Which art style do you guys prefer...

which art style do you guys prefer? I like the fresh and simplistic look of the top one and I think we can all agree that the middle one looks like complete shit. why cant we have all our dragon ball animation to look like the third one

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Third is prime, but we're lucky to even have the 1st one.

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How can you get the effect and quality of top?

top one. bottom two are too clean and obviously digital.

How can people actually prefer the shitty two bottom ones? I don't understand. The new style is perfect.

Whoever did 2nd and 3rd really has no idea how shading works

>Third is prime

Fuck no, the top one easily beats both.

Old style.

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The one from the original manga, too bad animators are garbage compared to mangakas.


At least we wont be a laughing stock in the anime world

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i like the new style, has that great og dragon ball feel and as they say "simple is best" but idk the third one looks good to me too?

why is the third one shit?

Top one by far

Top is patrician tier for the OG Dragon Ball fans, the middle one is only liked by Superkeks and the bottom one is only liked by Zshitters.

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1 and 3 are good

More evidence forthcoming. I should put these in a collage of sorts.

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Phoneposting atm but I can go into a long rant about the flaws of the new styles if people want.

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Top is the closest to the manga artstyle, so top.


I hate the other two

damn baldku couldnt even win the fight against a receding hairline

desu the style's more of a sidegrade than an improvement or downgrade.

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First is pretty damn good

First is the best. Love the way it sorta blends together to form the character design.

2nd looks way too "artificial" and the lines and shit are too apparent. 3rd is almost there but the secondary shading puts it in a similar position as the 2nd one.

>separating DB and Z
Wanna know how I can tell you are hipster kiddie and not the actual DB fan?

People who choose top over bottom either have shit taste or didn't watch OG db and Z. No it isn't 'like old times' you must have amnesia if you think the new garbage artstyle compares to the brilliant artsyle of dragon ball as it used to be. Its a bland style that doesn't belong to DB. Heck even Ebisawa frames are better than that. It boggles the mind why people just straight up accept mediocrity just to be contrarian.

Dont let Toei get away with cost cutting bullshit.

the animation is fluid tho? I dont see a problem with the top one?

>cost cutting bullshit

You lost all your credibility right here. You don't actually know what you're talking about. You think you do, but you don't really.

First has the most pleasing base colors.

Bottom. top is fine, middle is an abomination.

If anyone remembers the digimon movies and how different it was from adventures you'd feel the same way with nu dagon ball. Old DB was both smooth AND detailed (but not overly detailed).

Cell saga was best art prove me wrong

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>no argument
I rest my case

Top > Bottom > Middle
The top is softer and colors less harsh.

what's the difference between #2 and #3?

Sure, I always like watching modern anime (and cartoon and comic) art getting ripped like it rightfully deserves.


It's fucking baffling how much some random images of some fucking chinese characters cause me such a sense of disgust.

Good. It's a garbage case. Don't ever bring it up here again either.

This hair looks like shit

The new one puts Numamuro to shame, it's not even funny. His overly shiny characters were such a turn off.

fuck muro, yuya ftw

Kinda hot

>Looks like a bad ass martial artist who prides himself on self improvement, and challenges
>Looks like your archetypical hero, with square jaw, and more mild look. He fights for the trees and animals of the world.

No, because I already know that the manga is just Dragon Ball you dipshit. Doesn't change the fact that Toei separated them, doesn't change the fact that the themes and artstyle went through drastic changes after the Saiyan arc.

The top one is clearly superior, but a little detail wouldn't hurt.

None of these are good. And no, it doesn't resemble Maeda era DBZ.

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>Hosoda doing DB

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This is unironically the best lineup of protagonists and should've remained so for the rest of the series. Everyone fights differently, and it's not a Super Saiyan fest.

it doesnt but it's the closest to the magnum opus of dragon ball animation

>Gohan uses piccolos style
It's the little things.

I hate the vasoline smear that Super does

Top > Bottom > Middle

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Early and pre DB Toriyama was the best so top of course.

Argh I hate new things, I wish everyone in super had massive ears and lanky faces like in early DBZ

Late Dragon ball is the peak. and you cant prove me wrong

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it's not about the features, it's about the style, colour and feel of it
fucking retard

Top and also this one

I don't want to know what is this.

Mangastream translations of the manga

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Is this fan-made?

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Not that user, but isn't that part of the defition of style?

I agree. SS2 Goku vs Kid Buu was fantastic.

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thats late DBZ, not Late DB

Best art.

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>Not getting the joke

A literal who made this and a bunch of other promotional images, he was the Pinnacle of dbz artstyle

I don't know Toei loves that weird as fuck shading, makes the characters look like they are made of plastic.

I had a lot of magazines with this kind of art and I was always amazed by it.

Anything but middle.

Does a good comparison chart for all the animation artstyle exist?

It was Yamamuro, you retard.

1 for base
3 for ssj forms

No it wasn't you mongoloid, promo artists never get credited

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They embossed the bottom image because "filters" and then added a squiggle or two to get the middle one.

You took this straight from someones comment on r*d*t...

I don't know how that lineup can reasonably last past the Namek Arc. I can see Tien, Yamcha, and Chaotzu lasting till Goku turns Super Saiyan because taking down Frieza was more of a group effort.

>promo artists never get credited
>his name is on the official poster, this one is the no text version

I loved the fuck out of this promotional art when I was a kid, I remember going to my friend's house because he had a color printer and I would just print out shit like this constantly and then bring it to school to impress my friends.

Top is a step in the right direction even if it's not the best.
This, but throw in Vegeta too. DBZ remade with good writing and relevant side characters would be one of the best martial arts manga ever.

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Check this out: 80s90sdragonballart.tumblr.com/

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>First image

Classic Dragon Ball style that's also reminiscent of One Piece. If you chose this, you have a great understanding of how some artstyles better complement fluidity and movement than others. Also congratulations, you have great taste.

>Second image

The typical sterile style of Super. If you chose this, you're too easily satisfied and only care about whatever is "modern" and "trendy". You are truly beyond redemption.

>Third image

The DBZ style. If you chose this, you rely too much on nostalgia and often ignore the pitfalls of Z's vast animation problems back in the day. You're better than the average Superpleb, but that's not saying much.

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>Third image
>The DBZ Style
Not even close. DBZ's style had better noses and a less "pudgy" face. Also, the face shading was curved to show the cheekbones which added more depth. Taking away Super's shitty highlights doesn't automatically make it "DBZ style".
>If you chose this, you rely too much on nostalgia and often ignore the pitfalls of Z's vast animation problems back in the day
You are fucking retarded. We're comparing the general on-model art styles, not how the anime looked on it's shittiest episodes.

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For the Love of God I pray that If super comes back it comes back for seasons instead of weekly.

He did some animation for the Path to Power movie.

the guy who did this works the majority of the time on Pokemon.

the line work on the bottom two looks like it was done in photoshop using line tools. there's no line width or tapering whatsoever. it's like going to a fucking hospital.

12 episode seasons of Dragon Ball would actually be kinda dope

This sucks. Here is the best SSJ style.

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Why do newfags hate the term 'SSJ'?

Toei would never do that with one of their big shows.
I'd like if they adapted the manga version of Goku Black and the ToP though.

1st actually looks hand drawn
that one

Top one honestly gives me a boner, I wish everything looked that good.

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