Make a 10/10 loyal waifu

Make a 10/10 loyal waifu...
M.C treats her like shit...

Why tho?

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Ginko a shit

Ginko a shit


If some bitch stomped on my head during a 4 loli foot massage I'd call her a hindrance too.

>have a 10/10 shogi player as love interest
>treat him like shit for years
Why tho?

she never helped him once except the actual rejected offer for help in the recent episode, it was also her only second dere to fit here raging psycho tsun/yan rampage
you cant have tsun without balancing with dere

Fuck you and fuck Ginko.

>M.C treats her like shit
t. Ginko
you being a bitch doesn't mean he's treating you like shit.

She is the only one getting plenty of fanarts. A little sad.

>not seeing how Ginkoshit treats MC

Really nigga?

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Where's my bitch? I don't see my bitch calling for me

Sad but true.

>Applying Shogi concepts to yakiniku
>Eventually escalates into a Shogi match using the meat as pieces
These two autists are made for each other.

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Delete Ginko.

Ginko a shit

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Now we're talking

This ginko not a shit

Ginko is shit


I'm almost sure I saw this exact thread yesterday.
Am I going insane or are you, OP, such a terribly bored person that the only way left to entertain yourself is to make dedicated shitposting threads on an anonymous imageboard?