Happy Sugar Life

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July 2018.

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what the hell

>former het whore protag
>edgy as fuck

>age gap

I dunno if I really like it but the threads will be a blast

Whores getting purified by lolis is my fetish.

Don't forget

I wonder what studio is animating this

I have this crazy imagination that School Live and Scum's Wish staff of Studio Lerche working on this

Never mind



Cast listings:

Kana Hanazawa as Satō Matsuzaka
Misaki Kuno as Shio Kobe
Yumiri Hanamori as Asahi Kobe

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>Kana Hanazawa

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The studio in charge is apparently founded by some staff members from Diomedea so let me confirm based solely on the overall staff.

Keizou Kusakawa is on a roll lately since Fuuka despite the anime-only changes into the story. Too bad his work on Cheer Fruits flopped. What happened?

>Kana Hanazawa as Satō Matsuzaka
I see they got a whore to voice a whore. Perfect.

What's the issue here

Is this yuri for real or moe?


We don't even know if the loli is a girl or a boy.

read it and find out

I suddenly feel like picking the manga back up now

Summer season is going to be so fucking edgy, along with that other lolicon show featuring not-Accelerator.

Angels of Death?

Yeah that's what I'm referring to. I only saw the PV so I wouldn't know how edgy it gets beyond that.

Where in the manga will be a good stopping point?

It's not like Satou gets found out and arrested

When she kills her best friend.

Cut it off at that flashback where Satou kills the guy in the apartment.

It would be that kind of "end where we begun" ending. I think it could be satisfying.

But what studio though.

Ezo’la. They seem to be new

Yuzumori adapation when?

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She looks a bit like Mato

I bet its a short.

Boring yuri pedo bait.

As supposed to edgy yuri pedo bait?

What the hell happened? Everything I ever read is getting an anime in these recent years. Not that I am complaining, it just feels weird.

Another new studio? How many new ones are there. Where are they coming from?

HanaKana's a good choice for Sato but would have preferred Yumiri for Shio. Her calm Nadeshiko voice would fit perfectly for her.

>a bunch of nobodies working with an entirely new studio
So its a trainwreck then? At least it'll be fun maybe.

>mfw I read it as Ebola

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Every girl deserves a loli.

As daughter.

Not lewd enough

Apparently it's funded by some Diomedea staff members who worked on Fafnir and Shobitch.

>>a bunch of nobodies working with an entirely new studio
Keizo Kusakawa and Touko Machida worked on a number of popular series regardless of quality.

Okay- they worked on a bunch of shit series. Thats even worse than being nobodies.

>Okay- they worked on a bunch of shit series.
A few above decent titles and some really bad titles, but the majority are just mediocre at most.

The director seems to be closer to Studio Blanc (which did most of the actual work on both of those shows) than anything. Maybe it's just another joint project but with a separate name.

Shobitch, Fuuka, and Dive are all fucking terrible. Kan Colle was okay. The best series any of them worked on was 7 mortal sins, and that's only the character designer.

To be fair anything wrong with Fuuka is mostly Seo's fault.

It was gonna happen, she voiced her in the TV ad for the manga

Not with that attitude.

I wonder why they have Hanazawa as the lead. She's not exactly convincing as a yandere.

Show me the manga ad.