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>unzips dick

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W-why me?

Rape you, i will

You will turn into a tree, what?

Kininarimasen. Uzai.

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Best girl

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For a pleb

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>only seasonal show where characters aren't only shown in their school uniform
>Therefore it's the most /fa/ show of all time

Excellent taste

It's watashi, you dingus. Learn to listen.

Being /fa/ is natural for a Kyoani show.

s2 never ever

Name a single non-kyoani show with characters that wear layered clothing properly.

>the Hyouka manga artist went on to draw literal ki ni narimasu in the Heaven's Feel manga

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Only successful shows get a s2 from kyoani

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>cucked by carefree life

that varsity jacket over the gakuran looks better than one would think

who gives a fuck
why didn't he just stop talking to her

ow the edge

kill yourself



>make an absolutely stunning anime with great animation
>create the most boring plot ever

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He would have been sued for セクハラ

I understood Hyouka as Oreki's journey of becoming someone who wants to engage in life, even if it is a fairly normal one.
Moving slow and showing the beauty and sometimes magic in ordinary moments made sense to me and a strong plot would have distracted from that central idea.

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>needing an intriguing plot to enjoy shows

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>at all important in a character driven story

>muh character driven story with an autist with no drive

>why isn't this character screaming loudly and talking about becoming the very best like my shounen protagonists!!!

I finished the show yesterday, and it was very pleasant. Compared to your drama-laden over the top ridiculous typical high-school series, this was different. Somehow the characters made an otherwise pretty mundane series enjoyable for me. I don't really know what to make of the ending however.

Ah yes I remember Hyouzzzzzzz...

Chitanda has AUTISM!

chinpo ni narimasu

It's an adaptation. They didn't create shit

he liked her you fucking retard

I miss this show.

sequel never?

This, I'm no expert on the matter but as a clothing style layman, Kyoani must have some pretty fashionable people on staff.