Was this scene really necessary?

Was this scene really necessary?

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It's the reason why I watch the show

It's cuz that's what killing bites is.


holy moly

>really necessary?
The only thing that is actually unnecessary, is YOU.

they seem to be enjoying the simple process of mana exchange too much, don't you think?

The answer to this question is always a big, resounding "YES!!", no matter which anime or manga you're talking about.



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That's kinda gay.

Never watched the show besides webms. Why do these girls constantly lez out? Is there a reason or just fan service?

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The official reason is that the brown girl needs saliva to be a magical girl. Why she humps the other girl is just fanservice.

>is a loli fanservice scene necessary in a loli fanservice show
Really, user?

Thanks, now I know

They don't constantly lez out, it happens like 3 or 4 times outside of OVAs.

My wallet is ready.

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theres like 4 scenes like these, its pandering

Why do lolicons always ask questions they already know the answers too?

Woah woah woah where can I watch this?

Yes because is one of the only good things in this shit

>Never watched the show besides webms.
Good choice, there's no other reason to watch it
>Is there a reason or just fan service?
There's a reason, but it's still just fan service


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Cups aren't supposed to be this sexy.

the reason is best girl

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Seems she's cowboy bebopin' at someone's computer to me.

Oh dear god I'm not even a furry and this shit is turning me on

Chop it off before it's too late.


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do you really have to make the same thread everyday for months

that's ironic weebshit for you - they are here to stay

Version with sound where?

Was kubei necessary in madoka?

Were any of the scenes necessary?

This is scene from third season as I remember.
>ironic weebshit
go back to Sup Forums

this but unironically


I fucking hate scenes like these because they never go all the day, talk about being blue-balled.
And no, the doujins are never enough.

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That sounds like a personal problem, user.

Yes it's an important scene that is a integral part driving that episode, it establishes good character development and gives each character depth.

I need to see some carpet munching, man, this shit ain't enough.

Watch quality Hentai.

>mosaic galore
Resort Boin was amazing, though.

Got me diamond hard.

There are some good uncensored ones. The NTR doctor

but he's right

2 cunts. Disgusting.

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Is this shit worth it for anything other than that webm?

I know you're trying to help me but no.
I still appreciate it.

No. Fights are generic as hell.
>I have a super powerful attack that no one except ONE PERSON has ever survived from
>Nani? You survived? Hmph it was luck
>Masaka two times?
>Time to get honki

Go and watch some hentai then.

Problem with Hentai is that the quality is nowhere near the same. Oni chichi is probably the closest to normal anime quality.

The whole show is unnecessary. It's really bad. You could get better loli fanservice and slice of life from literally any other show under the genre. The only reason this has gained any traction is because it's Fate. Same reason why Final Fantasy games are still popular in spite of being trash for a while now.

I remember coming on Sup Forums and seeing everyone jerking off over the Saber Alter fight, watching it, and seeing Salter was completely covered in a shitty black CGI fog to obscure the terrible animation. I'm shocked so many people think it looks good.

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>browse Sup Forums to distract yourself from your miserable life
>suddenly Sup Forumsnon reminds you that you're alone and nobody cares
i-its ok, I'm ok...

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What happened to Fate? I know Fate has always been an H-VN but still, shit like this is too much.

Yosuga No Sora is your friend

>Illya leaning in for more
Thats it mane

Kill yourself, frog posting losers.

its worth for the uncensored snake cock

Would you let your daughter watch this Japanese children's show?

Yes, read the Wal-Mart reviews

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