Hello, this is Beato speaking!

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This Beato is defective.

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Excuse me while I beato you to death.

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I want Beato to beato me off with her cute, dainty little hands.

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Beato is not what she seems.

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>only one month left until the event

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is this just /u/ being /u/ or is there any thing in the show about them liking each other?

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don't you think they are a good couple?

They have some meaningful moments together in ep 6 and some cuddling in ep 10. Mobage staff also shills them together.

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Yes, they become very close in the morgue episode. Both were abused by their fathers and they are both losing their crushes- to each others crushes.

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But Dorothy doesn't like Ange that way.

Rinchou believed that Dorothy did. And she was probably right.

Beato is the cutest!

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Beato is besto

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Can she win Nationals?

Beato is a growing girl

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I really, really like this image.