Waifu here, waifu there... When'll you guys realize that Mikoko is unironically the best grill?

Waifu here, waifu there... When'll you guys realize that Mikoko is unironically the best grill?

>draws manga
>she feeds you out of her hand just like a kind mother would do with her beloved child
>she's one of these rare, untouched flower that is waiting for the charming prince that will take her away from her house and family
>lends you her precious money even though she knows you'll squander it for your shitty vices
>you're probably both virgins so you'll get to know each other in a very interesting way

So? Why are you still being a pedophile that happens to have shit tastes too, user?
Let alone the fact that you guys are probably way below 4/10 you aren't allowed to be on a scale to begin with, imho, and her is a solid 5/10 if not more. She would be perfect for you because a Stacey would cheat on you sooner or later, and even if she didn't that roastie will probably make you uncomfortable on the long-run; meanwhile, Mikoko, is always looking forward to do a pic-nic with you. And don't even mentions lolis, sooner or later they would understand that there's something off with their life and will start hating you, even reporting your pedophile ass. Don't risk user, choose Mikoko.

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What's her height?

You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!

dunno but holy shit nice quads

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Nice plebbit spacing, you twat. Also no, you autistic scum, i meant waifu the way it is intended to be. Drop your shitty pedophile tastes and grow up a bit, understand your tiny limits.

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I want to understand tiny limits with my dick.

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*I want to understand limits with my tiny dick.
Here you go, i fix'd that for ya. Though i don't think a delusional autist like you can manage to have sex, not even with dakis or whatever. By posting a KxS picture you confirmed your absolutely garbage tastes, so... Good luck with your life.

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>Let alone the fact that you guys are probably way below 4/10 you aren't allowed to be on a scale to begin with, imho
That's a lot of projecting.

>That's a lot of projecting.
At least six units of it.
boards.fireden.net/a/search/filename/ 704a287a.png/

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Nah, just a wild guess. You're on Sup Forums, not on /fit/ or something.

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>he doesn't like piss x sis

You sound like a faggot, user.

And i shall continue till you guys will understand that Mikoko's heart is big
Nicely argumented post, very deep indeed. Though i don't think that if i don't like a deranged thailandese cartoon about pedophilia and incests i'm automatically gay.

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>he actually thought this was funny enough to post multiple times

I'm not doing it because it's funny, rather to save your sinful minds. Hopefully you'll understand someday or another.

I have sex with my waifu(daki) regularly and it's fucking amazing.
>not liking literally best ecchi ever made

>doesn't even greentext
>is this insecure about being "grown up"
>mentions a sex life as if he's not a sperg that'll never get laid
Fuck off back to where ever you came from.

But it definitely sounds like some passive aggressive bullying. Don't bully Mikoko, please.

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Ecchi should be sub-plot. When you don't expect it is way better. If the story revolves around mc stumbling upon a cow-tittied milf like 99% of ecchi anime nowadays, then it's not worth it. Again, check your tastes or better, kys.

>the story revolves around mc stumbling upon a cow-tittied milf
That's not what KxS is about and that's why it's so good.

I didn't want to greentext a correction. You understood me eitherway, so where's the problem? Also no, i'm not that insecure about being grown up like you said, it's the only reason i came up with if you like underaged singaporean cartoons; i could be wrong, sure. And finally, what sex life? Do you think i'm gay or something? Nasty scum.
I'm not bullying Mikoko, rather the ones that can't understand that that's the only kind of girl they could hope for, and even then, they'll probably end up with some body pillows, if they're lucky maybe some landwhale.

Oh sorry, they didn't use the "mc-stumbling-on-cowtittied-milf scheme", rather the "highly-unlikely-incest-between-shallow-characters", that's very good and original indeed.

Well, after all that I guess I can't really shit on you after all. Carry on.

I just used after all twice in one sentence. I'm going to commit sudoku now.

Incest only makes it better

Sure it is, if it's not slapped against your face in the most dull way possible.
Thanks for your comprehension, and don't worry about that it happens. I'm not a native speaker so i know about it even more.

Well nice madhouse'd opinion on the character, faggit, what can I say.

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I'm "stereotyping" this way voluntarily, i actually like every Fukumoto character, even the most asshole ones because they're relatable. I thought it was fairly obvious. Guess not. Go suck Piccolo's cock btw



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>bumping this garbage
At least make a decent FKMT thread instead.

I mean, OP's right, Mikoko is a good girl.

How are you contributing?
also this

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I will contribute. Learn to make b8 bump threads. You don't talk to the baited anons at all, they just bump or talk with each other, but you need to make the bait that way so it won't derail the actual thread. It's ok because people will come to discuss something on point if enough time's passed since the last thread. Too bad it's not the case currently.

Who said this is bait?

Ending of Ten made me cry.

imho everyone should cry at ten's ending.

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