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Mio Naruse. From a normal high school girl to a mindbroken slut in 12 Volumes. What went wrong?

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The only thing wwrong is the artist's anatomy.

Also stop making the same threads over and over.

Not that user, new guy here. Just used this picture.

That's hot and cool

I'm okay with it, volume 12 already preordered.
Expect illustrations at the very minute of its release.


Really, what?

How come the art turned into shit?

Chadsara and best sucubus loli work.

Anyone know if the Departures BD will have anything extra, or will it be the same as the ATX airing?

I would like to have an explaination for that also. What the **** happened there? I only watched the Anime Season 1 and 2. Anyone care to explain what happened to Mio in Volume 12? She looks like used goods lol

It will have 5 minutes worth of extended scenes, it was confirmed on the stage event that was held a couple days ago.

>Inb4 it's just more Lars talking

It'll either be the lewdest 5 minutes or nothing at all.

It will probably be Mio's scene.

Is it that hard to write fuck?
Succubus shit happened more and more and more and more.
She was already slutty toward Basara, in the anime.
Every time the curse activated she went full on "Onii-chan" and craved his dick. The curse is also active on the cover.

Nothing surprising. The illustrator did go a bit overboard, though.

It's distinctive now
Before was generic

Don't tell me she is in state where her curse is permanently active, this would be the biggest slut move, since she has be please all the time then.

What's with that curse again? I'm new to the series.

Curse = Sluts need to get pleased so they cool down. If Basara doesn't please them they will die.

>they die.

Every slut in this show makes me diamonds. My dick is waiting for vol 12 illustrations.

wow is that true?

a full year of foreplay without sex, A FULL YEAR

even Nanao?

The Vol 12 cover looks like she's holding his cock

that basically broke her?

What kind of monster would do this?

You are right haha

His name is Basara Toujou.

her entire body would be begging for him to mate with her

What's stopping them from doing so? Plot and backstory?

All he did was double the size of her tits, gave the dude a bigger gauntlet, and made everything glow in the dark. I'd say that's more generic than the old artwork.

He got Chisato and Mio pregnant.

what did stop him before that

Mio could have potentially lost her fathers powers if he fucked her, and if He fucked Chisato it would have been cheating on all the other girls.

he was too busy fucking his hot aunt

Chisato isn't his aunt. they are cousins.

It's not like he wasn't cheating all the time lol as if sex would have changed that much.

He should have just fucked Mio in the first volume, the entire reason people were messing with her was because she had those powers anyway, right?

I heard she is his aunt, cousins? No way, she is raphaelines sister so that makes her his aunt.

>stealing your little sisters power

whatever she is, she is hot as fuck with that angelic body

Chisato and Raphaeline are cousins. Chisato says it herself in volume 8 and Shiba (Reginleif) refers to Chisato as Raphaeline's cousin again in volume 10.

Chisato is Raphaeline's cousin, making her Basara's first cousin once removed.

Did that changed later in the story? I always read about people saying she is his aunt. This is new for me.

Hey, if it keeps her safe, why not? She never even wanted it in the first place. But if everything was resolved so easily there'd be no story, so the obvious logical and natural choice is ignored.

Multiple wikis and MAL saying she is his aunt, i wonder who is in the right now, some anons on Sup Forums or a wiki?

People who don't understand family trees labeled her his aunt.

Her tits went from too big to actually disgusting.

MAL is fucking retarded and most of the wiki's outside of the wikia site have dated information that was based upon inaccurate spoilers and peoples retarded headcanon without actually reading the novels.

Wait... Chisato is not Basaras aunt? Today i learned. After all these years i find that out wow.

you don't just steal peoples power, thats like if you had a relative that received a huge fortune and you took it from them because you felt you would manage it better

I tend to agree; they weren't actually bad originally, perhaps just barely oversized. But now they're fucking watermelons, like something out of a bad hentai.

That's not really a fair comparison. Money is something everyone NEEDS, while superpowers are not. Let's say you had an autistic little sister, if you could steal her autism and let her live a normal life, would you? If he took her powers, he'd be inviting trouble on himself, but she'd be free from future troubles.

Mio makes me sad.

she's not autistic and she might not want them now but somewhere down the line she may, if anything just seal them away until she's ready. its not really her fault a bunch of people are trying to steal her power while she's still going through puberty

She should make you hard.

If you were a commoner born in medieval times and your sister grew up to be an extremely hot babe, would you have the balls to ruin her face to protect her from the nobles? I would.

What's wrong with the anatomy?

Look at her tits.
Look at her fucking leg.

Haha noodle leg

Did you go to the event?

Right one looks like a doujin cover

I was reading on a JP forum that the TV version had 5 minutes of extra time, but it was cut out and used for commercials because they couldn't show the extended scenes on TV.

do you happen to have a link?

Daily reminder that Chisato would've been his first if not for bullshit plot reason.
>Hasegawa trembled with happiness. Crossing that last line would not just be breaking their promise --- it would also hurt Mio and the others. Basara really treasures them more than anything. However, the Basara now, put his desire for Hasegawa in front of him ahead of Mio and the others' feelings,

HOLY SHIT. Is that actually true????

No, sorry. It was a couple days ago after the stage event happened.

Daily reminder that Chisato is getting plowed by Basara every night. All of the other girls with the exception of Yuki (shower sex) has sex with Basara every morning in pairs. (Mio x Maria) (Kurumi x Zest)

Her boobs grew lots

Yes, it's from vol 8. They were very close to doing it, however Basara discovered that Chisato's sensitive spot is her hymen so he just made her "see heaven" without fully penetrating her.

The artist for last volumes is not ATK right?

Hang on. How do we have a now 70+ reply Shinmai thread without any images but the OPs?

because the post more "x" girl hasn't made an appearance yet.

Post more slut Mio.

Mio took his virginity though, so you can fuck off.

It never was ATK.
Don't confuse the two just because they're part of the same circle.

It's the same artist who did every volume.

The lack of lewd images in this thread really bothers me

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Well this makes me a little less sad for Mio, but still

Only because he needed to get her fire element first.

I thought it was him pseudonym.

Nah ATK and Ookuma are two different people.

Yes, I know?
That's why I said to the user that it never was ATK and that the same artist as usual (Ookuma) is doing volume 12 as well.

Basara's dick is fucking huge, it' can't be helped.

Well, I can ruin that for you.
The order in which he fucked the girls was purely because of their elements.
However, Chisato was the exception. If he fucked her, he might risk losing his Banishing Shift and get rekt. Still did it because of "muh waifu" though.

just finished up the anime, think I'll give the LNs a shot

Post some Mio pics please

Who else faps to Mio daily? She is so hot

Being a mindbroken slut only for your husband is pretty hot.

Pretty sure Mio and Maria are his cousins.

2 cousins and 1 aunt, i dont know why people are saying chisato is his 3rd cousin?

Wait... that would mean incest... wtf? Thats fucked up.


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>that would mean incest
>Thats fucked up

You need to go back to that shithole you crawled from.

Incest is wrong dude

Cousin marriage is legal in almost every fucking country on this planet.


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Not really.

That doesn't change the fact that they are still family members, which is incest.