Will Japan ever make a monster girl manga that's about hunting and killing them?

Will Japan ever make a monster girl manga that's about hunting and killing them?

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>Killing the waifus
for what purpose?


even MGE I's about corruping humans

School Mermaid.

How about finding them human marriage partners, for research?

Too close to cannibalism for it to be accepted. Even Dungeon Meshi has them avoid eating monsters that are too human.

They have many times. In Bed.

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So how are Monster Musume waifus corrupt?
- Mia: Overly attached "Girlfriend"
- Papi: Dumb (Gyaru?)
- Cerea: Chuuni Foreigner?, Prideful
- Suu: Runaway?
- Mero: Chuuni Cuck Princess (actually true to the actual word meaning, who'd have thunk?)
- Rachnee: Some sadistic tendencies (but still caring?)
- Lala: Extreme Chuuni so that people actually notice
- (Smith): Extreme unprofessionalism


There were the dryads in Dungeon Meshi.

If there were apt evidence to dispose of them, i wouldn't mind cleansing our realm from their ilk.

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Like that's a bad thing.

It'd be fun if the focused on the more horrifying and general fuckery (no not the sexual kind) the historical bases of monster girls have.

That does not tell me anything?

Sadly never, because they are waifu material, we will need some strong edgy autjor for that

I already feel bad about killing monsters in Monster Hunter
I don't even know how I'd feel about playing Monstergirl hunter

Invasive species.
Mermaid manga of Rumiko Takahashi.


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It tells you that you're a dumbass who mixxed up two utterly different things.

Yea was gonna say this. Her and Rosine


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Why is he fucking that thing?

Go read it, this is literally the second or third page

It's Berserk, everyone and everything is fucking and raping each other. It's really just a super perverted hentai with some good story.

They're corrupt in the sense that they're gonna take all the men and human race will eventually go extinct because everyone would be fucking and making children with the Monster girls. We need to exterminate these monstrosities and raise pure aryan children like god intended.

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Because monstergirls are like angler fish, is a predator with a waifu shape bait.

A woman who sacrificed something she loved to become a demon, whom the main character gave the dick so she'd expose her true form.