What did she mean by this? Did I miss something?

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She's going to betray Ainz.

Why is this a meme all of the sudden

What does it mean though? I don't see why she would betray him.

She's jealous Ainz is helping a girl, a human girl at that

I thought that, but this seems a little too dramatic.

Betrayal. Better question: Did Demi set up Sebas?

No she hates the guild. That's why


Would Albedo betray Momonga for her creator?

She is in love with Momonga-san and doesn't like referring to him as Ainz instead of his "true" name. Her loyalty prevents her from voicing this complaint.

The anime cuts out her inner dialogue that was present in the LN.

It has to do with his name change and the others that left the guild. She despises the guild for abandoning her love and hates to hear its name basically.

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The real danger is Albedo killing the other Supreme Beings rather then letting them take Momonga away from her.

Because they abandoned her and the rest of Nazarick. She despises them for it and hates the fact that Ainz threw away his name in favor of the guild's name.
It's a mentality that came about due to him fucking with her settings.

She has actually a point though

Anyone else find this shit fucked up? She only loves him because he changed her settings. I don't like this at all.

Objectively speaking, sure, but the rest of Nazarick believes that their time with the Supreme Beings is limited to begin with and that they should be thankful that they were able to spend as much time with them as they did, as well as doubly thankful that Ainz has chosen to remain with them for the time being.

That's the same problem for all of them, though. They are all only the machinations of their creator's twisted tastes, perversions, and fetishes. One of the running themes this season has been Ainz playing with them to see if they were capable of going beyond their programming. He's convinced they can, but I don't see why he believes that. If they're all the products of their creator's wills, then everything they do can be explained within that logic. Cocytus appears to be the embodiment of the bushido code of sorts; Sebas was designed to be the perfect butler / gentleman, even if his actions contradict the desires of his masters; Shaltear is a masochistic slut, etc.

Was about to say this. I wish there was a reset button on all of them.

>shaltear is a slut
how can a virgin be a slut

was this really necessary?

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This made me chuckle a bit.

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>I wish there was a reset button on all of them.
He is trying to make an effort to tone them down a bit.

Like the girls that "save" for marriage,but do anal like they are candies

Note that Albedo's settings also hint that she has an ulterior motive for being in the guild. Momonga probably defused a bomb by setting her to love him.

I'm more scared about Rubedo, what could her gap moe be?

She is fairly cute for a midget!

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Explain further

She's into watersports.

There are virgin (read: 'pure') sluts all over the place in anime these days. Nearly every gyaru character is the embodiment of this gap-moe.

More like he caused it. Npcs take on the personalities of their creator. Momonga edited her settings when he was pissed that all his buddies quit the game.

Shalltear does anal?

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>Momonga edited her settings when he was pissed that all his buddies quit the game.
Wasn't more like he was bored and the game was ending?

Just to be sure, there ins't any fanfics to search for while looking for the ln, right?

I don't remember S1 very well, and haven't read the LNs. Basically, the only real person in the game is Ainz, playing a game he used to play with friends a long time ago. What I'm wondering is if that makes everyone else NPCs? Did they get minds of their own or something?

She's going to betray Ainz by raping his skeleton solid morning boner in his sleep, giving birth to a baby skelly and raising it to usurp the throne.

when you're pregnat how many skellitons do you have inside you one or two?

Yeah, it was a whimsical moment of his because he figured that it wouldn't matter in a few seconds. Maybe he wanted to dick with Albedo's creator a bit out of some kind of old spite, but it was like doodling a little drawing of a buddy of yours eating a dick that you're just going to throw away and nobody will ever see.

He is right now, or at least as far as has been told. However, there have been other players from the game at different points in time relative to this world's timeline. That's where some of these overhacked broken world items came from. I haven't read the LN either, but I'm not sure if Ainz is even aware of this yet.

Skeletons don't have prostate glands or testicles, how the hell are they supposed to get anyone pregnant?

So other players currently exist?

She later talks to Ainz to set up a "let's find the other guild members" squad and packs it full of lvl 100 murderhobos.

Basically she's sick of his shit and will kill all of his old friends to get more time with him.

Worst girl plotting the downfall of Nazarcik.

Touch me

>Ainz finally dicks Albedo
>he yells "fuck you Tabula!" just as he's about to finish
>goes into morose mode aka skeleton's way of crying

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Bone marrow is an excellent source of stem cells and thus is useful for making baby seed.

I don't know. Someone who has read the LN can answer this as to whether another player character has appeared yet. The only thing we know from the anime is Ainz was convinced there was one because of the broken world item that hacked Shaltear. However, nobody has actually shown up yet, and the regular denizens of the world are so underpowered compared to any maxed out player character that you can bet that none of them represent one.

Can anyone tell me why Albedo doesn't exist in the webnovel? And how does that affect the story overall?

She'll take his phylactery inside herself. It'll be lewd.

The web novel is overlord V0.8 . Read the LN.

How strong is that one girl from the beginning of season 2? The one with heterochromia and two different hair colors? Is she one of the strongest?

It's a commentary on Virgin women reaching their mid twenties. They eventually go insane and try to kill you if you don't give them the dick.

What does that mean? The author gave up on it and is finishing it as a LN instead?

Stronger than maids but below guardians.

I have no idea. We haven't seen her in action yet. However, you can bet she's not stronger than Ainz, because that whole shit about wanting to find a man stronger than she is so she can impregnate herself with his seed? Yeah, that wasn't set up in a wish fulfillment pandering power trip isekai story without a purpose or anything.

Will Ainz meet another player? Even in some future? Is there even some info about any other players, do they even exist in that universe or is our Ainz completely alone?

It's sad that it'll never ever happen

loli vampire yuri where?

Because Albedo is LITERALLY waifu bait. Japanese personification of beauty madly and unconditionally in love with the MC all for selling more light novel volumes. Her not being there doesn't effect the story in the slightest. Shalltear is the main girl while Demi is Overseer.

The only truly interesting thing happening with Albedo as a character is her murder party subplot that's obviously unique to the LN.

She is probably giving anal,instead of receiving.

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I love Shalltear? Why does no one ever post her?

EE is better.

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You forgot to end your posts in "de arinsu~"

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where are my lewds?

>Will Ainz meet another player
Sure. But maybe in 20+vol range.

Why the FUCK would they tease us when we'll probably not see her until season 5, if we even get one? Also, figure when?

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Do we know literally nothing about her except that her weakness is the rubik's cube?

More like s6 at this rate.

Who cares? At least us LN readers finally got to see her design.

is this some human/demi oreo cookie creation?

>wants to have the babies of someone strong enough to keep up with her

So who will the lucky guy be?


she is ugly like sin so who cares?


HEINZ Ooal Gown is not my guild master. Momonga-sama not Ainz the baka ok. praise tabula

She's also an avid ck2 player.

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Is Demi the strongest denizen of Nazarick?

Humans are kind of the niggers of that world, for some reason. Pretty weird considering lizards are even more pathetic.

The strongest male I suppose

Which pleiades would you impregnate

Shalltear would be a terrible mother, I hope Ainz-sama never adds her to his harem.

Please tell me man-dyke and that other girl actually died.

Why Climb is such a manlet

because he is the woman in the relationship

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Exactly. I love her design and I would like to see more of her. But I heard she hasn't made much of an appearance after this scene even in the LN.

Demiurge is among the weakest of the floor guardians. Only Victim is really "weaker" than him and that's only because it's not supposed to even fight. You could make a case for him being stronger than Aura if you completely disregard her "pets" for whatever reason, but since she's a beast tamer that'd be kind of silly.

Demi says he killed them but EE stops to consider if she could escape while carrying them both so they're probably still alive

She is cute!

Mmmnah, they're dead.
But they get res'd later.

>EE stops to consider if she could escape while carrying them both
Because Blue Rose's leader is capable of using revival magic.

Take note Nazarickfags this level 100 new worlder would dumpster Ainz.

So is that princess chick really powerful or does she just have a scary face? What's her deal?

Why doesn't he just explain to everyone the concept of the game in his world and how they can't be blamed for not coming because he had no idea it would happen? Everyone seems annoyed the rest of the Supreme Beings didn't come so I don't see how this isn't an easy fix, but I guess it's too hard to think of interesting things to advance the plot with common sense in play.

True Vamp>lesser Vamp midget

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What was her description in the LN?

Her settings say nothing of the sort. There is a translation of her settings at nowhere does it say, or implies, that she has any ulterior motive for being in the guild.
The only thing I can think of that you might be reffering to is this part
"Her usual expression seems to be there to suppress the urges which flow from her heart -- a mask which exists to conceals her desire to perform ruthless acts upon the weak.
If the mask breaks, she would probably end up being like Empress Lu Zhi or Empress Wu Zetian.
However, that only applies when dealing with those not of Nazarick.
Fortunately for those who do not serve Nazarick, one can take comfort in the fact that the mask is very sturdy and will not break easily.
She feels very strongly about her duties as the Guardian Overseer of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick."
But that's literally saying that if she wasn't in Nazarick, she would rule the world as an evil entity. But because she is in Nazarick, she's the prefect overseer who will only harm fellow members of Nazarick if they truly piss her off.

That's PA i'm pretty sure. It feels like every time they introduced a new npc they were stated to be the strongest.

You like women, tasty food, and chinese cartoons because God/aliens/evolution/whatever made your brain and body that way.

In here Momonga is God, their literal creator. Her feelings for him are right and real along with every other bit of her being.

So is Shalltear the strongest (excluding Ainz) with her Valkyrie shit on?