Have you ever watched a series just so you could shitpost on Sup Forums?

Have you ever watched a series just so you could shitpost on Sup Forums?

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That's the only reason why I watch anime

Yes, JoJo.

No, I shitpost about shows without watching them of course.

Seiren. I never watched the show. I just followed the threads.

That's how I am with Raildex

All of them


thats the reason i watched Eva
what a dumpster fire

>Watch VEG to shitpost
>Start to unironically like it
Me in a nutshell

literally 90% of /dbs/

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you can get enough information from just the threads, you dont even have to watch anime to be a fine shitposter

Why else would you watch anime? That shit is for nerds

I end up liking them most of the time too. Only one I hated but watched purely for shitposting was Umaru.

I shit & post on almost everything

I tried with darling in the franxx expecting it to be a total trainwreck but shit is just too boring and slow.
>something totally bad is going to happen to the kids, eventually, maybe, here is a beach episode.

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Shut up nerd.

Junji Ito Collection but you fucking faggots never talk about it.

Are you me?

seriously this


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Same here, I even got tired of the shitposting. Half the threads were pulling """""plot""""" out of their asses and arguing about it, can't say I blame them because franxx has no plot.

Every season I do that. I'm watching the Darling shit, for example, JUST to shitpost about it on Sup Forums, because it seemed popular on Sup Forums.

it's a forgetful shitty anime adding nothing to junji ito's already masterful work. not even lord hayashi's music saved it.
come to think of it I didnt hear a lot of music in it either. atleast not one that stood out

>already masterful work

Didn't even need to finish it

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If your sole intention is to shitpost about a series, why would you need to watch it? Skimming the threads at brief would give you an idea of what everyone is discussing on a weekly basis, studios/staff are ready from the outset and assuming you do posts about neither of those, posting as though you're an expert on the subject with no actual knowledge of it is more than likely to net you responses anyways.

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The real Sup Forums users don't shitpost, they discuss. All the shitposters are outsiders.


Do girl wars count as shitposting? I do like a good girls war show once in a while.

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