You may not like it, but this is what peak vagina bones look like

You may not like it, but this is what peak vagina bones look like

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But you can't even see the vagina bones in that picture

if you're attracted to bulges you're gay

puffy ass crack

Being so ignorant. You are 10?

Bunny C____

Those are not bones you newfag

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>generic blue white stripe pantsu.

What's wrong with that? Just IMAGINE taking of those pantsu and being surprised by a nice cock.

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>a bulge
do anons think vagoos are concave or something?

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how else are you going to stick your penis in

the hole it has, not that the entire thing is a hole
it's a very slight mound not an entire cave. her insides wouldn't even exist at that point

Vaginas are disgusting.

Step aside faggot.

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no they're fucking cute you stupid pleb

Look how flat she is, that's fucking hot.


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You dont even know what vagina bones are you stupid retarded cocksucking weeb

Puff bones.

Green stripes are the patrician choice.

sounds like you should see a doctor

That is a puffy vulva yes but you can't see the vagina bones
What on earth are you talking about?

agreed, but probably for different reasons


Nah vags are less biohazardous due to lactobacteria and wombs are aseptic (dick doesn't go here you were memed).

Traps aren’t gay, faggot

That's clearly a skin fang, newfag.

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they look like flesh wounds and probably smell bad, not that I would know

Like I said, Lactobacillus. Like dick but better. Putrefactive microflora (rot smell) is suppressed. Food undertones are acquired.

>Like dick but better

>When x
Fuck off back to facebook


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Glad someone understands.