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Index is the textbook definition of a character who outstayed her welcome. Only that her welcome lasted 1 volume out of a series that is 40+ long.

Put your index in Index, or rail the Railgun?

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Bone the Clone

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I want her to stab me with it.


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I honestly hope she dies.

What about not eating yogurt with your hands, dumb bitch.

i want to rail the railgun

one of the most annoying voices in anime

Index is very cute!

Post more

I should probably organize my raildex folder

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do NOT post anymore of these cretins in this thread

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Index legit made me hate lolis. I'm glad she not relevant

But best girl is intended to lead the railgun down the path of yuri

We all do.

How does Misaka live knowing that she's the worst girl of out of all her 10000 clones?

>How does Misaka live
We've all seen how Misaka prime has become a hollow shell of her former self, and it's directly related to 10032 cucking the hell out of her




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That is one determined button.

Shimapan is so fucking shit.

Is there anything more tryhard and pandering than this shit? As soon as I see shimapan I immediately get taken out of whatever I am watching and go "oh, fan service".

The clones' diets are far too healthy to generate brap gas

You mean

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It was a contextual scene, though. Touma knows Mikoto wears boxer shorts under her skirt so 10032 was proving without a doubt that they aren't the same person.

>TFW you lose the main character to your ten-thousand-thirty-second clone

By wearing underwear she bought in a fetish clothing shop. She might as well have been wearing an elementary school swim suit under there.

>she bought in a fetish clothing shop
They're literally generic women's undergarments, user. Fetish clothing would be either some kind of latex/pvc abomination or a ridiculously laced and bedazzled lingerie set

Kill Index
Rail the Railgun

That's not quite true user. You are generalising fetish as bdsm.

Shimapan is only worn for people to masturbate to.

It tried

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And you're focusing on the fact that they have stripes (so what) over the fact that they're just cotton panties. The scene was intended to be awkward, not sexy

That said, it would've been nice if it did in fact have that effect on Touma, because 10032 is a much nicer girl than Mikoto is

>Get to have sex with ten thousand submissive clones who are neurally linked and essentially operate as a single person. Have threesomes, foursomes, and hundredsomes.
>You maybe might be able to be Misaka's bf if she thinks your worthy and even then she's a stuck up bitch
Really makes me think.

They're not "just stripey pantsu", they are that specific kind of blue and white striped pantsu that is a fetish.

> boring blue and white striped pantsu
> is a fetish

Japanese fetishes just ain't what they use to be

>Have threesomes, foursomes, and hundredsomes.

The question is is Touma enough of a man to satisfy them all?

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Who was author of the VO date one-shot?

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Radolph Ritler

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best grill

>used goods