Why do you people like her so much?

Why do you people like her so much?

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5 reasons I love 02.
1. She's cute.
2. She's a dinosaur.
3. I love her!
4. 02!!!

you mean human trash, target audience of this

nice triple jump

02 is for beta numale to follow
015 is for love and protection

Majority of Sup Forums are beta and Sup Forums crossboarder

Because Kim K Sama posted her

they are paid to do so by the aniplex marketing team

Wait we already had this thread

where do you think you are

Betas that fantasize about an attractive girl coming out of nowhere and taking a liking to them without them having to initiate anything.

Because she is cute and kind of a isolated mentally ill girl that wants some love

Men want an attractive girl to like them? user is onto something

>implying an attractive guy would take a liking to me not matter what I do.

Yes, what a sick fantasy! They must be girl fetichists!

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Why not

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I want to lick her fangs.

>t. betas

This is where she starts going evil.

002 train will be dying out soon.

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Don't you have some cuck thread to spam?

You may be right user, I'm afraid

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Nah. This is where the healing begins.

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What is her endgame?

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To escape from APE together with Hiro.

>Wait we already had this thread
Many times.

Why so angry user? Perhaps it's because the truth hurts?


I want to fuck her dino hole

Sex with daarin

I did nothing wrong to you, dude.
Who care about that alpha/beta /polr9k/ stuff?

That's just the beginning. End game is laying fertilized eggs in his hollowed out chest cavity and then abandoning them to fend for themselves.


nice joke

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How does he do it bros?

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why don't we all just start to name and tripfag in order to talk about ditf properly?

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are you gay?

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what anime is this from?

Darling in the Frank

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It's just flavor of the month waifuism. Everyone will forget about her once the show is over and pay their attention to the newest hotness, this happens all the time.


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It shouldn't be hard to see, she's loyal, affectionate and cute too.

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I honestly don't get it, she's very generic and one dimensional.

I'm gonna wait a year to see if she becomes anything more than another seasonal waifu.

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I don't even care for her desogn, but her behavior seems really cute.

as someone whos had the same waifu for 8 years, 02 has been the only girl to break my resolve of being dedicated to one girl

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Who was your previous waifu?

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>decennial waifu

She’s a non-standard take on a standard anime trope. I actually have a lot or difficulty trying to fit her into one of the common stereotypes i.e. yandere, tsundere, etc.

Is this because he headband was broken?


*blocks your path*

"As team leader, I'm ordering you to stop right there. Where are you going?"

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If you go into any of the Darling threads including this one you can tell that anyone watching this show is a newfag who has only seen 10 anime in their lifetime so of course their standards are going to be low when they only have the characters from 10 anime to choose from.

It might be because she skipped out on those tests that seem to be a regular thing that she has to do.

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>To... uhh... plow my Oni?

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>*blocks your path*
But I can manhandle her out of my path easily.

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She's a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Google search it, it's an actual film term.


>ask why people like her
>post pic showing her perfection

>liking Vaioletto

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autism on both ends

I don't think that she is a living plot device? the term is not a buzzword to critize any extrovert quirky girl who helps the MC to get out of his shell, even the guy who coined the term said that people were overusing it.

Convincing Darling to make the Mother of all omelettes with her.

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Dinosaur waifu.


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so are we going to have different alien or dino species?

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Sorry Ichigo, can't fret over every egg.

>she's literally a klaxo girl
I wonder....

she's horny

is this show actually good or is it a generic trigger meme ecchi anime

It's a waifufagging show. Really few ""ecchi"" scenes.

Closest thing to a good Trigger show.

But that's wrong

It's like their usual shit but not ironic.

>02 and hiro die fighting the klaxosaurs
>ichigo has to raise their child
>she has never actually gotten over hiro
>she hates 02 for "killing him" but she can't get herself to hate 02's child because hiro is the father
>little strawberry is going to be sad and bullied for all eternity
I want this so much

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When will she have her yogurt sharing scene with ichigo?

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You mean Like Stella?

The fact that Sup Forums shitposts on it so much should tell you its worth watching, i mean what else are you doing on Sup Forums?

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You really don't, but at least you're honest about it.

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T-they don't like her, user. They like 02. I heard someplace.

-Worried Strawberry

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Childhood is liking red version. Adulthood is realizing blue version made more sense.

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So is she a Dinosaur, an Oni or a Spider.
Make up your minds Sup Forums

Don't know why people hate her so much. What do people have against non-bitchy girls?

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Respectable. Carry on.

Because she's amazing

Because she's assertive and confident.

I'll bet 2ch likes the childhood friend that can't fucking spit it out.

Because she's the best girl

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It was cause of a possible falseflag spammer who spammed her a lot and Sup Forums can't disassociate a character from and asshole on an indan sand carvings board
That an Sup Forums's poor misunderstanding of what an actual classic tsundere is and how Stella actually applies to it more than they think

Stella a shit.

Oh what a terrible thing to want someone to like you.

But you only listed 4 reasons ._.