Who's the best battle rifle?

Who's the best battle rifle?

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my brain says fal but my heart says m14


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>Posts subgun
Neck yourself, nogunz faggot.

Shush.. you'll get this anime banned in the US

also youtube just removed a bunch of gun maintenance how to videos

7.62 Galil


Did BM59 ever appear?
Or little Sig's Big Sis SIG 510?

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I honestly prefer the manga about the cute girls who are also fighter jets


Fuck you.

Steyr AUG ftw

fuck burgers and ruskis

manga needs an Australian girl


yeah I know it's a sub

Fal has a special place in my heart

same here

just noticed m14 is holding her gun like it has a pistol grip but it doesn't.

Blonde permaloli in school swimsuit.

if you pick anything else you're a fucking idiot who thinks video game experience and anime account for real life experience.

G11 chan

i'v fired a full auto g3 and its fucking cancer and i didn't pick her so fuck you gatekeeping mall ninja.

The right arm of the free world of course.

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and yet countries that actually fight wars used the FAL

вытащите этих отвратительных западных дешевых шлюх и отправьте их
славная Токаревская самозарядная винтовка, модель 1940 года, разработанная Федором Токаревым

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Has the author released any new doujins of his own series recently?

Same desu

Does a Type 64 exist in the series? Im curious what the author's take on a japanese battle rifle would look like

L85 best grill

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maybe if you wanna die in first engagement. Their firearms blow dickhole.

Fake news! Elle is perfectly reliable!

I too love useless moe.

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This is a Fallschirmjägergewehr 42. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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but out of those 3, the FAL

>M14/M1A: Clunky, heavy, and overpowered. Essentially a Garand tarted up with a removable magazine, in a half-baked attempt to adapt a 19th century rifle design philosophy to the mid-20th century. Most often named as favorite infantry rifle by people who never had to hump a 10-pound wood-stocked rifle with lots of sharp protrusions and no collapsible anything on a three day exercise, or try to make it through a firefight with the standard battle load of five 20-round magazines.

>H&K G-3/HK-91: Ergonomics of a railroad tie. No bolt release, and a locking system that requires three men and a mule to work the cocking handle. Fluted chamber that mauls brass, and violent bolt motion that dings the brass that didn't get mauled too badly by the chamber. Stamped sheet metal construction, yet just as heavy as a milled steel M14. Safety lever that requires unnaturally long thumbs, and a trigger pull that feels like dragging a piano across a gravel road with your index finger. Favorite infantry rifle of Cold War nostalgics and third world commandos.

>FN FAL/L1A1: Long and lightweight receiver that's impossible to scope properly. Overpowered round, twenty-round magazines that run dry in a blink, and an overall weapon length that's only suitable for Napoleonic line infantry, but utterly useless for airborne and armored infantry. Made by Belgians, a nation with a military history that is limited to waving German divisions through at the border. Favored by Falklands veterans, Commonwealth fanboys, and people who think that dial-a-recoil gas systems are the epitome of infantry technology.

Reminder that gets the bayonet from on a nightly basis.

Good taste.

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What's your favorite rifle, user?

Do they at least use protection?

>finally go from Sup Forums to /ak/
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I don't want to live in this state anymore.