Not yuri

>not yuri

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>op is a nigger
Top Jej'd

go back to 9gag retard

Same here. I don't get why they didn't make it yuri.

good taste

>Call it yuru camp
>no yuri.

Yurifags should be gassed

>not yuri
Picked the fuck up

Because girls can be just friends.

There was a talk about that its implied, and some empty posts about author confirmation. So if you have yuri goggles like I do, its plenty gay.

>Cute girls
Picked up.

>not yuri
we don't have to make it blatant, just a much yuri and little het. Nothing wrong with that user.

>Nothing wrong with that user
Yes there is. I watch anime for girls kissing not this het pandering horseshit

>not yuri
picked up

anti-yuri gang got totally owned earlier so they've been false-flagging like mad for hours, what a bunch of losers

They can't though. Neither to each other or males.

In your delusional fanfiction maybe.

Girls can't just be friends. Girls are whores and will have sex with whatever they can get their hands on. be it male or a fellow female.

In your deluded fanfic.

get raped femoid enabler

>not yuri

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Cute friendships are the patrician's choice.