What does Sup Forums think of hxh? the 2011 anime and manga seperately. 1999 anime if you have seen it

what does Sup Forums think of hxh? the 2011 anime and manga seperately. 1999 anime if you have seen it

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every character seemed to get better as time went on but kurapika kinda got worse

Gave it a few volumes and it didn't really grab me. I remember thinking that those two on the right of your pic felt like they'd make better protags to me, based purely off of the small chunk of the series I've read anyway.

I think that most people on here agree that it probably is the best that shonen has to offer next to JoJo's.

The 2011 anime was one of the best shonen ever and although it starts off a bit slow, its one of my favorites, and i hope it gets brought back.

I've watched about 4 episodes of 2011 and it's pretty good. Not sure if I'll watch the rest because I'm too lazy but I respect it

mango is fantastic, love the mcs and cast in general, hope leorio gets fleshed out more tho. and the genre variance ensures things never get stale
1999 is one of the best examples of an expansive adaptation

The 2011 anime was the second best anime I've ever watched hands down.

Not a big fan honestly. With Yu Yu Hakusho, much of the story was to the point and concise; in HxH I found there was a lot of buildup with little payoff that made it worth it. Never got past Greed Island because of the boring card game shit.

>stops before the best arc in shonen history

you are missing out user, go watch chimera ant like right fucking now. it's an experience to say the least

The best anime of all time, then follow logh

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Best adventure shonen, 2011 is great and 1999 is a masterpiece.

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1999 is good? huh, guess ill get to work

Can I skip the dumb YuGiOh shit then? It seems like there's no point to it at all and it's another training arc right after they trained with Wing and did nothing in Yorknew.

1999 > 2011

JoJo isn't shonen... otherwise you are correct

>4 episodes
you'll regret not going further

>tries to form an opinion before finishing it
okay bud
the card shit is an inventive thing they brought in for a short time. the villain of that arc is shit but the development of gon happens there more than ever

No don't skip anything fucktard you're not watching Bleach

loved the anime but imo it all went downhill once nen was explained. they should have never explained it fully because throughout the first couple arcs everything was implied, and it forced them to put way more emphasis on vibe and feel.

just picked this up today, excited to read through it and see how the manga feels

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How many episodes or chapters of something am I supposed to have to watch/read before I can form an accurate opinion on something? This is a dumb argument.

BTW, I also wish Kurapika and Leorio got more screentime. Not the biggest fan of Gon and Killua and the fact that the story mostly started to center around them turned me off a bit.

Jojo 1-6 are shounen.