Dragon Ball Super

Please tell me he won't job to Goku, Frieza or someone else.

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lost all interest when it was confirmed he's Cabba

He'll job to me.
I got Dragonball Super cancelled.
It was me.
I am the reason Dragon Ball anime is ending with no future plans.
I killed Goku, Gohan and Vegetables.

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Is it confirmed what Freiza's role is in this movie?

Like will Freiza be appearing in the present helping Goku? or will he just be appearing in flashbacks about saiyans?

He’s the same from dragon ball legends

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Is he really going to be as strong as Goku?

>tfw don't give a shit about him being in the movie or not and just using this as an excuse to post broly

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>cute thread

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Broly and Goku could make great friends if Broly let his hateboner for Goku die.

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>i-it'll be the U6 S-Saiyan King!
U6 spics BTFO.

Teasing Caulifla about her smelly feets and making her flustered!

t. kakarot

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It'll be Broly, but without the hate autism for Goku.
We Broly Reboot

It's a good thing her ane-san loves her feet

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It's not Broly. The guy's design is already out.

>BEHOLD! My new form, you can call me celldorado!

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With the power of Super Saiyan Where's My Waifu/Husbandbro, how could he possibly?

I type that expecting results.

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He will appear in the movie. My bet is he wins the ToP and his wish is to go back in time to fight Yamoshi for his revenge or something dumb like that and Goku and the others tag along

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Stupid movie is gonna be stupid.

Why didn't the guy appear in ToP if he was that strong?

Dragon Ball franchise is turning into Pokemon.

>new Dragon Ball movie
>we can get some fresh ideas into a film that will actually look good, maybe expand on the lore and create directions for new stories
>nope, it's more Saiyan wank
This series should just die.

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That's different character


Canon SS4 (Super Saiyan Primal) will job to Gohan.

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No it's not, retard. The article literally says that Toriyama created that guy for the movie and for Legends.

If you look in the trailer you can see the guy from the movie in the very first seconds. Im sure he will be in because Toei said Legends is a tie in for the movie


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Hit the rewind button on the VCR then Mr. Wizard.

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He looks like one of the many Gohans who populate the Xenoverse online lobbies.

Confirmed Canon Broly. Pic is his leaked design for the next movie.

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Can you not handle perfection?

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I gotta say i'm actually pretty excited for Legends, trailer was pretty fucking good.

The article is fucking wrong dipshit. The trailer straight up says it's a character made for the game. I am so sick of seeing you retards spout off misinformation from bullshit sources.
The movie dude and game dude have different fucking designs.

>posting fake leaks
Here's the real thing.

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>they literally said on numerous occasions that its about saiyan heritage
Are you retarded?

They said it will have TWO Story Modes for the people who are too scared to play online

>And while we didn't get to see it, there's also mention of two different story modes for the game, which will keep lone players happy if they don't want to take the fight online.

One story Mode will be a retelling of Z to Super and the other one a new one made for the game by Akira with the new Saiyan

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See . Also just watch the trailer and compare it to the Legends character, you fucking brain dead Brolyspic. Broly isn't in the movie, it's a new Saiyan, probably Yamoshi or some shit. The same character they made for Legends, which is a tie in for the fucking movie. Die mad about it.

Yes, and I've been disgusted by it ever since that announcement. Stop being a fucking dense piece of shit you moronic dog.

>watched the Goku vs Jiren fight this morning out of curiosity
>watched the movie trailer out of curiosity
>watch this game trailer out of curiosity

S-stop making me get hyped for dragon ball again! My inner child spic is dead long ago

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Of course he's

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>DB fighter gets announced
>Actually looks good unlike FighterZ or Xenotrash
>it's fucking microtransaction mobile babby shit
Just end me

So who’s this guy form the game trailer?

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Leave El Grande Padrino to me

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Unlike those two Legends is trying to accomplish what no game has ever done and that is an online fighting game with no lag at all.

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>retarded dubshitters speculating on things that have already happened

>Movie villians is tan, wearing different clothes, and has different eyes
>Legends guy has paler skin, original Saiyan clothing before Frieza, and is shown to be some protag or sorts

He has the same eyes from the one in the movie. Can't believe people just notice

>literally no argument
You're just a delusional Brolytard who desperately wants his autistic shit character to become canon. It's not happening. The new Legends character is the antagonist of the movie. The fucking game is a tie-in to the movie. Are you actually brain damaged?



>inb4 Goku can't use MUI anymore after 130.

>characters can't have different skin tones in different lighting or wear different clothes
>if a character wears different clothing they become another character
Brolyspics are retarded

>t-the article is wrong
Sure thing

>The trailer straight up says it's a character made for the game
The presentation of the game has a guy saying the new character designed for Toriyama was seen in DBS movie's trailer, then he said that he's the first SS ("well, not SS... yet"). It's Yamoshi, first SS, the blue and black design is just his pre-SSself, then the one from the movie is the killing machine he became after transforming into the legendary SS


epic headcanon paco.

Some chick
You're a retard
The Broly comment was a joke, dipshit, the new movie villian has a different fucking skin tone than not-cabba
Keep spreading misinformation

>different skin tone
See I can't wait until you're BTFO by me and everyone else here who isn't a retard being right. I'm going to ridicule you mercilessly.


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Its very ambitious I'll give it that


I'm a spic, and I chuckled

>y-you're a r-retard!
Nice argument you've got there, champ.

I can't wait to tap that ass

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If you truly believe that it's the same character than damn I feel sorry for retards like you who also believed that SSG was gonna be a golden SS4

>we're gonna spend the next 9 months speculating who's in the movie trailer
Fuck every single one of you.

Defend this

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fantastic non argument pedro


>many, many arguments and reasons why the new Legends character is the same character in the movie trailer
>Legends is a fucking tie-in to the damn movie, for one
>Your entire dumbass "argument" is "YOU'RE ALL RETARDED"
I think we know who's right, Pedro.

You're welcome.

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Piccolo's ass?

Good Taste my man.

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>a-argue against my headcanon!

You mean screeching autistically at each other?

I mean it probably isn't broly but then again it might as well be since
>black haired saiyan who becomes macho
>green aura
>'legendary super saiyan'

Only thing different is that light brown (?) pupil.

>many many arguments
>literally only argument is his pupils at the end of the trailer. I hope I've just been falling for bait this whole time

So the movie is more time travel nonsense?

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It's not my fault you can't read, Pedro.

because sayians never had yellow eyes before

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>literally only argument is his pupils at the end of the trailer.
>everyone keeps reminding you that Legends is a tie-in to the movie
spics were a mistake

but why would they tease us in the movie trailer if they've already spoiled it in a fucking phone game? Something doesn't add up.

Most movie villains jobs to Goku

Yes, now fuck off.

well he's apparently a protag in the game so the teaser would be "oh shit he's gonna be the villain" in the movie

Keep crying, you little baby.

>I-it's a tie in to the movie!
Ah yes, and Xenoverse was a tie in to Super right?


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No, you fucking idiot. You have absolutely no arguments, just stop posting. Your concession has already been accepted.

Enjoy your autistic screeching over spic fan fic tier speculation.

Are you retarded? His skin is BLUE and his hair is white, he seems to be the guy with a cloack behind Yamoshi at the end of the intro, not Yamoshi
Also Yamoshi's gets yellow eyes in SS, not green

Keep crying, you sad, fat little baby.

Saiyan's hate other Saiyan's born on the same day as them. It would go against his character

>no arguments
I swear it's sad seeing your kind desperately make new headcanons and spread misinformation

Why are you pretending to know anything about Yamoshi? Your fanspiction isn't canon.

>artist didn't draw the spots
I don't blame him lol

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>he just keeps on bleating headcanon and misinformation as if that makes his argument for him
When I turn out to be right, as everyone but you knows I will be, I'll expect an apology for daring to contradict your superior.

Trips of truth in a sea of everyone being wrong. This is the only sensible person here

>Broly Calvo

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>no argument
That guy has blue skin, white hair and lime eyes, Yamoshi's transformation (and the guy from the movie if you think he's not Yamoshi) has a regular human-like skin and yellow eyes. You can't make this shit up

I can't wait to see the massive back peddling fags like you do when his full design and name is revealed. Go back to claiming the first XV patroller was actually Future SSG Gohan why don't you

Again, why are you pretending to know anything about what Yamoshi looks like? Your headcanon is showing.

>back peddling
Ah, so I've been "arguing" with a literal spic. That explains why you seem so fucking brain dead.