If 25 years old single woman is christmas cake, how 30 years old single woman called?

If 25 years old single woman is christmas cake, how 30 years old single woman called?

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cat lady

New years noodles because they are eaten on the 31st the last day of the new year.

A failure

a roastie

A Paskha

new years noodle

I truly want an era of cake/noodles.
Cake with shota.
Cake harem.
Cake romance.
Just fucking do it Japan.

cake and confident domineering younger man

Yes please, add it to the list Abe.

You know it unsafe for women older than 25 to have children?

Who cares it's anime.

When I was 15 this shit was funny to me, but now that the "Cakes" are younger then me it hurts.

I thought it was after 30? Either way

Waste of trips, the threshold age is 40 you numbnuts, look it up.

I am very familiar with this feeling.

New Years Eves

I want to have a lot of unsafe kids with a cake

Woman of my life. Do you know any? I'm 30 too

What does it mean if a girl is "a year older than being into a Christmas cake?"

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this is disgusting

Imagine how bad she must smell.

That's the best part.

> "If you a girl, 25+ and you haven't sucked a dick yet, you might as well get your cats ready"

thats why you bathe her first

with your tongue

>she looks better with shorter hair.
Don't listen to these people.

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From now on, whenever I see this picture, I will forever be reminded of the user who complained about his excessively bushy sister.

I am 29, virgin and never kissed. it is extremely sad to see that some children I saw born, today are having a love/sex life and I am here watching japanese cartoons.

That thread went places


Don't forget the incest get. It was truly a great thread.

/r9k/ is thattaway.

Most of the posts weren't about anons imouto. It was just a whole bunch of shitposts about everything from immigration into Europe to debates on beating women and Kirino vs Kuroneko.

Give up on the 3DPD menace and accept 2D today!

Hey if you are a female, wanna date?

>the show ended before she managed to put on that MMO weight

How old will Ichigo be before she gets married?

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Over 30-something its already slightly bad, but it can be circumvented with a proper diet and maybe some supplements. If you want to get pregnant with 30 or more years, you should talk to your doctor first

Imagine trapping her and Tomoko in a room to see how stank it gets.

Ichigo will never get married

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Yeah, but the segue about the imoutos walking around half and even fully naked with their pubic pelts in full view was, for me at least, the most bizzarre and memorable part of that whole exchange. I don't know if it was trolling, or if some teenage girls really are that perverted and disgusting, but either way, it will be forever burned into my cerebrum.

humanity would've been extinct already if that was true

Chances are most of the cast will die.

>implying she'll even reach adulthood

She does though. Kanbe has patrician taste.

Stupid franxxposter

For most of human existence, the creed was, "Breed early, breed often".

What's the ideal size for an OL harem?

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No it's not you fucking idiot

ty gonna jerk to this thanks to you


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i'd shave her muff down a bit before fucking morimori-chan roughly and pitilessly like she wants

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There's a cake harem that just started and we're getting a cake x shota anime soon

25 is past prime

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Cake is 26+
People still want 25 year olds
It comes from the understanding that on the 25th, you’ll still want to eat Christmas cake, but you won’t after the 25th

30 year olds are still cake
You could also call them witches (male wizard), but that’s not an official terminology

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Old and used.

Have you more like that? Ever since I saw my sister wearing a tight bikini with her bush it became my fetish.


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>fetish thread on the wrong board

fucking teenbros

go on.

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no, with a nice warm bath

and then you cuddle and watch anime together

It wasn't really a big deal, she was just wearing a bikini a bit less revealing like that one but since it seems that she hadn't shaved she had a bit of bush there, it was really hot.

>can't use punctuation
You're as bad as him. Also
>on the wrong board

Are you the same guy from that last thread? Because I swear if this becomes a meme, I will kill you, and rape your sister.

I think your in the wrong place user

No, though incest is always being talked here for obvious reason, anyways seen your sister in a bikini is not sometimes rare, even less seeing her naked, though you end up feeling nothing since it's your family.

Then they give Boxing Day a whole new meaning.

Some days I feel Anons on this board are doing their damndest to disprove Westermark.

As many as pounce on you.

1 you cunt

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>17 years old
>a cake

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I love Kaede!

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I love her more with long hair

>He believes the whole planet Usamin thing

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New Year's soba.

>latest sensei is a loli-cake

God dammit

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fat as fuck

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Ah yes, the brand of cake with added preservatives for decelerated aging and extended expiration date
My favorite

You are talking about the species that up untill 3 centuries ago used to marry and breed girls as soon as they first menstruate, ranging from 13-16 y/o?

Do some women really not shave down there?

Yes, the cute ones.

Best ones i guess

Carpet doesn't always match the drapes. I have/had blond hair and my pubes are black.

Steamed clams.


37 is prime.

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i want to make her a mom again

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It looks like spider legs down there when they wear a bikini.

The good ones.

>You know it unsafe for women older than 25 to have children?
I'm going to need a source on that.

if your male, just look healthy(not like a creep) get some fresh clothes and haircut, lower your standards, no keep lowering them, frequent the local bar and talk to the opposite sex, you will get laid.

if your a woman, look you don't need help unless your a ham-planet.

Ewww, that artificial stuff isn't good for you user, so loli-cakes are bad for you. Actual cakes are much better.

>Sup Forums discussing women
>Sup Forums being completely unaware how virgin and inexperienced they sound while doing so

Good God boys stop it

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yeah no, that's not how anything works hun