Quite the nice change of pace since Lizardmen's Arc

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Who knew madhouse could animate THIS well

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No bully!

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Would Entoma be good wife and mother to the little spider girls I impregnate her with? How would impregnating sex with Entoma be like?

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The same as normal sex and then you'll be eaten.

Sounds chitinous.

she bites off your head to let you finish


Sexual cannibalism only makes sense for a species with a short lifespan where the males are unlikely to mate again.

>lip "bug"
>clearly a leech/annelid thing, not a bug or insect

She isn't doing it out of natural instinct or anything like that, she's doing it because she wants to eat you because you're useless.

Reminder that entoma will be impregnated by an alpha wild spider and then eat it.
She will cry and beg ainz to revive it, then thousands of arachne will be born and a separate kingdom will be made just for arachne kind.

I hope they defeat ainz one day and rape him infront of his
Who knew madhouse could animate THIS well servants.

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>leave Nazarick to me

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ugh entoma is uuuuugglylyyyyyy

Holy shit.

I want to tie her bangs like a shoelace.

Is a worm a bug?

disturbed, but CURIOUS

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this kills the bug

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>leave Entoma to me

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Well a tongue worm is a crustacean which are closer to insects than arachnids are, and if you want to get into larva then some beetle larvae are called SUPER worms.

Man I wish AoG tried to take over one of the worlds back in Ygg, that would've made for a great side story. Also, where can I find that side story about AoG taking over Nazarick?

>even Demi doesn't want to fight her by himself and stalled for time until Momon showed up

Why is Ainz so scared of her?

She doesn't stand a chance against demi. Momon is going to "win" against demi while fighting alongside her so that he can befriend the stronger characters in that world

>She doesn't stand a chance against demi
Nice headcanon, she was legit about to rape him with her hidden talent.

She's stronger than Cockytus.

>when Momon-sama [Messages] you and says he's home alone

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Tell that to the spiders.

Who is this "Demiurge" and "Demi" you all speak of? The only one there was the Demon Emporer Jaldabaoth, ready to cleave EE's ass open for his aspect of the demon sized dick

Why they focus in the shitty game that momonga play, when the backstory about his real world is more insteresting, they live in a future ciberpunk dystopia

Doesn't some spider species kill their mate when they finish impregnating?

Because he will die the moment he sets foot outside ending the story.

best episode

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Meh it's only cool if there is some conflict. All he does irl is lives with artificial organs, breaths shit air, wageslaves half the day then plays the shitty game.
Yggdrasil is a test project to send people to the world what wasn't contaminated by pollution yet since Earth is doomed and there is nothing you can do about it

How do Entoma's legs feel like?

how's entoma so weak and shit that she couldn't even beat some random girl in a mask?

>that bug vagina

Well done! Momonga Musk

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Ainz takes over NW and becomes the supreme Overlord, uniting the nations and ending animosity between humans and non-humans, but then finds out about the reason he got into NW in the first place, and how thanks to him exploring and taking over the entire NW the Government can now fulfill their true plan: take the NW from Ainz and make it the New Earth, populated by the elite from Old Earth which is now a hellhole, exterminating and enslaving the natives of NW in the process. They promise Ainz that they'll let him live a normal life as Momon, and will even allow his guildmates to be transported into NW too so they could finally be reunited. Howewer, Ainz now has deep connections with not only the NPCs, but all kinds of people from NW too, and he knows that the Government will just end up turning NW into the same kind of shithole Old Earth is, eventually, so he makes a hard decision to refuse the offer, thus losing his last chance to meet his guildmates, and the Army of Nazarick, consisting of both NPCs and NW natives, now has to face the army of the Government-recruited Ygg players with top skills and strongest equipment. Among those players are Touch Me, who genuinely believes that the Government is doing this all to save the people of Old Earth and that Ainz has turned into a power-hungry tyrant who doesn't want to lose his trone, and Ulbert, who has a hidden agenda and is willing to secretly team up with Ainz just so they could rule NW together, or overthrow Ainz entirely and become a sole ruler. The ending will involve a huge battle, Ainz finally boning Albedo, and will be bittersweet but not entirely dark. Also, Demiurge and Sebas will at some point have to decide whether they want to stick with Ainz or join their creators, and this will be a major source of drama.

They are just some dead girl's legs with magic seals to keep it from rotting away.


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I want to paint the bug

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Entoma is only weak compared with Nazarick. Her vs EE is a pretty even match up. Entoma has much better equipment and is more optimised, but EE has a hard counter, probably a couple more levels and in this fight 2 teammates to act as distractions. Gagaran and Tia really can't do anything against Entoma damage-wise though. In a one-on-one it's probably a 50/50 fight. Bugspray counters the majority of Entoma's spells but her equipment basically makes the fight an endurance match. EE didn't use some of her better stuff though and is implied to have a trump card that makes her Landfall again.

>makes her Landfall again.
Where does the land fall from?

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Nazarick space program

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Im confused... how did entoma get rekt so easily? I thought even one of the maids could take down a country by themselves.

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>Her vs EE is a pretty even match up.
Sorry, but she got wrecked hard.

Bug spray. Basically that custom spell tipped the scales, and wizloli is actually pretty powerful.

It wasn't explained very well, but evil eye once took down an entire insect kingdom or some shit and created a spell specifically for that purpose. Literally a hard counter

The maids are level 50 shitters. They are trash compared to BS top tiers.

Anime portrayed the closeness of the fight really bad, and EE is said to have an ability to destroy a country. Plus ganks and healing items make all the difference.
T. Former DS3 invader. Ganks are really bullshit.

If EE can take out maids NZ is in for a surprise.

Well Evileye is a undead hero so she is decent level and Entoma is one of the weaker maids(her class is more like a buffer).Also the anime doesnt show but they used a ton of potions in this fight and had that bug spray which made them barely won.

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Does Gagaran know MA? Or is she de dumb type who only smashes things with her hammer?

Her best move is [pelvis crusher]

>people are making OC after this episode about Entoma getting RAIDed

I downloaded the demo from this and it's a bunch of nonsensical audio clips that are legitimately terrifying me. Please send help, I think I may have downloaded a demon or something.

Well for starters, you're the one that gets impregnated. I hope you like ovipositors.

You know that part where it was just her and entoma and gargarans hammer was being swung a fuck ton and you couldn't see it? That's was her trump card, using a bunch of MA's to gain the powers of a turbo autist and REEEE your way to victory. But it got fugged.

>used up lots of mana summoning bugs to carry stolen goods
>outnumbered vs a higher leveled foe who has her weakness and 2 others
>outnumbered in items by 3 to one

Is the cute shinobi kill?

I bet Narberal could have won that battle with a single spell.

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EE would destroy her with O MY ANTI DOPPELGANGER SPELL

Against whom?


narberal truly is the best girl


it's a blueray special

She is dependant on her summons and the bugspray killed all of them and did damage to her.
Baisically, hard countered

If Demiurge had undergone some age reversing spell he would dress in the most girlish outfits possible.

>Ainz vs EE
>EE pulls out her own special magic that kills undead
Fuck this dumb ass pulling Mary sue. Why do people like this bitch again?

Holy is already a thing and has been addressed.

What would Nabe do if Ainz ordered her to kill Entoma?

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Kill Entoma.

She would follow the Surpreme One's orders as all Nazarick vassels would.

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>Wants to see Ainz raped in front of his servants
>Supa serious

Creep, you are under arrest!

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If you can close the level gap just by countering, that means that a priest or a paladin could assrape Momonga with sacred magic?

I mean, Entoma is like lv55 and the vampire is like lv30, isn't it?

So a lv 80 priest can destroy Ainz?

May I inquire about origins of thou picture?

FBI-kun, are you a bit retarded ~su?


EE is ~50.

What if he doesnt have a valid reason like with Shalltear? Solution felt pretty bad about that even though she was being MC'd

No, levels increase strength exponentially. The difference between a level 99 and level 100 player in huge in mmo's to.

Who? That's rebelling against Supreme Being. Albedo almost kills dozen of NPC every day.

Wait so how strong is evil eye? 60's?
Also Ainz is going full Chuuni isn't he to come off as a savior right?

>needs a hard counter and 2 tanks
What a jobber.

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