Darling in the FranXX

Tell me about Ichigo
Why does she have the plushie?

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What a bad start, who cares about the Plushie.
Lets talk about Zorome the Great

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Devilman really is a crybaby

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ah, an elaborate joke

You know what Chlorophytum and Genista have in common?
They both have best girls and worst boys

>best girl

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Better than annoying brat Miku, that's for sure

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here is your /u/

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Because its cute

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Best couple

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Isn't that from episode 3 when he thought he could handle 02?

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It's from characters introductions.

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The Alpha Chad vs Beta Asshole

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I mean the line about becoming a partner.

Was that lady his grandmother?

What does it say about Fatman? That he likes food?

you are propably right actually

watch and learn from an alpha, strawberrycuck

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The virgin Franxx vs the chad evangelion

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there was also something about him being unexpectedly sensible

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Will we have only 24 episodes? Fugg

I wish there was more to this guy other than "he is fat" but so far it seems that's everything for him

>it's a flahsback episode

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He would be cool guy to have as a friend irl, just as a character he isn't the most interesting

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good post

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fuck ichigo

>ichigo is 6'1'
fucking womanlet

Hiro is built like a fridge here

Confirmed dead


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>we think Hiro will lead uprising against ape and free the children
>show curveballs us with bestowing that privilege unto Kokoro S E E T H I N G over being made barren

Would impregnate

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What if APE actually has the best intentions in mind, but are too self-righteous for their own good, and just need an outside influence like the P13 pilots to reconsider their way?

Now THAT would be a curveball.

Are there others?

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A glorious week it has been.

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She uses it to fap.

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>Oni or not to Oni?
>Oni or not to Oni?
>Oni or not to Oni?
Best answer is always both

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The same reason she wears a children's nightgown while 02 wears a more feminine woman's nightgown, to show that she still has a childish side she hasn't grown out of yet.

yeah, you can watch all of the PVs on YT

>Ikuno has awakened heart
>Goro is a good young man
>Miku is innocent beauty
>Satan is frivolous but lovable idiot
>Kokoro is everyone's idol

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Why is the manga so much better? This is how the story should've been. Chiro from the beginning.

Man, these are some shit translations.

I feel bad for your lack of understanding what makes a good plot and more complex characters.

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what does the moonrunes say? Goro makes absolutely no sense

>Hiro saves everyone even harder in the manga
What's the point?

The difference is that the manga explains the stuff in a most simple, clear and easy way.

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How accurate are these translations? I read some of the shit from last chapter, and most of it sounds like broken English/unnatural

>Even if it's with wings that look like a double edge sword that could kill me
Why does this sound so shit?

>Hiro saves everyone even harder in the manga
like in the episode 4

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>I need to have everything spelled out to me because I'm a brainlet

I'm really anticipating the next episode for some reason. I hear it won't be another character episode.

02 cuts to both sides, Good and evil.

Hear it from who?

Here's the better question: How will this show do against the onslaught of all those mainstream shows next season?

My dad, he works for Japan

Because she's a child who'd prefer a plushie to cuddle with rather than a man.

I want them to do something with fatty at least. They pretty much covered everyone else but him.

1. "She is a beauty but it's all ruined". Episode 2 referring to 02 table manners.
2. "Daddies" is Papa.
4. Not sure where that "she" came , it's gender neutral. Might be from episode 9 referring to Hiro.
1. "I think it would be better if you didn't involve yourself with her". Episode 2 to Hiro referring to 02.
4. "Awful". Episode 2.
1. "It's not my fault if you regret acting like a goody two shoes later". Episode 3 to Hiro.
4. "I don't mind become your partner". Episode 3 to 02.
2. "Are you hitting on girls even here?" to Zorome in episode 2 or one of the recent episodes.
4. About Ichigo and Goro in episode 2 referring to their double digit status.

Technical information on the Mechs and pilots are necessary in a mecha serie, you dumb moefag

Please tell me more.

The only flashback I could give a shit about.

PV when?

Is it possible for them to save this show in the next 14 episodes? I feel like they don't have enough time.

Its a shittier version of DITF. It fucks with scenes and characters in other sibtle ways that worsen the story.

Do we really need to have this discussion every day?

Its just the Hiro's narration at the end of episode 4 but worded in a shittier way.

I know right. There has never been a show that could tell its story with less than 20 episodes. What were they thinking?

>yabukifags are blinded by art and fail to realize the manga is objectively inferior to the anime

Man, knowing there's no happy end in store for Hiro and 02 soggies the pancake of my heart with this series.

>Technical information on the Mechs and pilots are necessary in a mecha serie, you dumb moefag
That could have avoided all the spams 02 headcanons/fanwanks which started just after the episode 1.

They built up a lot of things. I think it will be difficult to cover everything in 14 episodes

Ichigo a shit

Have faith user, we might get one.

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Only Ping Pong has done this


Trigger isn't for it and neither is A-1.

>only two swaps end up with erectile disfunction and BDSM session gone terribly wrong

It will be easy if they won't repeat shit they already said for 10 episodes in a row.

>Is it possible for them to save this show in the next 14 episodes? I feel like they don't have enough time.

If Darling in the FranXX became a Romanian love comedy about Hiro and Nana’s blossoming love I would watch it.

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You guys are fucking stupid. We're thrown into the series without much knowledge about anything because we're supposed to know just as much as the kids do. In the anime the kids discover the world outside the plantations along with the viewers.

Either we're not supposed to know those things yet, or they will be a plot point later on. Any way, the manga shits on the anime's minimallistic aproach to the setting by dumping exposition and meddling with the plot.

What is this? I don't remember Nana being specifically affectionate towards Hiro ever.


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Darling isn't a shoujoshit, but a mecha, normalfag-kun

It's a meme.

Our daddies taught us not to be afraid of our FranXX, specially it being such good size and all.

She likes to pretend it's Hiro's penis.

>being a huge onifag butthurt


But wouldn't it be too obvious to do the classic bittersweet ending? I STILL WANT TO BELIEVE

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A-1 animates whatever Aniplex tells them to. Remember when Asuna fucking died in SAO? Neither do I.
Trigger doesn't even have enough shows to talk about what they are known for except wacky style and minimalistic animation. Literally everyone had a happy ending in LWA TV.

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Kill la Kill had a happy ending, why can't this DiTF?

I'm sure.