Slow Start is a better yuri anime than Citrus in every way

Slow Start is a better yuri anime than Citrus in every way.

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Anything is better yuri anime than Citrus.


Came here to say this.

Anyway, happy shit life got adapted. When is this getting an anime?

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As someone who is a massive yurifag I have to quote this post for truth.

Just wait for that one vocal fag who unironically thinks his shit series is "kino".

I started watching Citrus because it looked promising in the beginning, and i kept watching even though it's a figurative dumpster fire. I will be really glad when it's over.

Anything Tamato is in has an unfair advantage.

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I don't know how people like Citrus along with Franxx, they're just so shitty.

Not soon enough.

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I have been reading for 4 fucking years. I could tolerate the beginning because it had a chance to get better, but it never did, and it never will. Anyone telling you otherwise is a delusional idiot.

>watching either of these trash shows

She doesn't need the overalls either, if we're being honest.

Where were you when you realized that Tama-chan is the girl of the decade?

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Citrus is boring as fuck and the plot consists of just cockblock of the week
Slow Start is cute girls being cute

Hakka-ya is a fucking genius

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Masturbating to Tama-chan

ban this filth

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As good as she is, she isn't even the best girl in Slow Start.