's so fucking sad that I can't stop laughing at this shit.

I don't care if its cg
It looks and sounds like dogshit

I'm only watching those thanks to automated 60fps system (which as you can guess is not perfect)

What's with the comparation between this and mob psycho?

both are published in the same place and both sell about the same

2 or 3 years ago there was a poll contest about which manga people wanted to see animated from certain publisher. Kengan Ashura won, so it got the anime project. Mob Psycho came in second, and it got a great anime sooner unrelated to the poll.

I bet Shogakukan were hoping Mob would win since they already had an adaptation planned for it.

to be fair, it was quite bizarre that kengan ashura got 2x as much votes as mob, while the latter was much more popular

>Super stylistic and dynamic art style reduced to fucking shitty CGI by a no-name CGI studio and directed by a veteran whose only break-out work is Yuki Yuna
What the fuck, it deserved so much better than this.

Kengan got like 2 million something votes, mob didn't even reach 500k iirc

i hope this leads to a game since it's the same CG style SF4 went for.

I read on a thread once that Kengan Asura is super popular on Thailand and some other Asian countries. That's the reason why Gaolang also won the character popularity poll.

>The ost might be good though.
it will not if its going to be like the pv

Oh, so the votes were hijacked and Shogakukan didn't like that, that was the reason why it was delayed so much? Or there was literally no studio that would be interested in making this?

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I'll still watch it, but god fucking damn it, WHY!

AND a season 2 was announced, if I'm not wrong.
Meanwhile, what does Kengan get? A FUCKING CG ANIME.

Injustice is fucking everywhere.

Shouldn't have rigged the votes you Taiwanese faggot. Only Japanese votes should count.

Huh, didn't expect that. Nice to be you, amigo.

more like all the studios are busy with projects until 2020

I'm not sure but I guess it would be the latter, since it would be really fucking hard to make a good adaptation for Kengan Asura.

>check kengan's tag on twitter from time to time
>find this

It's machine translated but even the nips think that Agito vs Kuroki is the real final.

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Fuck off nip.

Looks like we found our Berserk of the year

Ohma is not that great of a protagonist. He does his job well enough, but other fighters are much more colorful than him.

>while the latter was much more popular
It is? Ura's flagship series was to my knowledge always Kengan.

>see animated from certain publisher.
Wasn't it just a poll for the Ura Sunday web magazine?

I'm ready for second coming of CLANG

Nah, Mob usually always had more votes, that's why it was bizarre.

Because Berserk was the first and only bad CG manga adaptation, amirite?

It's becoming more of a thing sadly.

>more of a thing
what does that even mean

Kengan Ashura is my cocaine so I am both glad it is getting an animu but mad it is until 2019

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