The age of Yuri is upon us and cannot be stopped

The age of Yuri is upon us and cannot be stopped.
>Netsuzou TRap
>Asagao to Kase-san.
>Tachibanakan Triangle
>Happy Sugar Life

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>Happy Sugar Life

anti-yuri gang are pissed as hell at something today, anyone got an idea about what got them riled up?

>Netsuzou Het

Just convince them to join your harem. Easier said than done though... I'm sure a there are MCs that can give us some pointers.

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You mean the age of forced drama

Why is it that you took the time to open this sentence with a capital letter and yet couldn't be arsed to bring it to a close with a full stop?

>the only good yuri on the list only gets an OVA
>everything else gets a 1 cour

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All I see is under 1000 sold bds.

It's strange how every few years Japan decides to adapt a whole bunch of yuri in one go followed by gap years of no yuri. I mean in 2012, it was Sakura Trick, Akuma no Riddle, and Inugami, and that was pretty much it for yuri until now.

>everything else gets a 1 cour

Citrus is likely getting a s2 due to streaming success and CR is willing shell out more cash with a couple seasons.

>Citrus is likely getting a s2
Please be real.

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Citrus is likely ending buddy.

All of them are also shorts except citrus and maybe HSL but I wouldn't get my hopes up for that one.

for the manga, but the anime is just beginning.

What yuri anime are we going to get in 2022 then?

Adapting anime after manga have ended is really rare and has almost been exclusive shounen classics.

Citrus battle shounen arc for season 2

>What yuri anime are we going to get in 2022 then?

By that time gay marriage would be fully legalized before 2022.

They try to gauge the interest, that bunch was decent but not enough to go all in on yuri adaptations.

Well the newest batch of yuri adaptations have all done considerably worse than the old batch.

>What yuri anime are we going to get in 2022 then?

Bright and Cheery Amnesia

Possibly pic related if it gets popular

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That was 2014, not 2012.

streaming money

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The market is not the same as it was 4 years ago. The vast majority of anime nowadays sells under 2k, and it's getting worse.

None of them have done particularly well streaming either? Unless there are Chinese streaming numbers somewhere.

Citrus is very popular outside of Japan. Yurihime can't end it without proper replacement.

Chinese streaming with Citrus has extremely successful same with Yuru Camp.

Ah I see. Unfortunately, according to Sup Forums, every show does well with Chinese streaming. This is understandable, as Chinese streaming numbers are mostly fake, so its easy to dazzle westerners unfamiliar with chinese streaming.

We will never get a Yuzumori-san adaption in our lifetimes

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What is this?

Googling the english title brought up nothing

Citrus is doing extremely well on CR too. CR is also part of the production committee of the anime adaption, by the way.

What are the sales for Citrus anime. Some say it's doing rarely well others think it's doing bad?

A Kiss And A White Lily adaption for some pure yuri please

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Itou8 anime when?

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So, YagaKimi adaptation then?

why is it that normal romance just makes my heart flutter every now and then but yuri romance always gives me a permanent raging boner from the first to the last page

Is not even in the top 10 on CR considered "extremely well" now? Franxx seems to be the only show this season doing extremely well on CR.

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It's a new serialized series for Yuri Hime that debut on the newest issue

>Netsuzou TRap

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It's called Prison Town

Here's the full issue of May YH edition

The only good manga on that list is Kase-san
What's the point of getting all this yuri if they're just gonna scrape the bottom of the barrel

Because it's normal andit should be naturally encouraged

>The age of Yuri is upon us

This it the beginning of something greater

>Bright and Cheery Amnesia

Amnesia turned her into a dork. A cute dork.

I hope Murcielago eventually gets adapted. Too much yuri material is JK romance/SoL and it's utterly tiring.

>I hope Murcielago eventually gets adapted.

That I can see be a Netflix title since there's NO WAY the crazy over--the-top violence can survive Japanese TV broadcast. Even being on AT-X would be pushing it

hope that comes sooner

>wake up next to your waifu
>says you've been married for years
>curse your chad pre-amnesia self for NTRing you

It's just lesbian hellsing
though even that needed an OVA to do it justice

also it has to be animated by Madhouse

Yuri is boring. Cute friendships are superior.

Has Madhouse ever picked a Yuri or Yuri bait title to adapt? I really can't remember.

All yuri is friendship.

>Yuri bait
Fuck off.

apparently they did Strawberry Panic


That is also lumped into yuri, even love live is considered an honorary yuri series.

I agree, he sounds too sinfully.

I don't like Yuri bait too user, I just asked if they did some Yuri or something close to it, no need to get butt hurt.

So we have the elegant phase of yuri, the cute comfy phase of yuri, and the soup-opera phase of yuri

When will we get to the balls to the wall perverted phase of yuri?

Seriously? Well, that's surprising.

It may happen and much more than that since yuri is about phases anyway.

There's subtext to describe something close to yuri. Yuribait is a cancerous term that some newshitters are trying to push for some reasons.

When I become a billionaire and bankroll adaptations of YuriCam and Gokujou Drops
so never

But Hibike aired in 2015 user, time moves forward.

Elegant > Comfy > Soap-Opera
Am I right?

If by elegant you mean Strawberry Panic and Marimite then fuck no

Oh, I didn't know that, thanks for clearing it up, I'll be careful next time.

>Marimite then fuck no

Uncultured swine

Anybody else reading pic related? It's pretty nice, but more comedy than plain yuri so far.

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That manga is just so weird. The MC is the husband, the narrator is the elder daughter, and the main love interest is the wife.

Why spend such an absurd time on the daughter if she's just gonna lose anyway.

>wall perverted phase of yuri?
You know Tachibanakan is getting an anime adaptation too right?
The MC is basically a female Rito.

It's weird in a way I like though, and I don't think it has gone far enough to say with certainty who's a love interest yet.

What a pussy

I want Nakatani to not only want an anime but also earn one.

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That's called being polite user. Something that seems to be missing on you.

When Itou Hachi is in charge.

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the most Citrus can get is an ova since there isn't much content for another 12 episodes.

>CR is willing
No one cares


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haha faggot

This is bait

>No one cares
Says who? CR has two successful series with YuruCamp and Citrus. There's a chance more Citrus and yuri titles getting animated.

More like being a total fuckboi, but it's fine, I don't judge.

>tfw anime is a dying genre and you can finally release yourself from this hell

YuriKon will be the next big thing for YuriHime same with Prison Town

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When was the PRECISE moment yuri died?

Yes, I can't wait for anime to die so I can finally release myself from this hell.

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With your post. You killed it it! Congrats bud =), did it all by yourself.

So this is Halloween Town, but with a JK and all the residents are girls and there's yuri?

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When Yuri Hime's female readership went down to 40% percent.

>When was the PRECISE moment yuri was reborned?


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It was never alive.

I'm gonna star dumping the raws

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Literally where does it say that Citrus is produced by CR in any way shape or form? The only thing that connects Yuru Camp and CR is Sugi Takuma.

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That's just YH being trash. Nowadays the best yuri series are published in magazines that aren't exclusively yuri centric.

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