One Piece

Spoilers in about 14 hours.
Will they arrive?

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Is this how you do spoilers?

Yes, for the sake of everyone's sanity

You should know by now he is an attention whore, he will say whatever brings him more attention

Fake tweet if it wasn’t obvious enough

Will he show up in the anime this week?

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My 2nd husbando

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Next week user, gotta spread the big news in chapter 900

He made a small appearance last week so all we can do is hope.

Who cares more about the anime than the manga?

Isn't he supposed to?
I'm more interested in who will voice him

Nope, Pudding will shoot him down. At least Sanji
Luffy might make it

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What's wrong with enjoying both?

is cabbage's sword of the same grade as mihawk's?

>another nothing happens chapter cause of Odas must wait for 900 autism
cant wait

I don't think it was ever stated

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I don't think so, i think it is the same class as Shuusui, you would need to go back to the chapter it was mentioned

Again with this shit theory? She would've shot him at the alley if she wanted to kill him.

Shouldn't you be asking if we see him in the manga instead of the anime? This arc isn't over yet

Sad thing is that i don't doubt that, i won't be surprised if the chapter ends with Sanji and Luffy making it to the Sunny and that's it

What's he doing right now?

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He joined with Germa, trust me, i am the spoilers

I'm not the one who asked the question user

Sanji easily dodges her user. He got away from her.
I really don't know, we have to wait and see how Oda explains it

>Easily dodges a candy jacketed bullet from her percussion pistol
>Can’t dodge a normal bullet from a normal gun
Good one user

Wasn't it stated on a SBS or something?

He is flying right and isn't paying the attention.

Why did yonkou delete this tweet?

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It’s a fake tweet babe stop trying to spread misinformation thank you

You posted the exact same tweet last week, nobody is falling for it

Was it? I will need to check

>got the title wrong
>got the wording wrong
Why was jaminibox so shit last week?
Or are they shipperfags and did it on purpose?

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I used to think he was going to join

It's not that easy to translate, trust me. I know.

Mangastream got it right

Right now? Yes, without a doubt.

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Who gives a shit. That doesn't change anything.

What is the point of bounties if theres literally zero strong bounty hunters

Don't marines get the money too?

>Don't marines get the money too?

They probably do
And if they don’t, they most certainly get promotions which probably leads to a pay increase

Yeah, this was one part of the OP world that Oda really let the ball drop, and it is unlikely that we will ever have a single strong bounty hunter now that the focus is on the Emperors and the grand scheme of the world

I think they get promotions, or else people like Garp would be swimming in money, which isn't the case as far as we know

Do you think Garp is the type of person to just retire because he got rich off bounties?

They do it for justice, it's in the marine code to not accept money from bounties

*gorosei hand rubbing intensifies*

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No, but he certainly doesn't seem to be rich

What I meant by that was we can't really tell Garps bank account from his actions so that statement is pretty bold. He could be so rich he doesn't need to worry about money anymore.

>even fucking yonji is stronger than sanji
Being a sanjifag is suffering


How strong are they?

I am probably one of the few that don't see them as very strong, they are probably already too old to do any heavy fighting

now that the dust as settled how much of asspull was luffy vs katakuri

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One more chapter of Luffy gaining the upper hand is all it would have taken to shut this discussion down. Oda is really terrible at this shitty "red light, green light" game to 900.

Who /oven/ here?

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i have to agree with you user at least 1 more chapter would have done it at the very least some justice

I hear Rogersbase was contacted by Oda himself to voice Morgans.

All currently released "spoilers" were confirmed fake. Real spoilers in 12 hours or so.

How's Roger gonna voice Morgans with so much cock in his mouth?

I'm with this guy too, Oda made Katakuri too much of an insurmountable wall and made Luffy equal too him too fast

Judge and Sanji finish off Snack with Diable Garuda Roast.

Oda must've been impressed by his dedication upon seeing his amazing Katakuri cosplay.

Nothing happens

Double week break

NO! Oda didnt make Luffy equal to Katakuri. Thats the problem. Thats why anons keep calling him a hack. Luffy never surprassed Katakuri or even equaled him during the fight. In every exchange Oda shows us that Katakuri comes out on top which is why Luffy winning this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

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Actually is. First time promising Sanji was blackmailed hard, now it's ordinary "crew in danger must escape" situation. So he will do something cool.

don't bump this thread

S-Surely Goda wouldn't make the BMP job YET again!?

How would you feel if Oda kills off all/99% of all the Charlottes? Who would you miss the most?

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You underestimate Goda's power

None of them

what's hitler discussing with oven?

Caesar will definitely join Germa as a scientist right?


All of them ;_;

big mom

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Oven honestly
It's been a lot of fun, between hyping him up, seeing him get kicked by Sanji, run over, shot in the face, kill Pound, making all the memes about his gay socks and all the KoL Top 3 in the verse memes, I've really WARMED UP to Oven. He's easily my favorite Charlotte if we're including meme-love. Narratively it's obviously Katakuri but all in all I really really love Oven he's a fun-ass character

Why is Daifuku the only bara triplet not dressed like a slut?

But he never made him equal to him. I can't think of one instance in the fight where I thought "oh wow they're on the same level". Up until the very end Katakuri kept outsmarting and overpowering Luffy.
>busts out power mochi
>figures out how it works in a matter of seconds, evades, and busts out a new form to nullify luffy's speed
>the ground gives way under Luffy after his finishing move

>I've really WARMED UP to Oven

Seems the most logical outcome of this arc for him, unless Oda is saving him for a future cover story

Would be too sexual if he rubbed his bare chest to summon the genie.

But he's dressed like a pimp going to a whore house.

So does he employ Kata and Oven then?

Yep, because Oven is too hot and Kata can always see you cumming

his in luffy's submarine

who is his father? could it be roger?
its possible one of the linlin has D.

Delete this you fiends, the triplets are pure.

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new thread:

I'd rather it was Garp.

I want to cum inside Carrot and impregnate her.

Reminder they'll be fat with unshapely Dadbods come their 60's, even Katakuri will have to constantly mold himself in public and look like Jabba th ehut when no ones looking to eat donuts

>new thread
>9 hours older

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it didn't hit bump limit yet


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It's going to in like 10 posts you whiny autist

Apparently you haven't hit puberty yet faggot

I'm gonna cosplay as Katakuri because I'm a big guy. What do I do if I find some Luffy cosplayer trying to engage in sexual violence?

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I can see them being strong with their Haki, but not as strong as Rayleigh