Killing Bites

Hitomi-Chan was so cute. How could she ever change?

Those with the cutest sharp Fangs will win, that's what Cute Killing Bites is?

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If I had to pick an animal I'd become, I'd pick a European moose.

>ywn cuddle bun and make lots of a little buns

I can't believe they ended every episode with that fucking saying.

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What is killing bites?

That's what Verbal Bites is

Cheesy battle anime with cheesy name and cheesy premise uses cheesy name as cheesy catchphrase.
Are you lactose intolerant or something?

That's what Milky Bites is


While it is cringey, I still like it somewhat.

Is Hitomi best girl of her own series?

Close but no

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>tfw ywn get sandwiched between the Honey Badger and Cheetah

>crazy eyes
no thanks

The crazy eyes are sexy though.

killing tongues

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Who is best Girl? Sup Forums Poll:

>Nomoto is a loser that got dragged into some underworld stuff

Well, he likes it. Not because of Hitomi or because of the fact that he is now a hybdrid and has nowhere else to go.

His former life was shit, he did what he was told to do, had no own ambitions, no own judgement.

>Those with the cutest sharp Fangs will win
That's what Kemono friends is.

>no sloth
Cheetah it is then.

I want to cum in the bun.

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But this is Kemono enemies

not very smart, that bun

She's not for MENSA she's for BREEDING.

too bad she grew up to be a bitch

I wonder why.

Why is her tongue like that?

Because tongue fetish is a thing duh.

She turns in what is for her most disgusting, what her Grandfather became.

aww did the wittle ratel hurt your feewings?'re a moron.

Nomoto have no choice but to live a life as a hybrid because he assumed that the organization behind killing bites wanted him dead. He most likely wanted to destroy them in a way that will maximize his chance of living (hence forming his own team of hybrids for KB).

We still don't know how he became a hybrid in the first place.

Guess her fangs were too sharp for him.

Thus killing bites.

Her surrogate father's a shitty parent.

OST when?

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She's the literal embodiment of a human honey badger?

So, how the scanlation going along?

Chapter 25 is in Work, as I know.

We all do, user. We all do

Bunny is best.

I want to make lots of babies with Bunny! Her body is built to extract massive amounts of semen with each thrust.

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Can humans have babies with hybrids?

Yes, see Hitomi.

I don't know, but I want to find out.

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...that's an interesting question, especially with therianthropes; will that child become a hybrid themselves without the aid of gene therapy.

I've never seen this anime, but these threads are leading me to believe that the only purpose of the anime is just to discuss the meaning of Killing Bites and nothing else.

So i guess thats what Killing Bites is.


>The one with the shittiest post wins.

Note I said therianthropes not origins.


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Hate to lack the spoiler tags.

But are therianthropes was always a thing before Shidou, or that Shidou created theranthropes years before he meet Hitomi?

Just spoonfeed me.

Shitty posts for shitty animes

I have seen the Hitomi and bunny versions of this, but not the Cheetah one.

How do we know Hitomi is part human?

We know that that Killing bites gone on for centuries, but we don't know how long ago therianthropes became a thing.

....the fuck?

Is this a good fapping show


It's what Killing Bites is.

I dont fap to lolis will I still like this show

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You don't want her to tongue your prostate while stroking your penis? What are you gay?

Oh boy is this yuri or "straight girls playing"

The cheetah girl is super gay, the badger girl only gets off on violence.

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Nice. I missed a good fanservice show. Been a while

script for 25+26 done (chapter 30 is done since ages)
will put out the character introductions at the end of ch 30

thus, 3 chapters to go

>However, Osie isn't a Thai Boxer!

whens caterpillar anime

The fanservice is pretty great, yeah.

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After the Arachnid anime.

>His beloved son orders a thai kick

Thus, more Kemono Enemies


we still dont have any jap translator picking up after 30

That's mostly became they prefer to do it either monthly and up to date, or wait until the series concluded.

I could see caterpillar scanlation getting a completion after the last chapter.

Long ago, Royal said in his site he'd finish a couple more chaps and then give the project to somebody else

then he just cut the series out of his to do list without a word

never heard anything about caterpillar scans after that

The project got dropped.

it is the perfect combination of fanservice and story and jokes

truely AOTS

It doesn't have the same degree of pathos as Sekirei, but it's a decent edgy battle ecchi - a genre which seems increasingly endangered.

You are a big moron if you think that he doesn't like it.

Which Brute has the best butt?

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....Ask the Rabbit.

There are a lot of top tier butts in this show, but I have to give it to Ratel

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Good think finding whatever group does ch 24-90+

>ywn collect data on multilateral triboelectric effect for research purposes
One thing that I'm curious about, if Shidou wanted him dead, he could send Shinozaki instead and the end result would be the same. It might be possible that protecting him would mean that he could no longer live a normal life, so in order to cut the ties between him and Hitomi without her blaming Shinozaki for it, he got Hitomi to kill him, so he had a choice to live another life as someone unrelated to her and Shidou.

>so in order to cut the ties between him and Hitomi without her blaming Shinozaki for it, he got Hitomi to kill him, so he had a choice to live another life as someone unrelated to her and Shidou
>Only for Nomoto to return because of his love for Hitomi, and his desire to destroy the organization behind Killing bites

Are you actually implying something?

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Some other thing I haven't thought about. In the case that Shidou indeed wanted to protect him, now that the majority of people think that he's dead, they have nothing to gain from threatening them; the more people get to learn that he's alive, the greater the risk of that happening too. So far, seems like only Shidou/Hitomi/Eruza/Yugo/Youko/Son/Inaba (and maybe Ichinosuke, don't remember) know about it, and such a threat might not come from them, I think..

Ratel sure has a nice one

>So far, seems like only Shidou/Hitomi/Eruza/Yugo/Youko/Son/Inaba (and maybe Ichinosuke, don't remember) know about it, and such a threat might not come from them, I think..
Everyone within the island knows that Nomoto is alive once Hitomi found out. But that leaves the question of how does he became a Hybrid in the first place.

>not bullying

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>The Mitsukado have evolved their tongues in order to better express their excitement!
>However, Youko isn't a theriantrope!

March 28th. Can't wait for comfy anime to be edited with the OST.

What do you mean with "just"? Don't you realize how complex this question is? For example, when Kaori (a.k.a. Civet) presented her antithesis (her famous quote and theory, "You don't need sharp fangs to win").
As a minor fact, this is an adapted work, people know what will happen in the anime already (but it will still be awesome), so most of the discussion involve the possibilities of the setting, what might happen in the following untranslated chapters (in terms of story and fights), animal facts, etc. Oh, and the girls.
Btw, have some Eruza ryona.

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I'm more interested in the maid uniforms they wear in the opening
they look like trap material

Breeding is a form of bullying
Useless bunny only good for sex appeal

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Why would you bully her?

Bun is hun.

Bullying is great
t. Nietzsche

Raven scans haven't dropped it, but they don't have a translator willing to do it
Blame kirei cake for being thin skinned pussies in any case

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>dick goes there